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Puzzles that baffle the mind and dazzle the eye. Designed by hand, cut from wood, acrylic, and felt. Because puzzles deserve better.
Puzzles that baffle the mind and dazzle the eye. Designed by hand, cut from wood, acrylic, and felt. Because puzzles deserve better.
139 backers pledged $13,978 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      Yes, we're close though!! The Lucharán stretch goal takes a few more backers, but it's worth it. :) I hope we can unlock it!

      The harder riddles come in addition! So you can start with the harder riddle and use the standard one as a "hint" if you get stuck. Thanks for asking! That's good to clarify. :)

    2. Caroline Kerstens on

      Oh and a question: are the harder riddles in the stretch goals something that comes extra on top of the "simple" riddle so that you've got two riddles to solve, or do they replace the original riddle?

    3. Caroline Kerstens on

      I almost thought we hit the Lucharan stretch goal, but then I remembered it needs 30 backers instead of 25. :( Only 750$ to go!

    4. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      Yes, exciting! We're closing in on the funding goal! I have a couple of post-KS puzzle designs that are mostly finished, but they have some complex elements I need to perfect with my own laser. :) Then I have a whole notebook full of notes and book titles and sketches of future puzzles! After I've completed the KS fulfillment, I hope to get to work on those in earnest. :)

    5. Caroline Kerstens on

      One week to go! Can't wait to see this funded :) Do you already have other designs to release after the KS campaign?

    6. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Wonderful, thank you for that!! Yes we've just got the last 20% to close out now. :) I'll definitely reach out to them.

    7. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Forgot to mention that I did it because at least two of the authors are into puzzles and boardgames, so even though the site is about video games they feature well designed non-computer stuff as well. Sitting in the UK by the way, maybe you should contact them Rachel to give a feature on the main site?

    8. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Hi, just spread the word on Rock-Paper-Shotgun Forum, I hope it works...
      It only takes another 2K that should be possible!

    9. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      Good! Yes, we've got a bunch of stretch goal puzzles on the horizon :) I'm already working on the video puzzles!

    10. Caroline Kerstens on

      Oh no, you were plenty early :) I just realized we're only 5 backers away from the La Plage, Ozuzo and Lucharan stretch goals!

    11. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      I hope I didn't keep you up too late! :) Enjoy the puzzle!!

    12. Caroline Kerstens on

      Exciting indeed, it's down to 2,535 now :D Please do upload the riddle soon, I'll stay up late if it means not missing out on the puzzle!

    13. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Exciting!! Yes the first Cirkusu stretch goal has been unlocked! I am editing it together now. Hopefully I can publish it while my EU backers are still awake! :)

    14. Caroline Kerstens on

      Time to solve a riddle!

    15. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Playing pieces, here we are! [Happy dance]

    16. Caroline Kerstens on

      Wooo, only $3,050 to go! :D

    17. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Wonderful to hear that Cloud Cap was a treat. Now, dear fellows, onwards backwards! Make our puzzles happen!

    18. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      Happy Easter everyone!
      This is over 2/3 of the way to funding, with 2 weeks to go =). Just needs a little more push!

    19. Caroline Kerstens on

      Woohoo! And I just saw we only need 3 more Cirkusu backers to get the first stretch goal!

    20. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens

      Yes, exactly right!! It is Krystyna Skarbek, also known as Christine Granville! You did such a beautiful job piecing together all of the clues! I love her life story and all of her unbelievable exploits. :)

      Well done!! The set of Code Breakers is yours! I'll message you with details.

    21. Caroline Kerstens on

      Hey, I was wondering if the puzzle you hid in the Puzzlenation interview has already been solved. If not, I think I have the answer!

      - a "clever British spy" (female)
      - translating Polish sayings
      - French public transport
      - navigating into new waters

      There was a woman of Polish nobility who worked as a spy for the British SOE during WWII, which combines the first two clues. She outwitted the German Gestapo on various occasions and even tricked a Gestapo officer into carrying her package of illicit documents into Poland by making him believe it was a bag of black-market tea for her mother.
      (You could link French public transport to her as well: the most famous public transport system in France is the Métropolitain or subway, which is an underground network. She, as a spy, was also part of an underground network, and she also operated in France.)
      Her whole life was a series of "navigating new waters":
      - from Polish nobility to adventurous spy
      - she had a "varied" love life
      - She ski'd into occupied Poland with British propaganda, so if snow counts as water, this would work :)
      - After the war, she worked as a cruise ship stewardess and literally navigated new waters.

      So, is the answer to the hidden riddle Christine Granville? Or am I thinking in the wrong direction?

    22. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Oh, interesting! Yes I thought the complexity of the English riddles might be a question for non-native speakers. There are some riddles that use cultural references or specific wording, but these language-based clues are never essential to solving the puzzle. For example, if you can pick up on 1 of 3 word-play clues, that gives you enough information to solve.

      I would love to produce version of the puzzles in other languages! This is already on my post-campaign to do list. :)

      (Thank you for helping spread the word! I really appreciate that. :)

    23. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      I can confirm that the search for "puzzle" works. But yesterday there was a huge lag in Kickstarter (I watched another project during the last hour) , maybe that's what interfered...
      My problem with spreading the word (and I did already) there are not so many people in the forums I use that feel proficient enough in english to handle the riddles maybe...?

    24. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Yay! :) Ah, you guys are so sweet to help get the word out! I try to do a bit of media outreach every day, so if you know of any blogs that may be interested, please let me know!

      Oh my, what could be going on with the search? The project comes up when I search for "puzzle"; what does it look like for others? I wonder if it is filtering strangely.

      Also, we just reached 30 Code Breakers backers! I will be posting the new stretch goal puzzle shortly!

      Thanks everyone!

    25. Caroline Kerstens on

      Wooo, we passed $7k! :D I won't be sleeping well until this gets funded!

      About word getting out: I'm not sure, really. :/ I'll post a link in a gaming forum I visit, maybe someone will be interested. Would it help if the word "puzzle" would be in the project title? I tried searching for the word "puzzle" yesterday and Baffledazzle didn't show up, so I think the search function is limited to words appearing in the title.

    26. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      We're just $37 short of being at 7k out of 12k needed, with 18 days to go. Not bad, hopefully word gets out about this campaign. I'm not really sure where it could get covered, do you puzzle heads post on forums much? Genuinely asking, this is a bit out of the norm for what I usually back :)

    27. Rachel Happen Creator on

      @Caroline Kerstens:

      Oh good!! Yes I have a few surprises and extras that aren't shown in the product photos! :)

      I really like that idea for custom Code Breakers color combinations! I don't think that would be too logistically tricky, so I will try to offer that option in the final survey! I will work on the details, but I believe I can let backers choose any 4 of the 6 materials I am using for Code Breakers. Good idea!

    28. Caroline Kerstens on

      Gods, the Noobsource preview has me drooling even more. There are pawns/pieces that allow you to actually play the games in the Cirkusu set? O_O Talk about immersive puzzling.

      Love the new Code Breaker colours too, but I really love the green and dark wood combination so I'm sticking to that. :) Can people choose to have e.g. dark wood and red felt or green felt and acrylic rings?

    29. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Thanks Karen, that is great to know!! Good point; a bag would be more portable. I love the idea of toting the puzzles around!

      haha I wish August was here already too! :)

    30. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      I, too, think bags with pockets would be better. Then we could even take it along to baffle friends or use the spare time wherever to bend ourselves around the puzzle. Oh, and please make August come faster :) - atleast in Europe?

    31. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for this comment; this is a great idea!! I'm actually working on the packaging design right now. I'm looking into both boxes and bags. It's great to know your preference for bags! (Hm, and this idea for an outside pocket is really interesting!) I will keep everyone updated as I finalize the packaging. Please reach out if you have ideas or suggestions!

      I agree about the size of clumsy puzzle boxes! They do take up a lot of space. I definitely want to find a solution that is space efficient. :) Thanks for your comment!

    32. Caroline Kerstens on

      I've decided to just go for the entire set. :)

      The FAQ mentions that there won't be a picture of the completed puzzles on the box. Will the puzzles be in cardboard boxes or will they be packaged in something else? I think it would be a cool idea to, for example, pack them in cloth bags and maybe have something like an outside pocket or a cardboard envelope to protect the cards that come with the puzzle (assuming the cards aren't already made of something sturdier than regular paper). It would solve the storage problem I usually have with regular puzzles - they always come in cardboard boxes that are like 3x higher than they need to be, which means I'd be able to store 3x as many puzzles on the same shelf if the packaging was just designed a bit more efficiently.

    33. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Thank you Caroline!! I’m so glad to hear you like the puzzles!

      Yes, this is absolutely possible! There’s a little blurb to this effect in the FAQ; here’s how it works:

      Add up the total price of all the puzzles you’d like and pledge that amount. Select one of the puzzles you want as your reward tier. After the campaign I will send out a survey that asks you to name the other puzzles you want! It’s a bit clumsy but it allows you to get exactly which puzzles you want without me having too many reward tiers.

      Additionally! I can only offer Code Breakers as a freebie to “full set” backers, but since you’re outside the US, I can give you a break on shipping! We both save money when I ship puzzles as a bundle instead of one at a time. I’m about to send you a message through KS that gives you the amount to add for shipping these puzzles to Belgium!

      (If anyone else outside the U.S. is interested in getting more than one puzzle, please reach out! I will calculate the actual postage to your country so you don’t need to pledge more for shipping than is necessary!)

    34. Caroline Kerstens on

      Brilliant idea! I love puzzles as well, but just like you I grew a bit bored with the pieces all being the same shape and the only reward being that you get to see the picture that's already on the front of the box. Looking forward to solving a puzzle that makes the journey into the goal.

      Is it possible to add a few pledge reward tiers where you can select two or three puzzles (and maybe get the Code Breakers as a bonus)? I'm sort of missing a step between one puzzle and the pledge tier where you get all puzzles. I like all of the bigger ones (Cirkusu, La Plage and Ozuzo) and think the Code Breakers are really cute, but I'm not that interested in the two smaller puzzle sets (Lucharàn and Biurko).

    35. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Thank you so much Karen! Yes that's absolutely right! The "full set" backers will get every unlocked stretch goal. Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes!! :)

    36. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Do the "all 5 puzzles"-backers count for the individual stretch goals as well? I would love to have all the stuff (and including the harde riddles...)
      Oooh, I so want this to KS to work , I am a huge puzzle-lover and adore the way to be let down by the results usually. Great work you are doing!

    37. Rachel Happen Creator on

      Ah, thank you so much RiTides!! I spent a lot of time refining the production process to make sure I could produce puzzles that matched my vision! It's wonderful to hear that that effort shows! :)

    38. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      You make a very convincing presentation! I use a laser cutter and am amazed at the prototypes you've shown here, they look excellent and far from typical laser cut pieces. It's obvious you're passionate about this idea, and I am glad to chip in to hopefully help make it a reality =)

    39. Keith McNeil

      Same here! I've had a great time working on the video puzzles, and I'm definitely looking forward to the tactile treat of wood between my fingerpads, and the artistic anticipation of Rubixing these cubes (so to speak) into exquisite creations.

    40. PGV on

      Now that I've backed this, my hands and eyes can hardly wait to play with them!