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Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
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Almost at 70% and more features

Posted by Three Minds Software (Creator)

We're almost at 70% of our goal and all projections show us going over our funding goal! Thank you everyone for your support!  

We've made more sample maps, including the cave map below. If you have a type of map you'd like to see, let us know!

Cave style map (early alpha tests)
Cave style map (early alpha tests)

As we get closer to funding, we're turning our attention to the stretch goals. We added new functionality to the first stretch goal:  

  • Location Notes for any map item.
  • SVG support for map feature artwork and the inclusion of a small set of SVG symbols.

And we'll give you a sneak peek into our second stretch goal. This is a pre-alpha video of our very early tests for the dungeon tools.

We have other great stretch goals planned. Please help us reach them!

We also added more features to the base goal:

  • Option to have a circle or ellipse represent the edge of a map instead of a rectangular edge. 
  • Option to export the raw vector data from your maps to SVG files.

We'll keep you updated as the campaign progresses!

- The Three Minds Software Team

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    1. David Shepheard on

      Thanks for the clarification. I thought it would be a tricky thing. I'm glad that it is something that you are looking at. :-)

    2. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David We have planned something like that, which would allow you to work on the poles separately, and take care of turning them into the proper Equirectangular projection, if you create your map project as an spherical world map . However, it's going to have to be a later stretch goal (or something for after the first release).


    3. David Shepheard on

      Yes. Something like that. I'm not entirely sure what the best way to do it would be, because I'm not a great cartographer (not yet anyway).

      All I know is that people that are not experts often seem to not even realise that making poles for maps is difficult. And even when people do realise it is difficult, they don't seem to know how to get around the problem, unless they go use a bunch of other tools, like Thorf did. And most people can't do what Thorf does, because he has spent years studying how to make poles work.

      Maybe if the data was stored normally (is that the equirectangular representation) but we were able to "move a camera" up over the top of the pole, we would be able to draw an island that looks approximately circular, but have the data stored corrrectly (to make that long strip).

      From what I could tell of Thorf's technique, he went backwards and forwards, distorting data using G.Projector and then fixing errors that G.Projector dropped into his data. I think that changing the viewpoint, but not saving the data the "original way" (instead of saving it in a new projection and then bending it back to the original view) could avoid the need to fix things.

      I'm not sure of the exact maths here. I realise that spheres are a bit tricky. I think this would be a fairly hard bit of programming. But I think that if you had a stretch goal to solve this problem, it could help a lot of people solve a problem that most people don't understand.

    4. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David Are you asking for the option to have Other World Mapper take a landmass and turn it into a polar landmass (long strip)? So you could work with the "shape" you want, but then have a correct Equirectangular representation in the map? I want to make sure I understand fully before answering!

    5. David Shepheard on

      (That should have been "annoying geometry" not "annoying geology".)

    6. David Shepheard on

      Those features sound great.

      I wonder if you will be able to provide any sort of tools to help people avoid breaking the poles of spherical planets. Me and my RPG friends have found a lot of *professional* maps, that have poles that do not work.

      Here is a post where a friend has faithfully copied a map of a Spelljammer world called Comporellon:…

      The island on the South Pole (called Southcap by the TSR cartographer who designed the original map) is just not going to wrap onto a sphere properly. Instead the south pole is going to look like Pac Man. (My friend at The Piazza knows this. We were going to attempt to correct the mistake later on.)

      And here is another thread showing how Anna Meyer is trying to get the poles of Oerth to work properly:…

      Thorfinn Tait (who is as well known in the Mystara community as Anna Meyer is in the Greyhawk community) actually wrote a detailed tutorial showing how he used multiple tools to avoid polar distortion, when he helped do cartography for Bruce Heard's World of Calidar project:

      I've read through this multiple times, and get the general idea, but it is a very complex issue. I've spoken to Thorf about it on The Piazza:…

      I think it would need to be another stretch goal, but if you could get Other World Mapper to do all the annoying spherical mathematical geology stuff, you could maybe give OWM users some sort of "polar shift" ability, where they can work on the north and south poles, without needing to make them into long strips outside of your software. Then they could design the continents close to poles that look the shape they want them to look from above.

      What do you think?

    7. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David Look at the third stretch goal. We're introducing meridians and parallel's from projections other than equirectangular. With Mercator, Elliptical, Gauss conformal (maybe others) meridians and parallels it would be easier to keep track of the ratios as you try to make an entire planet surface map.

      We have other features planned, but that's for other stretch goals (or later updates to the software).

    8. David Shepheard on

      Re: "If you have a type of map you'd like to see, let us know!"

      How well is Other World Mapper able to prepare entire planet surface maps?

      (I'm told that these maps need to be 1:2 ratio to wrap correctly around a sphere.)

    9. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @r3v Tools for city maps would come with another stretch goal. You can make simple city maps with the dungeon tools (i.e. simple street map), but not quite a town.
      "Dungeon style" map of a castle can be done, we'll try to make a sample one in the next few days.

    10. r3v on

      > If you have a type of map you'd like to see, let us know!

      How about a small town or section of a city map? Or perhaps a castle/fortress?