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Puzzles that baffle the mind and dazzle the eye. Designed by hand, cut from wood, acrylic, and felt. Because puzzles deserve better.
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Code Breakers Stretch Goal Puzzle Unlocked!

Posted by Rachel Happen (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We crossed the $7,000 mark today and we’ve just reached 30 Code Breakers backers! You know what that means!

Code Breakers Stretch Goal Puzzle!

Here’s the puzzle:

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A couple of reminders! If you’d like a walkthrough of our previous stretch goal puzzle, check it out here. Please feel free to work together in the comments below this update! When you think you’ve got it, please submit your answer as a comment! Thank you!

When the puzzle is solved, you can choose to get your coasters in this new color combination, or the original green and walnut.
When the puzzle is solved, you can choose to get your coasters in this new color combination, or the original green and walnut.

Custom Coaster Combinations!

Thanks to a wonderful backer suggestion, you will be able to create your own Code Breakers color options! If you would like a custom color combination, you can select up to 4 different materials (from the 6 shown below) in the post-campaign survey. You will get 1 complete coaster in each color. Every coaster is cut to be identical, so you can mix and match the rings however you like!

All 6 coaster material options
All 6 coaster material options

If you have any questions about the custom color combinations or want to see a picture of a certain combination, please reach out!

In other news!

Check out this review of Cirkusu over at PuzzleNation (it is spoiler-light; it reveals only a tiny bit more than I do on the campaign page! So it's safe to read!):

Thank you everyone! Happy puzzling! 



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    1. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      Haha, I like that! No solution idea is too far-fetched. :)

      Good question about cleaning the coasters! You can clean them the same way you would clean anything made of pressed wool felt (like some hats, placemats, even blankets).

      The easiest way to do is to fill a bowl with cold water and a bit of vinegar. Put the rings in the bowl and press the solution into the felt by squeezing it with your fingers, and rub out the stain with your fingertips. Be careful not to wring them out; this will pull up the wool fibers. Just let them dry flat.

      I think you can dry clean them, too, but I haven't tested this yet! If you'd like to protect them a bit more, you can spray on a product like Scotchguard. I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have other questions!

    2. Caroline Kerstens on

      Oh, forgot to ask - if you use the Code Breakers as coasters and something gets spilled, how can you clean the wool felt? Does it suck up spilled moisture? I don't have any experience with the material and wouldn't want to ruin them by cleaning the felt wrong.

    3. Caroline Kerstens on

      And here I was, breaking my head over names of actual, drinkable cocktails that could have something to do with war. XD

    4. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Well done!! Glad to hear you solved it too. :) I will try to post some future stretch goal puzzles in the evening so EU backers have first try!

      I like the way you think! :) I'm happy to pack in one coaster of each color (6 coasters total) for an additional $12. I'll add this to my fulfillment master list, and be sure to mention it in the final survey as well, where I ask for backers to name any additional puzzles (not included in their reward level) that they pledged extra for. Thanks!

    5. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      The colours are all so pretty, it's quite hard to decide. How about getting the remaining two coasters for additional 12$?

    6. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Darn, got it right as well but (naturally as being located in the EU) overslept you all :-)

    7. Keith McNeil

      Great job, WeMull!

    8. Rachel Happen Creator on

      YES!! It's the Molotov Cocktail, and you got the origin story exactly right! Great work, Aaron! (and yes, Googling is encouraged!)

      The additional color options are officially unlocked! I'll update the main page to reflect that. Thanks for puzzling with me! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      WeMull on

      Molotov Cocktail anyone? A quick google search (which I believe is still allowed?) brings us to the wikipedia page ( It mentions the origin of the term from the Winter War of November 1939, when the Soviet Union invaded Finland: "When Soviet People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov claimed in domestic propaganda broadcasts that the USSR was not bombing Finland, but merely delivering food to the starving citizens. The Finns, who were not starving, started sarcastically to call the air bombs Molotov bread baskets.[8] Soon the Finns responded by attacking advancing tanks with 'Molotov cocktails', which were 'a drink to go with the food'."

    10. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Exciting!! Thanks for getting us started Keith! Wow so many good ideas in your analysis so far! I will hold off saying anything else! :)!!

    11. Keith McNeil

      There was also fighting at Lake Ladoga, which is near Karelia, which is mentioned.This could be a wrong turn for "deadly drink" but it's too much fun not to explore.

    12. Keith McNeil

      There was a Kemi River battle, maybe it has something to do with that?

    13. Keith McNeil

      What does everyone think, is it just a list of clues, or might it spell out something like some of the other video puzzles? Since the "o" clue appears 3 times, is there a good chance it's trying to spell something, possibly in Finnish or Russian?

      What does everyone make of "deadly drink?" A poison, a potent alcohol, or something else entirely, like maybe a body of water where many people died?