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The Curse of Kullvaria is a pirate themed, twin stick shooter for the iOS! Ship wrecked and alone, Hugo 'Cannon' Tredder must survive!

The Curse of Kullvaria is a pirate themed, twin stick shooter for the iOS! Ship wrecked and alone, Hugo 'Cannon' Tredder must survive! Read More
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The Curse of Kullvaria is our love letter to twin stick shooters.  We are passionate about the game we are crafting and the time we have spent has been full of long hours and humbling experiences. Creating something like ‘Kullvaria’ is ambitious to say the least, with fully 3D, hand crafted environments, memorable and approachable characters and interestingly unique enemies. This is a herculean undertaking for two people and one that we will deliver to you guys no matter what!

However, with your help, we can make a product that not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them. The funds we generate from Kickstarter will be pooled in to (mostly) the following 3 things:

  • The Unity Engine. Our switch from UDK to Unity Pro, plus Unity iOS Pro, will allow us to deliver the best product we can make.
  •  Programmers. Because of our strictly artistic background, neither Raveen nor myself have a strong enough grasp of coding at this point to handle all the backend stuff. Kickstarter will allow us to hire a proficient, dedicated, and passionate programmer to not only, help complete and maintain our vision, but to become part of a great team, well, at least we think so!
  • Fine Tuning. Lastly, the funds gained from our Kickstarter campaign will afford us time to refine our vision, from a delicious cake, to a decadent dessert. From so-so to SO-AWESOME!

Your support boils down to these three points. We need money for a new graphical engine, a programmer to handle that engine and the time to refine everything. Tools, Labour and Time.

The Curse of Kullvaria is a twin stick, pirate themed shooter for the mobile platform. It stars none other than the infamous Captain Hugo ‘Cannon’ Tredder, a man on a mission to eradicate the plague of bad luck that has haunted him since childhood. His adventures will take him across the Lost Oceans, and through the mythical island of Kullvaria.

Version One will ship with the first Survival Mode mission, Assault on Tartarus, as well as 30+ Achievements and High Scores via Game Center. Subsiquent versions will introduce the Story Mode, which will take you along Hugo’s adventures. Every Story Mode level will be accompanied by a Survival Mode level, for those High Score junkies! We know you are out there! Furthermore, after version one has shipped we will be adding more enemies, more weapons, more achievements, and, basically, more everything. And, for the stat tracking maniacs, Kullvaria will host a bevy of detailed statistics on everything from the number of shots fired, to your current kill count!

As the player, you will begin your journey under assault, on your ship, the Tartarus. Having just laid anchor outside the island, you must defend your crew and your ship from the Bramblemen, while your crew finishes preparing a skiff for your approach to Kullvaria.

After landing on the islands Diamond Beaches you will slowly work your way through the island, following hints and clues that will eventually lead you to your treasure. You’ll straggle through the Timber Shades, traverse the Shimmering Tarn, amble up the Tremor Cliffs, and delve in to the Void of Cinders to battle the islands mysterious overlord.

Captain Hugo ‘Cannon’ Tredder, is the son of the legendary pirate Lords, Isaac ‘The Eye’ and Katherine ‘The Tankard’ Tredder. Shortly after his birth, Hugo’s grandfather, Alexander, was left to raise him and his brother Edmund after the mysterious disappearance of their parents. While his brother grew to be a wealthy Pirate Lord like his parents, Hugo’s many adventures seemed only to be plagued with bad luck and misfortune.

Through his study and research of ancient lore he stumbled upon an abstract reference to a lost island and mysterious crystals. Following up on this fragment of information he pieced together a set of coordinates that would eventually lead him to the island of Kullvaria and ultimately to the loss of his original ship and crew. Even this folly, however, would not prove enough to deter him, he swore that he would make it back to Kullvaria, find the legendary crystals, and turn his luck around once and for all.

Kullvaria is defended by brainwashed servants that Hugo has dubbed, Bramblemen. There are currently 3 distinct classes of enemy and 5 unique types within our game. The cannon fodder of the Bramble bunch are known as Fledglings. The general utility class are referred to as Minions, and the aggressor class are known as Generals.

The Fledgling - Bomber love to blow things up. They will run toward Hugo until one of you has perished.  Kaboom!

The Fledgling - Spiker are almost like the Bombers, except they inflict lasting damage. Instead of exploding, they will continue to head toward you until they have pierced you with their spiked mask, and then continue to inflict damage for as long as they are around you.

The Minion - Spearman is a medium range enemy that is as agile with a spear as he is with his feet. Quick, light and deadly, the Spearmen don’t know the meaning of quit! Whether this is due to their everlasting motivation or their lack of knowledge in the English language is anyone’s guess!

The Minion - Dartman is a long range sniping unit. His propensity for aerodynamics and projectile weaponry is unmatched amongst the Bramblemen. While he might be slow to reload, his venomous darts are lightning fast!

The General - Bruiser is the tough man of the Bramblemen. His favourite past time is watching old boxing movies on laser disc. If you listen closely you can actually hear his Rocky impression from behind his mask!

The mighty Abaddon patrols the Kullvarian seas and defends the island against any and all intruders. Hidden under the sea, the Abaddon lies in wait, ready to ambush all who seek to take its masters treasure.

Once the great beast gets a hold of your ship with its immense writhing tentacles, there is little hope left for you and your crew. The only course of action one can take is to stand awe as its massive arms begin ripping apart your vessel from mast to stern, splintering any future you may have had.

And if that were not enough, the voodoo-centric Bramblemen Shaman have wrangled the aquatic giant, with their corrupt magics, while the crafty Bramblemen Engineers have constructed a massive barge, square on its back, so that they may travel with, and aid in the final onslaught.

Kullvaria is an island of intrigue and mystery. Lost to the winds of time before man had even taken his first steps, the island is full of wonderous life forms treacherous territory. The Bramblemen, the islands inhabitants, have evolved independently from the rest of civilization. Initially taking on a simple communicative social structure, it wasn’t long before a shadowy force imprinted itself on their minds, forcing them to abide to his will. Kullvaria is home to old secrets and ancient wisdom, impossibilities turn plausible and insanity becomes mundane.

The first version of our game will feature the ‘Assault on Tartarus’, the initial encounter with the islands inhabitants while laying anchor.

Subsequent versions will take you through the aforementioned areas. The Diamond Beaches, The Timber Shades, The Shimmering Tarn, The Tremor Cliffs and finally The Void of Cinders.

The gameplay of Kullvaria consists of simple, tried and true, twin-stick control mechanisms. We feel that the iOS is ripe for a great dual-stick shooter. Battling the hordes of Bramblemen couldn’t be simpler, as Hugo wields, Martha, his home-made mini-cannon. Built for rapid use and housing his super secret, trademarked, automatic reload chamber, Martha is a force to be reckoned with!  

Apart from Hugo’s sweetheart, the Dartman wields his trusty blowpipe, while the Spearman attacks with, well, what else? His spear! You will find your fellow crewmen armed with an assortment of weapons, from the blind Guntar’s walking cane, to the Chef’s iron skillet! And lastly, as you face off against the ever increasing Bramblemen forces, you will notice that Hugo has equipped his lass with some impressive firepower. Three hand crafted iron cannons sit strategically placed on the decks of the Tartarus. Ready to defend and wreak havoc.

In future versions we have many plans to equip players with new and unique weapons, including a power-up mechanic that will let Hugo feel mighty and powerful!

Finally we come to the most important part! The two folk that are trying to make the magic happen, and bring you guys the love of our life!

Who are we? Just two guys really... Honestly, it is as simple as that! Raveen is the dark and dashing gentleman, and Michael is the fetchingly frosty lad! 24 and 26 respectively, our goal is to contribute our talent to the ever growing pool of incredible developers popping up on the App Store and the like.

We want to share our passion for great games with the whole community, and the best way we can think of to do that is to create games for you guys! But, we need help, as reluctant as we are to admit it, we can’t do it all.

You are our bread and butter. Without you guys we have no reason to conjure creative magics for you to enjoy. Thank you sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts!

Below you will find a bunch of links to more of our Kullvarian works, like our YouTube channel that houses over 50 videos of gameplay tests, back when we were using the Unreal Engine, as well as animation tests by Raveen.

You will also find links to both Raveen's personal works as well as my own. Feel free to contact us in any way shape or form! We love you all!

MooView Games!/mooviewgames

Raveen Rajadorai!/ollarin

Michael Jarvis!/GetaVe


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