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Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
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Final Days, last stretch goal and a big Thank You!!

Posted by Three Minds Software (Creator)

We crossed 400 backers and made it to the 4th stretch goal! We are very grateful to all our backers who joined this campaign, many of you taking the time to tell others about this project through Reddit, Facebook, G+, forums and more! Thank you so much everyone! 

We are now aiming for the 5th stretch goal: DM tools and DM mode. Those of you creating maps for your RPG campaigns will be able to run them from Other World Mapper, with the ability to define complex “fog of war” regions (including selecting which layers are hidden behind the fog of war), players icons and light radius, free and grid based movement, points of interest and more! 

Our final stretch goal, as many of you already know, is native support for Mac and Linux. However, from the development process so far, and from the Kickstarter campaign, there have been many features that we wanted to add to Other World Mapper, but couldn't stand as their own stretch goals.

We've added a stretch goal in between with some of these additional features so that even if we don't make it to the final stretch goal, we could still have more features being added to Other World Mapper.

Cloud tool
Additional tool type to add clouds to the maps (including configurable cloud “shadow”). This tool would allow you to define custom cloud shapes or create a random cloud formation inside a polygonal region you define.
Configurable light sources  
Light sources with configurable radius, style, and color to add light to sections of the map. 
River and Road Contour Label Option  
This feature would add automatic labeling of rivers and roads following their path.

If we reach this stretch goal we will work on the Mac and Linux versions of Other World Mapper as we finish development of the Windows version. Why beta? Because we won't have enough time to make the Mac and Linux port available to beta testers before the release date, so we can't call it a final version!

We know these last stretch goals seem far off. These are all features (including the Mac and Linux port) that we want to eventually add to Other World Mapper, but reaching the stretch goals would allow us to include them by the release date. 

We want you to know that no matter how much further we get these last 4 days, we are already extremely happy with how far we've come in this campaign! We're really excited about being able to release Other World Mapper next year!

Thank you everyone!

- The Three Minds Software Team

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    1. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David Thank you!

    2. David Shepheard on

      Mac OS and Linux are go! Woot!

      There are 5 hours left for users of Mac OS and Linux to get onboard. I've tried to spread the word a bit.

    3. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David No, it would be available to all the Mac (or Linux) users from any tier ($25 and up)! With Beta we just mean that we can't call it a finished product because it is very likely that it won't have gone through open beta by that time like the Windows version.

    4. David Shepheard on

      I'm really hoping that the Mac OS version gets funded.

      I understand that it will be a beta version (at that time). Will it only be available to people who pledged at "Early Beta" level? I'm asking because those slots are all gone.