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Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
Allows RPG gamers, authors and developers to create detailed fantasy maps quickly using an intuitive UI and specialized tools
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10% and Stretch Goals

Posted by Three Minds Software (Creator)

We reached 10% of our goal! That's great news for a team's first time on Kickstarter. It still looks like we may reach our goal, but it'll be a close one. We need your help if Other World Mapper is going to make it. 

We've been sharing Other World Mapper with many communities, and sending it to RPG websites, but that doesn't help anywhere near as much as comments coming from you. Please share Other World Mapper with others. 

As we reach this milestone, we also wanted to share with you our first stretch goals. These are features that many of you have requested, and were among our list of additional functionality for Other World Mapper. 

First Stretch Goal $10000  

  • An option to turn on automatic labels for landmasses, regions, lakes and features. The label would be shown centered for landmasses, regions and lakes, and shown above or below for features. 
  • Option to populate regions with features (i.e. fill a region with trees). 

Second Stretch Goal $12000 

Tools for creating Dungeon Maps

  • Wall tool with the same properties of our land map tools (opacity, texture, width, etc), and the same type of auto connect mechanics as our land maps.
  • Rooms, hallway and cave tools, following different polygon shapes or circular. All with the same pen options as the rest of our tools.
Fantasy Dungeon artwork set included with the basic art set (75+ features)
  • Doors, stairways, walls, and other architectural objects.
  • Chests and other treasure containers.
  • Tomb and crypt features, weapons and item piles.
  • Furniture, lanterns, torches and symbols.
  • Fantasy Dungeon textures (15+): tile, stone, earth, and wood.
Our team at work
Our team at work
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    1. David Shepheard on

      I started a thread on Dragonsfoot (a community of people that like old-school D&D):…

      That thread is in Dragonsfoot's "Maps & Floorplans" forum. Sir Clarence from Dragonsfoot is one of your backers.

      (I'm guessing that the people on Dragonsfoot would be especially interested in knowing if Other World Mapper could replicate the style of pre-3rd Edition cartography. If they are building new content to go with old school products, being able to make similar maps would be useful.)

    2. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David Awesome! Thank you!!!

    3. David Shepheard on

      My thread at The Piazza got featured on their Facebook page: :-)

    4. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David we've tried a lot of the forums, but most of them have self-promotion areas (not allowed to self promote under general topics), or don't allow self promotion at all. Some of the ones we have posted to are: Cartographer's Guild, RPGWatch,, enworld.

      However, as I said, it was always under the self-promotion areas, so we would appreciate any exposure you can give us in websites/forum you frequent.

      Thank you!

    5. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @David We wrote back to your comments in the general section (the long answer). The short answer is Yes!

    6. David Shepheard on

      Do you have a list of the RPG websites/forums that you have already written about Other World Mapper at?

      I've written a thread about your Kickstarter at The Piazza:…

      I'm on a number of other forums. And if I knew which ones had topics about Other World Mapper, I could subscribe to those threads and follow the conversation there.

      Have you done Cartographers' Guild? They tend to have expert users hanging out there, but I'm sure that some people would be very interested in seeing a tool that could help newbies get past the learning curve and onto making cool maps.

    7. David Shepheard on

      I said this in the general comments section, but I'll repeat it here.

      Would you be willing to let Mac OS users back at the levels where they get the PC software and then allow them to migrate over to the Mac OS version later down the line?

      If you did something like that, I could run Other World Mapper via something like Parallels for a couple of years and then switch to using the native version if/when it happened.

      I'm not sure if that would help Robert, but I think it would work for some Mac OS users.

    8. Three Minds Software Creator on

      @Robert We've had several people ask about a Mac port. So we have planned to add it as a stretch goal lower down the list (or after release if we don't reach that stretch goal). However, we really don't want to “lead on” Mac users into pledging to the campaign, when it may not happen right away.

    9. Rob Lang on

      Could I suggest a stretch goal: Mac OS X