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Compass Green is a greenhouse on wheels designed to teach sustainability to new audiences across the country.
Compass Green is a greenhouse on wheels designed to teach sustainability to new audiences across the country.
Compass Green is a greenhouse on wheels designed to teach sustainability to new audiences across the country.
335 backers pledged $27,616 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ariella on May 2, 2011

      This is amazing! I would love to speak to you about coming to an Environmental Festival that I am organizing in South Brooklyn on May 15. Please e-mail to discuss details at

    2. Sara Wenonah Carter on April 30, 2011

      very inspiring guys! let me know if you roll through new mexico :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Karla DeVito on April 29, 2011


    4. Missing avatar

      laura on April 29, 2011

      great project guys!! Im glad to see to you made it!
      greetings from spain :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Marney Craig on April 28, 2011

      Congratulations! It's a wonderful idea and obviously a lot of other folks thought so, too. Great job, you guys. Cant wait to hear how things progress. And hope to see you and your wheels in action out here in CA this summer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Daphne Schwamm on April 28, 2011

      GREAT CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an inspirations to us all! Such spirit!

    7. Erica Gulseth on April 28, 2011

      Congrats on getting funded!

    8. Missing avatar

      richard van schaik on April 28, 2011

      THANK YOU, Nick and Justin, for allowing us to be a part of such an inspiring online gig. We are creating something world-changing. Thanks for being a spearhead of good power!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ariel on April 28, 2011

      Great idea! Very happy to help out. If you ever come to Toronto, we have a huge St. Lawrence Market where you could catch a lot of interest. Can't wait to see your truck run on vegetable oil!! Show us how easy it is!

    10. Ali Berman on April 28, 2011

      Congratulations guys! I'm so impressed by your skills. now come to Santa Cruz :)

    11. jocie on April 28, 2011

      cause for dancing and celebration tomorrow night!? i think so.

    12. Missing avatar

      molly on April 28, 2011

      Justin and NIck, you are fantastic! Go Green and change the world to it's healthy, beautiful Nature Self!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mathew Davis on April 28, 2011

      Love the idea, wish I had thought of it!
      Please stop by in Philly - we are planting a garden at a recently completed LEED Platinum certified high school (the first of its kind in the US). We'll be doing workshops all through the Spring and Summer.

    14. Jeffrey Harris on April 27, 2011

      You guys are rad!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      richard van schaik on April 27, 2011

      Really happening! Go team go! We can DO THIS! Tell many, many friends! Run through your email works. Believe it!

    16. Missing avatar

      Alysa on April 27, 2011

      you're so close! good luck to you, it's a great project.

    17. Missing avatar

      richard van schaik on April 19, 2011

      You are rockin' this one. All success, and if you can, come to Canada! (Vancouver, of course.) How bout them corporate backers? Local grocers, organic seed companies, hit some Farmers Markets, go wild, I mean WILD! If you came to the Vancouver Farmer's Market across the street form me, you could show 6,000 shoppers your stuff on any Saturday. On Sunday, hit the other market for another 5,000 souls. One weekend in this town can net you well over 15,000 potential visitors. What about Seattle's market? Park this puppy anywhere! Could ask for some donations then, and help out your cause. Maybe pre-commit your future donations with a risk-loving eco-preneur. We are proud of you!

    18. Zvi Baranoff on April 11, 2011

      Great idea. Thought you might find The Topsy Turvy bus project as useful inspiration and possible source of collaboration. Here are some links...

    19. Missing avatar

      Justin on April 7, 2011

      Hello Justin,
      This is the Justin whose wallet you found in central park and were so kind in returning. It's alot of stress off my back and thank you so much for sending it back. After seeing what a great idea this is i also want to donate to it to show my thanks and hopefully get this great idea funded. I wont be bale to donate money until this account is fully set up but thank you very much for the effort you put in returning the wall
      With many thanks,
      The other Justin
      p.s. there wasn't any money in the wallet when i lost it so if anybody did find it before you as you suspected, they wouldn't get anything :)

    20. palenoue on April 1, 2011

      Great idea! It's one thing to talk about hydroponics, but show people the real thing growing real plants and they get excited. I've made dozens of demo hydroponic systems, of all types, and they've always made a big impression, especially with kids.

      I hope you take a lot of photos and shoot video so you can make a good web presentation. That will get you invited to schools and colleges around the country. Also hope you'll raise fish to demonstrate aquaculture possibilities.

    21. Jeanne Ball on April 1, 2011

      Come to Asheville, NC and you'll get a big audience!

    22. Missing avatar

      justin Cosgrove on March 30, 2011

      Hope you guys make it as far as Arizona, we would love to have the presentation out here fo sho!

    23. Missing avatar

      Ashley Easton on March 30, 2011

      Cool idea! I'll post on Facebook to share it with my friends. :)

    24. Asher Fergusson on March 29, 2011

      Go Justine! I mean Justin