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$3,735 pledged of $15,000 goal
By David Gaz & Kind Media
$3,735 pledged of $15,000 goal

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Celebrate Peace!!!

This picture is of Steve Sharp, who has been out every Friday since 2002 with his sign infecting people with the Good Virus!


Please click this link!

A very generous backer has put us almost to the 25% mark. But even more kind, read this comment he posted to the LA Times:

Only 3 days left. If you guys can call and email all of your friends and convince 1,103 people each to back our project we could beat them!!!

And if we do, I assure you I will not keep any of the money for myself. I will buy a movie theater and play Good Virus around the clock for people to watch for free!!!


Good Virus On My Modern Met

Hi Guys,

My Modern Met, one of my favorite blogs, just posted a little something about Good Virus and our YouTube trailer is up to 329,000 views!!!

$2,000 Another Milestone!!!!

Hi Guys,

Another milestone!!! We just passed the $2,000 mark. Things are starting to slow down though, probably because most of the backers are my friends and since I have quality friends like you guys rather than millions of superficial friends I've maxed out at 47!

So could I get you guys to repost this link to your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and any other networks that you guys belong too. Post often too, if you can, so people don't forget about us. I mean it is for a GOOD cause!!!!

And once again thanks a million. You guys are the absolute best to get us this far! And, if we do manage to get enough people to finish the film right, I promise I will make it worth your while!!!!

Oh yea, we got a little blog posting here:

On my end, I'm trying to reach out to blogs and get the word out that way. We might not save the world, but maybe with a little luck we can fix it a bit.

Kindness is Contagious!

-David Gaz

This picture is of course of Chane't Johnson, the STAR of Good Virus!