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After losing their parents, Alex and Olivia are aided by a man from the future, who is bound to his fate by a collection of photos.


Chutes is a low-fi sci-fi story. I love science fiction, and I love stories involving time travel. I am a die-hard Whovian and Doctor Who was a large influence for the original web series. I'm kind of obsessed with time. But more than the idea of traveling to the distant future or a well known past, I loved the idea of a time travel story that could impact someone's personal timeline. Specifically, I wanted to explore the causality of events - do things happen for a reason, or is everything we do free will? Or is it somewhere in between? 

Chutes is also an opportunity for us to have a diverse cast and minority actors in non-stereotypical roles. Producer Violeta Reina wrote about this topic, featured in Mas Wired:

Miguel Duran and Violeta Reina interviewed about crowdfunding by Film Courage: and

Cast and Crew chat on Digital Spill, hosted by Generic Girl Series:

Our radio promo ad playing on Skidrow Studios:

The Feature

Chutes is a low-fi sci-fi adventure. It follows siblings Alejandro and Olivia as they are caught up in a battle over time. On one side, T.E.R., the company that controls time. On the other, Vikram, a man from the future destined to stop them. 

Vikram has a collection of photos from the future. He is bound to their events no matter how much he tries to avoid it. The pictures are bringing him into a final confrontation with T.E.R. - a confrontation that Alejandro and Olivia are a vital component of. 

But Vikram is not the only one from the future. A mysterious person from his past joins them, and reveals important aspects of his mission to Alejandro and Olivia. 

The Characters

Alejandro and Olivia

Alejandro and Olivia are siblings from the year 2011. In season one, they are a few days away from the first anniversary of their mom's death. They are led to a spot in the woods where they discover a skeleton that looks a lot like Alejandro - including the clothes he's wearing, down to the necklace. When they travel through a chute in their house, their adventure begins.

Alejandro and Olivia have no choice but to trust Vikram and follow him on his mission through the chutes. Stuck with him in 2010, they have to learn to count on each other and quickly adapt to a world of chutes, doubles, and a timeline that appears to be inevitably written. 


Vikram is the man from the future with the photos. At this point, not much is known about Vikram except that he's been on the run from T.E.R. for years, and in reverse. Vikram's fate is tied directly to a collection of photos he has. The photos let him know what's going to happen next and give him some sense of direction on his mission.

In season one, Vikram was working with Shannon, Alejandro and Olivia's mother, to map all of the chutes. His goal is to take T.E.R. down. His motives are unclear, for now. Is he a hero? Or is he only going through the motions, knowing that his motives have no bearing on what happens in the photos? Time will tell.

The rest of the story

Chutes was born online and integral parts of the Chutes story will remain online. There will be traditional straightforward web episodes as well as supplemental interactive content. The first part of that is season 1.5. 

Season 1.5

Two episodes that will transition the story to the feature. These episodes will cover the events directly after season 1, but will do so in a way that shifts the tone and feel towards a feature narrative.

Transmedia Content

A vital character from the feature who has not yet been revealed will appear in a series of vlogs, documenting his experience. These vlogs are found footage discovered by a friend trying to locate him. She discovers the link between his disappearance and T.E.R.

Additionally, T.E.R.'s website will go live soon, as they slowly reveal their time travel abilities to the public. But this corporate campaign will be met with resistance by people who know the full scope of how powerful their time travel abilities are. 

Where does the money go?

The money raised through Kickstarter will fund our production. We've put together a great team and talented cast. The money will help us rent equipment, locations, and day to day production costs, like making sure our cast and crew is fed and taken care of. 

Without your support, we can't support our team
Without your support, we can't support our team

How does Kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is a platform that allows creators to reach their audience directly. You will determine if our project happens or not. An important facet of Kickstarter is that

Kickstarter is all or nothing. If we don't hit our goal, we don't get any of the money we've raised.

How do you back us? 

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That's it! Simple as that. You will not be charged until the campaign ends and you will only be charged if we successfully reach our goal.

Can we exceed our goal?

Absolutely! The more money we receive, the more resources we will have access to. Our target goal is the bare minimum we need to be able to shoot this feature. 

Who's Making This Project?


Leo G. Herra - Alejandro

Agnes Barrios-Laffitte - Olivia

Karthik Srinivasan - Vikram

Amanda Hall - Elizabeth


Miguel Duran - Writer/Director

Violeta Reina - Producer

Alex Simon - Director of Photography

Alessandra Marinelli - Production Manager

Adam Lemnah - Editor

Victor David Reinaga - Original Score

How did you do that awesome Kickstarter animation?

I didn't. That was courtesy of Joke and Biagio, whose campaign I supported last year.

They were kind enough to offer resources to their backers. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is inherit risk in any feature film getting made. A number of things can go wrong at any stage of pre-production, production, or post-production and once you get your film made, there are additional challenges in getting the film distributed. Fortunately for you, our distribution plans will not impact delivery of backer rewards or your chance to see the completed film.

As far as overcoming any obstacles to getting Chutes completed, that is why we have put together such a strong team with a number of years of experience in the industry and skill in their craft. In addition to writing and directing, the bulk of my production experience comes from working as Production Manager or Production Coordinator on low budget projects. I know how to manage a budget and make things work with limited resources.

We are more than confident that if our campaign is successful, we will not only deliver a completed project, we will deliver a great one.


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