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Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
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Release Candidate Regression Testing

Posted by Three Minds Software (Creator)

It's been a while since our last update! We've been working towards the first release candidate and we are entering regression testing this week. We hope to have the release ready within a couple of weeks.

The majority of the changes from the last beta version will be fixing issues, finishing functionality that was partially complete, and improving existing functionality (and performance) as we get Other World Mapper to a stable first release.

Some of the changes that will come with the release candidate include:

River Delta

We are bringing back the river delta option that was disabled with the previous release. We weren't happy with how it originally worked so we redid it. For now it has a limited number of tool options but we'll add more with future updates.

River Delta
River Delta


We added more options for shapes of buildings and we added directional shading to the roof .

Some Building Styles
Some Building Styles

Added Wall Towers for City Walls

You may have noticed the button on the toolbar with Beta 6. In this upcoming release the Wall Towers tool will be working. 


Some more artwork will be going into the next release as well and more presets to match the new tools and recently added artwork. 

Finally and in case you missed it, we did a Blog update on our website in January. It included a lot of detail on the changes from Beta 6.

Beta 6 Blog

- The Three Minds Software Team

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    1. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @Troels Rohde Hansen

      Looking back as some of your old comments I think you pledged with a friend (and then also pledged $1 to be in the comments). Your friend should have been getting download link emails, he can forward them to you or if he messages us on Kickstarter we can directly add your email address to the our download manager so you'll get download emails in the future.

      If you have any questions just message us! We'll be glad to help :)

    2. Troels Rohde Hansen on

      How do I download the program?

    3. Three Minds Software Creator on

      The Mac version was the last stretch goal but we are actually moving it up so it's the next thing we are concentrating on. We've been meaning to do an update summarizing what's been accomplished so far from the goals, the many things that got added along the way from user feedback, and what's still remaining.

      One of our delays with Beta 6 was restructuring some of the engine so that it stayed cross platform with Mac. What's “missing” is the majority of the UI, but we are still aiming to have an alpha/beta release out with the first "final" release of OWM. We don't want to give dates until we have a bit more certainty, but work continues.

    4. Rob Lang on

      Sounding good. One of your stretch goals was to release at least a beta version for Mac by the time the windows version gets final release. The Mac version was the only reason I backed the project. Any news on the Mac version?