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An inspirational feature length documentary about a group of technology pioneers changing the face of autism.
An inspirational feature length documentary about a group of technology pioneers changing the face of autism.
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Programming Hope Premiere(s) and Future Screenings

Posted by Jack Creamer (Creator)
Full House for two shows in Dallas Feb 28th
Full House for two shows in Dallas Feb 28th

A New Trailer...

What's Next...

Now the real work begins.  Now that the film is finished, it's time to get the word out and encourage people to come see it.  We had great feedback from our first two showings, in fact some were even surprised how much they enjoyed it.  The following is from an email written by a guest at the premiere...

"It is striking, sensitive, heart-tugging and joyful. I was skeptical at first thinking the movie would be a work that wasn’t refined or professional, but found that it was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen."

Now we just need to get the word out that this is a film everyone can enjoy I think the film's biggest hurdles are mainstream audiences and festivals thinking this is a film only for people dealing with the challenges of autism.  In reality, this film was created primarily for people who are not dealing with the challenges of autism.  It serves to educate not with doctors and experts, but through the lives of individuals who are creating a business from the ground up and changing the world in the process. 

When you say it's a documentary people tend to have all sorts of preconceived ideas of what that actually means...some of them not necessarily positive.  Programming Hope is a documentary, but it's also a great American business story filled with great characters that ultimately has the power to give hope to those dealing with the challenges of autism and educate a lot of people who might think this might be something that doesn't pertain to them.  The best part is people who see it tend to have a lot of questions...good questions.  So lets get the word out and have those conversations!

Our Next Screenings...

The documentary will be shown in Houston at the Landmark River Oaks theater on April 9th at 7:00PM. tickets are still available by clicking the Eventbrite link below:

We have been invited to show Programming Hope in Columbus, Ohio at the Gateway Film Center at 1:00PM on April 26th. Click on the link below for tickets!

Portland, Oregon - TBD

Fort Worth - TBD

We Need Your Help...

We can still use your help.  Like us on facebook, share this post, tell your friends, come see a screening, or invite your friends to a screening.As we begin to submit Programming Hope to festivals good word of mouth will be extremely valuable!

Thanks for your help and support!

- Jack Creamer

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    1. Cuauhtemoc Hernandez on

      Congratulations on having successful screenings and good questions and feedback!
      How does the updated timeline look for pledge fulfillment? Can't wait to see and share with family, friends and support group

    2. Missing avatar

      Brandon Carnes on

      This is awesome! Unfortunately, however, I am unable to attend any of the events. Are there plans to release this film through digital media services and Blu-Ray?