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A roleplaying video game where words CAN hurt you.
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Posted by Asymmetric (Creator)

We're done!  The game is finished!  It's not perfect, but we've hit version 1.0!

The ending(s) of the game have finally been revealed, a few hidden treasures have been scattered around, and the Ring has been totally rebalanced for your word-fighting pleasure. In fact, here are some of the NPCs you might encounter in there:

(That's Laser Mike, Ry'lurhrgh Von Ha'lrgrhl III, Esq., and The 3 from left to right, by the way. Don't mind all the blood at their feet.  It's nothing.)

We've opened a public Word Realms Forum to discuss the game and all its problems/awesomeness/jokes/etc. (Apologies in advance for our ridiculous forum sign up process. Blame the spam bots!)

I hope you enjoy the game, and thank you all once again for all your patience and encouragement.

In a few minutes I will start sending out download links. And then I'm going to sleep for a week.

Soooooo close!

Posted by Asymmetric (Creator)

We are so very close to being able to release Word Realms! After many frustrating weeks of unsuccessful experiments, we finally were able to build the game as an executable file (instead of just running it in a web browser) and worked out most of the kinks. We need to do a small and short round of testing on this version (and the delivery mechanism) to make sure that everything is going to work across various versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Once we get some feedback and iron out the inevitable last few wrinkles, we'll be releasing it to all of our backers!

In a few short minutes I'll be sending a download link via email to the roughly 150 backers in the $110 tier and above. If we don't get enough feedback (or variety of OS exposure) from that group within a couple days, we might send out additional download links to folks in lower tiers, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Thank you all so much for your patience. We're sorry that it's taken almost six months longer than we expected. This is the first time we've ever tried to release a "finished" game before, and our inexperience and exuberance blinded us to the realities we'd face. Our next Kickstarter update should be the BIG one, and hopefully it'll be very soon!

The First Rule

Posted by Asymmetric (Creator)

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Love letters (are worth bonus points)

Posted by Asymmetric (Creator)

A short and sweet Valentine update for you today. We're sorry it's been awhile since our last contact — we've been hard at work on Word Realms and are feeling really good about our progress over the past few weeks. Our previously endless-seeming to-do list is down to a countable number of items, and the last handful of features we wanted to add are nearly in the right shape. While that shape is not a heart, here's a few of the things that came up when I searched our Word Realms art repository:

(Sorry that you'll probably never see a heart-shaped potion bottle in the game... and I have no idea what that "heart power" icon was meant to be for. Maybe we'll add a Care Bear character class at some point?)

We're shooting for another beta release soon (probably next week) that will feature a bunch of new Wizard-only craftables, a ton of bug fixes, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a bevy of new and challenging enemies for you to fight. We're getting tantalizingly close to a release version of the game. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, tonight we're releasing a new Challenge Path in the Kingdom of Loathing (the long-awaited Avatar of Jarlsberg), and we'll be dropping in a level 10 quest revamp sometime in the next couple of days as well. Come check it all out!

Post-Apocalyptic Update

Posted by Asymmetric (Creator)

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