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Worm Run is an innovative, procedurally generated platformer for iOS. Swipe to Survive!

Stretch Goal Met and Last Minute Prizes.

Thank you all who came to our showcase show. Because of your help, we managed to raise enough money for our first stretch goal. Although it probably won't show up here on Kickstarter since most of it was cash, just trust us when we say that we'll start working on alternate costumes. 

As another thank you, we added a super last minute prize. Nicolas Cinquegrani will offer his artistic talent to draw a Zeke of your choice. For $25 you could have your very own Prehistoric Zeke or Santa Claus Zeke. Get them while they last!


Hey everyone! 

We reached our goal of $3,200 (and then some)! Thank you all for donating. Worm Run could not be what it is without your help this past month. We're looking forward to bringing you Worm Run in February. 

And of course we'll still be doing stretch goals (see below). As a celebratory bonus, enjoy the Kickstarter Exclusive: Ultra Zeke!

Stretch Goals! 

 If we reach $5000 - A new monster with updated animations!

 If you want to see it happen, tell everyone to donate!

Thanks again! 

 -Mike & Andy

The Game

Worm Run is Golden Ruby Games' second title. Developed completely in OpenFrameworks, Worm Run is a procedurally generated, endless runner for iOS with a controls specifically for touch screen.

We began back in August with the idea of making a game with a unique control scheme that worked specifically for mobile platforms. We hate on screen D-Pads and want Worm Run to be as unhindered as possible. With this in mind, we crafted a game that is gestural, simple and intuitive. 

Worm Run has one simple rule: Swipe to Survive!

Part Temple Run, part Sonic the Hedgehog, Worm Run stars Zeke Tallahassee, a hapless space janitor who is chased by a bloodthirsty galactic worm out for flesh. 

You'll traverse 5 unique worlds with tons of hazards and items to hinder or help your chance of survival. How far can you make it?

The Goal

With your donations we will compensate our talented and hardworking artist Nicolas Cinquegrani and our awesome sound engineer Stephen Schappler. Both have done so much for us and with your help and theirs, we will be able to create an amazing title.

Your donations will go toward the art and sound design and help us bring Worm Run to its full potential. 


Worm Run is about 75% complete. Being this close to our final goal we are anxious to get it out to the public. 

If you donate, you'll have first hand knowledge of Worm Run and when we plan on releasing it. 


Everyone loves a good gift. As you can see on the side, we have a handful of prizes to give to our backers. 

The easiest is probably going to be the game itself for just $3!

Our favorite is the plush of the worm for a select few, handcrafted with love by the talented Jessica Vogel.

(Please note that if you do donate, you MUST have an iOS device to receive and enjoy a majority of the prizes listed)

About Us

We're a small game developer located within the heart of New York City. With your help, you'd be helping us bring our passion for games to the world. What's better than that?


We just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support. Making great games is our dream and with your help, you make it possible. 

-Golden Ruby

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main hurdle for any independent game developer is of course, money for production expenses. The production costs of the game has been covered entirely by the game designer because we believe so much in this title. We have already completed 75% of the game development.

We have been working on this project since the Summer of 2012, and have kept it under tight wraps to avoid leaking any of its design elements and risking infringement. Most of the work is done, and as we prepare for release we are asking our player community to help us with this final push, which involves money for polishing the art and sound, and some of the costs related to marketing and promotions.Finally, there is also a risk that Apple won't approve our game, but having dealt with Apple's requirements in the past, we are confident we will meet their requirements.

Because after all, you can make the best game in the world, but if nobody sees it, your efforts will be for naught. We have a modest sum of $3,200 set for this project because it is a minimum that we can work with, but the more we get, the better off we will be when we go live.


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    For $3, you will receive Worm Run for your iOS device when it is released. And a virtual high-five.

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    Secret Unlock! For $8, you will receive Worm Run upon release plus a super secret skin for Zeke. This is a Kickstarter exclusive! Don't miss out.

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    Thank you! You will receive a thank you in the game credits along with all the above rewards.

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    Ultra Last Minute Prize! Our very own artist, Nicolas Cinquegrani will draw a custom Zeke for you (of your choice). Each one will be unique and signed by the Worm Run team. Get yours today before they run out! You'll of course also get a free copy of the game along with the Super Secret Zeke costume.

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    Exclusive Last Minute Poster! Our talented artist friend Caldwell Tanner has created a one of a kind, high-quality print for us. Don't miss out on this great deal!

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    Testing Testing! 1, 2, 3! If you donate $40 you'll be instantly entered into our tester pool to help test Worm Run before release. Gloat to all your friends about this exclusive prize.

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    Art! For you lucky few who pay $55, you will get high quality concept art from Worm Run. All prints will be signed by the development team. You will also receive all the above rewards. (This prize will be separate from our testing pool.)

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    Wormy Come Home! With a generous donation of $100, you will receive a custom, hand made worm plushy for your own enjoyment. Careful, they bite!

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    Face it! With a donation of $300, your face will be forever etched into the background of the game, along with all the above rewards.

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    What's in a Name? For the generous soul who gives our ultimate donation, you will be able to choose Zeke's middle name, (with Golden Ruby's approval). You will also receive all the prizes mentioned and a big thank you from the Golden Ruby Team.

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