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A tabletop wargame of combat between the might tribe and legendary creatures of pre-contact America and the Pacific.
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Woodland Tribes War Party

Posted by Paymaster Games (Creator)

On these pages we will put up the stretch goal war party starter kits. Now for the most part these have not gone off to the artists yet, so i am putting up my Design Sketches with these updates. The Design sketches are what i send to the artist along with a pile of other refference material so that he can create the design the concept sketch that then goes to the sculpter. I am not an artist so please ignore the errors in anatomy.

Woodlands Tribes War Party

1 War Chief , 6 Woodland Warriors, 6 Woodland Tomahawks, 1 Sagamore, 1 Flying Head 

Now I normally work with a concept artist to come up with an original and dynamic hero to lead the War Parties. So i do not have art for him yet. The War Chief will likely look some thing like the Officer of this kit, the Sagamore.

The Warriors are all based off of this model shown. Two units included in this kit are the Woodland Warriors that are armed with a Club and a Bow, and the one is armed with Tomahawks and clubs. These units are 6 men each with a leader model.

The Sagamore is a lower ranking chieftain in the Woodland culture, He is a stout feild commander and quite deadly with his Tomahawks. He is the Officer for this kit.

The Spirit Beast for this War Party is the terror inspiring Flying Head. The Flying Head are one of the few remaining Iroquois myths that have survived to the modern era. The Flying Heads are going to be between 28mm to 30mm tall, and yet at that size these are still quite monsterous. The picture below is the concept sketch for the flying head. I am currently planning on making the Flying one and the one in the corner that has landed. The kit will mostlikly come with a Random flying head.

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    1. Jennifer Letts on

      Woodland warriors are very nice. FIying Head steals the show, though. Lol'd at the arrow pointing to "bum" :D And the arm/leg anatomy is very nicely done and detailed. This is a disturbing and terrifying creature, in the best way of course!

    2. Andrew Hayford

      I'm probably most looking forward to these guys.