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Offering comfort, speed, style, and'll never leave the house again without this premium modern day minimalist wallet.

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GearMoose: " only 1.2 ounces, you might forget that you’re even carrying it, which is exactly what we’re looking for in a minimalist wallet."

Envynde: "Undoubtedly there is nothing cooler than whipping out your wallet and flicking out your bank card in a moment’s notice to complete a purchase."

Crunchwear: "The first thing you’d notice about this wallet is the weight, in that it barely weighs anything."

Available Styles

The MostRad™ Minimalist (Black)

The MostRad™ Executive Minimalist (Black or Brown) *NEW

The MostRad™ Redrum Minimalist (Black/Red Accents) *NEW

The MostRad™ Kickstarter Minimalist (Black/Green Accents) *NEW

For years, being known as "that guy" with the 5-pound wallet spewing out change, receipts, and gum wrappers every time it made an embarrassing appearance outside of my pants pocket, I realized it was time for a drastic change.

I hit the web and began what turned out to be a months long search for the "perfect" wallet.  I knew I needed to downsize, but all of the popular minimalist wallets were simply TOO minimal with slots for only cards and folded bills.  Call me "old fashioned", but I'd like to have a little extra space to store some other necessities in my wallet without going overboard.  This is when I knew I had to design my own.

At 3:00am one night back in February, I whipped out some duct tape and with this glorious design element I began to construct the first prototype.

After field testing the duct tape prototype for a few weeks, it was time to manufacture a real product.  Since I personally don't have the necessary resources to produce such a product, I hit the web in search of the perfect manufacturer.  Finding a manufacturer that could produce this wallet at a high quality and also meet my demands for integrated RFID protection was no easy task.

I mocked up the dimensions, showcased the features with a prototype, and then began emailing my inquiry to several manufacturers in hopes to find the perfect company to produce these wallets.  After discussing with dozens, I finally came in contact with an amazing large scale manufacturer that could fulfill all my requests. Using my Photoshop mock ups, they brought my vision to life and the first ever MostRad™ Minimalist sample was delivered to my door.  

When designing the MostRad™ Minimalist wallet, I had four main priorities in mind.  I wanted to bring the customer comfort, speed, style, and security all at an affordable price.

The MostRad™ Minimalist offers three interior card slots, two interior pockets, an outside on-the-go slot for your favorite card and an elastic band to hold bills.


With a depth of just 6.4mm, the MostRad™ Minimalist wallet slips in your back or front pockets with ease.  Sit in comfort, you'll forget you're even carrying a wallet.


I've incorporated an on-the-go pocket on the back of the MostRad™ Minimalist so you can utilize your favorite card without ever having to open your wallet.  In and out with just a slide!


The MostRad™ Minimalist retains classic and premium leather styling that most modern day minimalist wallets today simply lack.  Offering the quality and style of a designer brand wallet at a much more affordable price, the MostRad™ Minimalist stands as the perfect alternative.


With the increasing threats of wireless identity theft, I wanted to make sure my personal information was secure.  After contacting dozens of manufacturers, I finally came across one that was able to incorporate an RFID protective coating within the lining of the MostRad™ Minimalist ensuring your protection and security against RFID identity theft.

The MostRad™ Minimalist loaded with 12 cards.

The MostRad™ Minimalist offers several different storage options for your necessities. 

If the money band doesn't attract you, you can easily store your bills in one of the side pockets the MostRad™ Minimalist has to offer.  A great alternative for our International pledgers.  (The bills fit all the way inside the pockets.)

You may also find other uses for the card slots and pockets, as I have.  Keys, coins, cards, etc... all fit within the allotted slots. I know how important those Euro coins can be!

and for the adventurers...

The MostRad™ Minimalist specifications are as follows...

3 7/8 x 3 x .25 (inches) or 98.4 x 76.2 x 6.4 (mm)

My iPhone 5 stacked on the MostRad™ Minimalist compared to a traditional wallet.

The MostRad™ Minimalist only weighs 1.2oz!

I've partnered up with an amazing large scale manufacturing company to produce the MostRad™ Minimalist in the highest quality.  They specialize in wallet production on a large scale basis and have perfectly transformed my vision into a real life product. 

The wallets are produced in house from start to finish at their large scale facility.  The leather is layed out, measured, cut and then sewn precisely to specification.  Each wallet is then packaged in a custom branded MostRad™ box.  From there they will be shipped to me to sort, package, and deliver to your doorstep.

With your pledges, I hope to reach the necessary minimum order quantity set by the manufacturer to produce the first run of Mostrad™ Minimalists.

Follow along and check out a graph of our Kickstarter's progress!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks and challenges involved with producing the MostRad™ Minimalist mainly resort around manufacturing on a large scale in a timely manner. To combat this, I have built a strong relationship with my manufacturer over the past few months and strongly believe we will be able to tackle any setbacks that may arise with stability. The manufacturer specifically specializes in wallet production on a large scale. It is extremely important to me that we can deliver the highest quality product in the shortest time possible.

I will be monitoring this project daily while being in contact with my manufacturer to prepare orders a head of time if we are fortunate enough to reach our goal. Thank you again for checking out the MostRad™ Minimalist, we couldn't do this without you!

Help us by sharing this with your friends and spreading the word!

- Brandon


  • The MostRad™ Minimalist can hold up to 12 cards.

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  • Free shipping is only available to the Continental United States. Backers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico please add $7 for shipping. Thanks!

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  • Yes you may! By selecting the $60 reward tier, you may order any two wallet styles of your choice that are unlocked by the end of the campaign. Do not worry about the limited quantity in the specific $30-$35 style tiers, all wallets within the $60 multiple order tier are ordered individually. Once the campaign is over, a survey will be sent out to all backers. In this survey, you will specify which two styles you would like.

    If you are interested in 3 or more wallets, message me directly for details. We will still use the $60 tier and increase in $30 increments.

    For example -

    $90 pledged at the $60 reward tier = Any 3 wallets of your choice. (Add $15 for international shipping)
    $120 pledged at the $60 reward tier = Any 4 wallets of your choice. (Add $18 for international shipping)


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  • The MostRad™ Minimalist is outfitted in a high quality premium synthetic leather. When designing this wallet, my main priority has remained the same. Provide the highest quality product at an affordable price. After several tests and conversations, going synthetic was an easy choice for me to make. No animals have been harmed in the consumption of this product and in addition, the synthetic provides several benefits. A few being, extremely durable, breathable, and water resistant compared to a genuine leather product.

    After testing several prototypes with our manufacturer, I've locked in the highest quality synthetic we could get our hands on. I've been using my sample wallet for months now and the wear and tear has been non-existant. I couldn't be more excited about the final product and sharing it with the rest of the world!

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  • Depending on how many backers there are by the end of the campaign, the production time is between 2-4 weeks. We are currently scheduled to have all wallets shipped by the end of September!

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