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TEDDY BOY - Feature Film's video poster

The first feature film of Sean J.S. Jourdan explores what happens when betrayal becomes its own redemption. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 16, 2012.

The first feature film of Sean J.S. Jourdan explores what happens when betrayal becomes its own redemption.

About this project


Now we can make this movie.  Thank you for making this dream come true.

We’re hard at work making this film happen and we have our eyes on a location that – we just learned -  is out of our budget range.

* NEW GOAL = $38,888 *

If you’d like to contribute past our goal, your pledge will go to securing a beautifully restored, historic, mid-century modern home as the backdrop for our film.

The Press is Starting to Notice!

TIME is RUNNING OUT, so give what you can - NO PLEDGE IS TOO SMALL

What is Teddy Boy?

Teddy Boy is an evocative and highly visual thriller, very much along the lines of Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water, Haneke's Funny Games, or that odd duck in the Woody Allen canon, Match Point.

In essence, a rising tennis star becomes entangled in a savage charade with a grieving middle-aged couple while staying in their picturesque Colorado mountain home.

The screenplay has already received some attention:

  • Finalist (Mystery/Thriller), Woods Hole Film Festival
  • Finalist, Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • Finalist, Cinestory
  • Semi-Finalist, Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
  • And this - JUST IN:  Teddy Boy, has been officially selected as one of the 5 Winter Semi-Finalists of our 2012 Visionfest Feature Screenwriting Competition.

Now it's time to make the movie!

Want to know more?  Check out the longer synopsis in the FAQs.

Why are you making this movie?

For my first feature, I want to make something special and take full advantage of the stunning vistas and tableaus of this magnificent state.  The beauty and grandeur of Colorado is as unappreciated and ignored as the drama based-thriller I’ve wrapped around it. 

In an era where blockbusters dominate our screens, large and small, where so many films rely on special effects, where comic book heroes prevail in a 2D world that is projected in 3D – this story is about humanity.

It’s about two people, lost in sea of grief and blame who, finally find one another stranded on an island of their own creation. 

There’s hope.

Stories large and small exist everywhere around us but the trick is to show the most beautifully complex thing in the whole wide world  - the human heart.

It’s even more beautiful than the mountain peaks reflected in the mirrored surfaces of our high altitude lakes.

Sure there’s action.  There’s tennis.  There’s a mountain lion.  There’s sailing and sex.  There’s competition large and small that sends a character bleeding into the night.

What you won’t see is corn-syrup filled spectacle for spectacle’s sake.

Three characters.  Five locations.  

Now you have a chance to bring this to life, so please give what you can.

On an even more personal note.

As a new father, I’m faced, for the first time, by what it means to be a good parent.  The two main characters in the film fail with their son, Teddy, but they’re given a second chance.

I’m all too aware that is an opportunity many of us don’t have.

So I’ve written an evocative thriller with this simple message:  the opportunity for rebirth and renewal presents itself through kindness and compassion.

If anything saves us from our savage nature it will be this. 

What will the money be used for?

We’re hard at work creating a film that’s built to compete on an international stage and we want to do that without having to compromise on the absolute grandeur of our strongest visual elements.  

To that end, your contribution will allow us to:

  • rent a large sailboat that sails on a magnificent mountain lake,
  • film inside a picturesque estate (the home of our main characters),
  • work with a (seemingly) ferocious mountain lion,
  • secure a tennis court where the battle begins,
  • and shoot inside a secluded cabin where it all ends.

These elements, found within the beautiful State of Colorado, are going to be what helps set this film apart and help bring it the worldwide acclaim we aspire to achieve.

At the end of the day we want you to see the mountain lion growl, point to the screen, and say, with pride, “I helped make that happen.”

And we want to thank you.

Speaking of gratitude...

Thank you to:

My beautiful wife Deborah.  None of this would even be a possibility without her gracious help, insight, and support.  

My co-producer, Meryem Ersoz ( who filmed the video and whose guidance continues to be invaluable.

The amazing painted storyboards provided by the artist and rising star Travis McCoy (

Many of you who have given me feedback on the screenplay and counsel on the project.  It's truly been a group effort, up to this point, and will continue to be so.

And our daughter Gloria who makes me smile everyday.


I want to know more.  What longer synopsis?

Glad you asked :)

Jakob and Helene’s quiet suburban life is completely turned upside down with the arrival of James, a young tennis player who mistakenly believes them to be his host family for a local tennis tournament.  James is more than the disarming stranger he seems and he seeks more than lodging. Much to his chagrin, his wife Helene invites the attractive stranger to stay and enjoy their last sail together. Jakob decides to give James an unwelcome lesson of his own—one that devolves into a full-fledged tennis match. Male egos clash ripping open the past and awakening memories and sexual urges long suppressed.  Left alone inside their home, James secretly rifles through their belongings and learns of their recently deceased son, Teddy.  Armed with this information, he travels with them to the lake.  The loss of the sailboat forces the trio to hike through the forest despite the ever-present threat of a mountain lion attack.  With nightfall approaching they refuge in a secluded mountain cabin where rekindled rivalries reach a fevered pitch until Jakob sends James, bleeding, into the night.  Left alone, the wounded couple must confront the past and their son’s death through newfound compassion.

What inspired the story?

A short film of mine was invited to screen at a festival and the festival offered to house us, with the option of staying with either a host family or in a hotel.  We’re adventurous people and always choose to stay with a host family, when offered.  We stayed with a woman in her beautiful home with a magnificent mountain view. With her husband away on business, she offered to host us only as a married couple.  She would not have felt comfortable with just me.

Over the course of our stay we enjoyed each other’s company and shared many meals and glasses of wine on her patio. In the course of our discussions, she confided to us that her son had a large appreciation for the arts.  It’s why she supported the film festival.  And, like many members of my own family, her son was gay.  Her husband was never okay with it.  He blamed her for encouraging him and she blamed her husband for never accepting her son for who he was.  

Then she shared a chilling story.  It was also the one-year anniversary, to the day, of her son’s death.  Her son was once full of promise but directionless and for once, he had made a choice, a commitment, and stuck with it.  He held on through the necessary waiting period, purchased the gun, and committed suicide. For once he had followed through with something, she repeated.

When those words left her mouth, I knew I was in the presence of a woman who's grief had left her struggling for any piece of driftwood, amongst the circumstances, to grab on to.

I’ll never know the exact reasons for her son’s death but it was clear that their marriage, at this point, was a façade at best.

And after we thanked her, and said our goodbyes, I turned to my wife and said “what if…”

Curious to see more?

Check out some of the complimentary images we’ve gathered as part of our preproduction process:

We love a good mint lemonade recipe as much as anyone but Pinterest is also good for giving you an idea of what we’re up to.

Why $33,333?

Simple.  Kickstarter takes a cut and so does Amazon with a total of roughly 10%.  We need to raise $30,000 to make this film a reality so a little algebra brought us to a fundraising goal of $33,333.

Besides, “3” is our lucky number.

Are you going to make a feature film for $30,000?

We wish!  In fact, we’re investing a great deal of our own hard-earned money into the project – nearly double the amount we’re trying to raise.

To say “we have skin in the game” would be an understatement.  

But we believe this film needs to be made. 

What is Kickstarter?

Power to the people!  Kickstarter is an innovative, all-or-nothing, funding platform that connects people who want to see dreams become reality with those dreams.

It’s for people who want to see inventive and original films, like Teddy Boy, come to life.

It’s for people who want to see a homemade product, crafted with care, and fired with sweat equity.

It’s for patrons, like you, who care.  

How do I get on board?

Glad you asked!  It’s easy – just click on the green donate button.  Enter the amount you’d like to donate and select the reward.  You’ll be led through the Amazon checkout process (a necessity) to record your pledge.  Please complete this process – it’s fast and painless, we promise.

If you can’t donate we’d still be more than grateful if you could repost, tell a friend, post a tweet, send a carrier pigeon, or let your friends know about us via a post on Facebook.  

It goes without saying that donating AND spreading the word gets double our gratitude.

You’re making a movie!  And that’s pretty darn cool.  People need to know.

All or nothing – seriously?!

Yup.  We’re all in on this one. 

If we don’t raise our funding goal by the allotted time we get nothing.

High stakes?  Yes.  Scary.  YES.  (we’re happy you’re here with us).   

Can we exceed our funding goal?

You betcha.  Our goal is just the minimum we feel we need to raise to make a quality moving picture.  Additional funding will allow us access to better equipment, nicer locations and props, and/or a longer shooting schedule.  Any additional funds will be reflected in the finished product.

Keep up with us here:


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    Along with the thank you, comes an invitation to the wrap party. We couldn’t have made the film without you – and since everyone will recognize you from the live broadcast – you’ll fit right in! (travel and lodging not included).

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