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Puzzles that baffle the mind and dazzle the eye. Designed by hand, cut from wood, acrylic, and felt. Because puzzles deserve better.
139 backers pledged $13,978 to help bring this project to life.

Over Half Way There!

Posted by Rachel Happen (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We are over 50% there! Thank you all for your support! Baffledazzle is already over half way to becoming a reality. :)

Code Breakers Stretch Goal Puzzle is Very Close!

We are just 2 Code Breakers backers away from unlocking the additional color way puzzle! Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be playing for!

Soon-to-be-unlocked Code Breakers color option: Blue Pine, Red-Orange Felt, "Green Glass" Acrylic, and Wedgewood Blue Felt!
Soon-to-be-unlocked Code Breakers color option: Blue Pine, Red-Orange Felt, "Green Glass" Acrylic, and Wedgewood Blue Felt!

When this stretch goal puzzle unlocks, I will post an update with a video puzzle. All backers can work to solve the puzzle (and I encourage you to work together in the comments!). When the puzzle is solved, all backers who are receiving a set of Code Breakers (that includes you, full set backers!) will be able to choose whether they want the original green and walnut set, or the set shown above, in the post-campaign survey.

Stretch Goal Puzzle Walkthrough!

Backer John Walsh was kind enough to ask me for an example puzzle! If you’d like a bit more guidance on how to approach the stretch goal puzzles, you can read a walkthrough of the first puzzle in the comments of Update #1:

Finally, I want to clarify that I encourage Googling! We already have puzzles for things that we know, so I try to only make puzzles that take solvers somewhere new, and that means searching for the answer! :)

Interviews, Previews, and Other News!

An interview on PuzzleNation about how I got into puzzles, my process, and more! (There’s a puzzle hidden in this interview!!):

NoobSource has previewed the Cirkusu series, read their thoughts here! (This preview is spoiler free!):

Check out the blog of my wonderful illustrator, Jerel Dye, who created all the character illustrations that accompany the riddles, hints, and solutions:

By the way, I love hearing from you! Thank you everyone for your comments, questions, and suggestions! Please feel free to reach out as you think of more! :)

My best,



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    1. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens:

      Great idea! I'm shifting around my workspace today; I'll pull together all the coaster options and post these pictures soon!

      The colors are very close to what you see in the photos. I will put together a collage of all the different coaster material options on different backgrounds so you can get a sense of how they compare. :)

    2. Caroline Kerstens on

      @RiTides: I hadn't even noticed the patrioticness - but that's probably because I'm not American. :) I think it would look a lot less "patriotic" if there was a coloured background as well. If the acrylic rings are glassy clear, they won't look white if you put them on a regular non-white table.

      @Rachel, do the actual colours exactly match the pictures? Maybe it would be a nice idea to arrange samples of all of the available colours somewhere, so that we can see what e.g. white wood + clear acrylic + dark wood would look like.

    3. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Yes I agree! I don't think it will be too tricky. Since the cut of each coaster is identical I can just pack one complete coaster in each of the 4 materials. I like that idea for the survey! Hopefully I can set up the questions so the options are clear. :)

    4. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      Well, that is interesting! Just as long as it's not too hard for you to keep track of =)
      Most people would probably pick one of the standard options anyway, so maybe in the post-Kickstarter suvey you could just have a field asking if they wanted custom colors, and to fill in if so (and if they didn't, they'd just get the standard colors).

    5. Rachel Happen Creator on


      Thank you Steve! I appreciate that feedback. :) I'm working on a custom combination option for the coasters, too, where you can select any 4 materials. So you could pair the Red-Orange Felt with either the Walnut or Blue Pine for more of an orange and wood combination!

      Caroline suggested the customization and I think it would be a great option. I hope to announce more formally how this will work in the next update! Thanks again!

    6. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      Alternate colors are a good idea, although I think I like the base colors best and will be sticking to those =)
      These look almost patriotic to me, which not bad in an of itself, isn't something I'd likely keep out all year round. I was kind of hoping the alt scheme to be wood and orange instead of the prior wood and green, as these look a little busy.
      Just a little constructive criticism on the color choices, hope that's OK!