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Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
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May Update

Posted by Three Minds Software (Creator)

It's been a couple of months since our last full update, and we've made a lot of progress since then. As you know, we made the alpha release available to the alpha backers last week and so far we've received very positive feedback! 

This is a video with an overview of many of the features that have been added since our last demo.


Below is a breakdown of the major features added.

Layers window

We introduced the layers window to allow you to quickly select and navigate to objects (i.e. regions, bodies of water), as well as hide, copy and paste individual items or all items of a particular type (i.e. all regions). 

Auto Labels 

To quickly label all items on the map, we added the ability to add automatic labels to the map that change when you update the name or modify items. They can be turned on and off for a whole type of item (for instance, turn on for all landmasses), and have distinct settings for each item type (font, color, etc). Labels are centered on the shape for landmasses, regions, bodies of water, are underneath features, and follow the path of rivers and roads. 

Contour/Path labels 

We added the ability to create labels that follow a path. You can create a path for it with any of the program pens (i.e. Bézier, fractal, etc), or you can follow the path of an existing item. For instance, this could be used to add the label for the name of a river at a custom location, following the contour of the river. Of course, you can use the tool to simply create curved text. 

Undo Previous Segment 

We added the ability to undo segments while drawing items. This feature allows you to go back undoing as many segments as you have added so far to an items path.

Bézier Fractal Pen 

Added a new pen type, Bézier fractal. It allows to create fractal shapes riding on connecting Bézier curves. This allows you create fractal shapes that continue smoothly from segment to segment. 

Road and river options 

Added more options to river and roads to be able to emulate more cartography representations and realistic representations.

Free Hand Pen

Added a fully functional free hand pen. This is very useful to quickly create island groups or hand drawn rivers or roads. 

Grid based drawing

Added the option to create items following tile “paths” from a grid overlay. This could be useful if you are making tile base maps for RPGs. 

Ability to use and save presets 

Other World Mapper will have many presets for the different items types, to emulate typical cartography representations (for instance a preset for an intermittent lake). This allows you to save and load pre-defined options for the different item types, so you can create your own item defaults and quickly browse through existing ones. 

Ability to save and load themes 

The first full release of Other World Mapper will have many themes to quickly create maps. Also, if you set your tools to the configuration you want, you can simple export them as a “map theme” of your own to save or share with others. 

Multiple Small Additions 

The following are some of other changes we've made since our last update 

  • Added pan tool for map navigation 
  • Added alignment options 
  • Added the ability to group and un-group items. 
  • Improvement to algorithm for path following 
  • Introduced nexus points to connect river and road “branches” 
  • Fixed many bugs and small issues, and added several small features during testing for the Alpha release
Expect our next update in late June. 

- The Three Minds Software Team
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    1. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @Mark @Tasha Thank you!! That's our plan, and we hope to have that added for the second alpha or the first beta release (it's really just the UI to change the setting that's missing at this point, so we had the label "hardcoded" to center path align for the video).

    2. Tasha Turner

      Looks & sounds great. I 2nd @Mark P comment

    3. Mark P

      It's looking nice.

      For the contour/path labels it would be nice if there was an option to offset the text. In your example "Loop River" and "Mountain Stream" work very nicely, but "King's Rd" would be much nicer if it was offset to be either above or below the road.