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Redemptive and hilarious stories of growing up in the Mennonite and Amish community of central Ohio.

I grew up in central Ohio in a conservative Mennonite home. I learned all the “essential” Pennsylvania Amish words from my Beachy-Amish cousins while we beat each other over the head, back, arms, legs, and whole body with weeping willow tree branches and jumping onto the the backs of Uncle Marvin’s 500 lb. steers from the hay mow, for our summer-break Amish rodeo. I of course went home and used those “essential” Dutch words at which time I found out from my mom’s fly swatter they weren’t all that essential!  Hopefully, you will find it essential to reach deep in your Amish homespun trousers and pull out a wrinkled electronic greenback or two and help this "Growing up Menno" book project move to the press. 

This project is finished, will be 160 pages long, and being edited by me & loving family members. It's a quick weekend read for those of you who read a lot. I am seeking friends and partners who are interested in reading my story and finding truth in a way of life, faith, and legacy that my parents passed onto my siblings and I.  It is less memoir and more stories of Menno the tone of the first paragraph.  I plan on using your pre-sales to partially fund the printing of 1,000 copies of this book.  I will be traveling and hoping to do speaking engagements in various Amish restaurants, libraries, conferences, schools, and churches in the Midwest and Alaska...or for that matter horrible locations like Florida or Hawaii if people insist!

Planned and hoped for signing events:

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    I signed copy of the book, "Growing up Menno", a hearty thank you for your support, and a hearty handshake. Here is why this final deal is the cat's meow and worth every penny. A custom-built 18-20 foot Tolman Alaskan Skiff built w/marine plywood, 12 oz fiberglass, taped seams, Graphite bottom, UHMW strakes, bowstem tie-off, finished floor, flotation, drywell, center thwart/bench, center console if you want, paint color your choice, and anchor locker. These wooden skiffs are famous in Alaska and I have personally built four of them from scratch. I know this is a long shot, but if you have a friend, relative, or family member who is into boating, hunting, or fishing this IS the perfect skiff for rivers, the great lakes, or the ocean. Price does not include an outboard, but does include a decent used trailer and all materials. I am willing to deliver within the Midwest or Alaska at no extra charge.

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