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A tabletop wargame of combat between the might tribe and legendary creatures of pre-contact America and the Pacific.
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The Aztec Triple Alliance War Party

Here are the contents of the Aztec Triple Alliance War Party -

1 War Chief, 6 Tlamani Captive Taker Warriors, 6 Macehualtin Archers, 1 Huitznahuatl, 1 Ahuizotl Otter.

As of Right now all of the troopers come form the same base model seen in the sample scketch. These troops have arm and weapon options. 2 to 4 options per unit option. I have included a WIP picture to show the options. Each unit will also include a leader.

The Huitznahuatl is the Aztec Officer from the front page.

This War Party also includes a Ahuizotl Otter.

Thanks Time for the other starter kit that we are trying to fund with this campaign, the Pacific Northwest Tribes.


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