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Megan to the Joy here. I made the top ten of American Idol season 8. I wrote 23 neat songs. I need a little $ to finish my album :)


So I never thought being a musician was a real possibility for me. I was just going to be a mom. Then MY mom forced me to audition for American Idol two seasons ago. I laughed at this. Then laughed AND cried when I found myself in the top ten finalists. I went on the American Idols live tour. I came home and realized I had a shot at being a mom that provides for her singing. Miraculous :)  I had incredible people wanting to work with me so I spent a year writing and recording 23 of my own original songs. Who knew I could write more than journal entries? I then spent many months "Label Shopping". It wasnt cool. But I need money to finish the recordings then mix and master, so I met with every major label around. I have the need to control my time, music and money being a mom. Labels have the need to control my time, music and money being money grubbing suits. It didnt work out for either of us. Then I was recently shown Kickstarter. DING DING DING. 

The bottom line....

Sharing my words and voice wasnt even my choice, its my fate. I HAVE to share. My songs come from my heart (cheesy, goll I know, but true) I will never try to be someone Im not and Im very proud of that. Someone Im not is a rich woman. I need $15,000 for the following:

*To hire musicians to re-record 7 of my original songs

*Rent studio space


*To mix and master the songs

*To prep for releasing the EP (photoshoot, art, duplication,packaging) 

*And to hook you fine folks up for helping me out :) 


Thank you for taking the time to read and watch. THANK YOU A MILLION TRILLION TIMES IF YOU PLEDGE EVEN A TINY BIT.... I promise it will be worth it. Please feel free to further investigate the inner workings of Megan "Tilly bomb" Joy:!/meganjoysings


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    Seriously, thank you! I owe you a hug.

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    Digital Download of EP

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    Signed Hard Copy of the EP + Digital Download

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    Limited Print Megan Joy T-shirt of your choice, Megan Joy Sticker of your choice + ABOVE

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    Hand-written, personalized letter on a lovely full-sized Megan Joy Poster + ABOVE

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    5 High Quality, 8x11 limited edition Prints from the EP Photoshoot (which I will hand write the lyrics to 5 of the songs on the back) AND your name included inside the EP thank yous + ABOVE

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    Acoustic cover song of your choice, which I will make a video for AND I will call you personally to get those details, THANK YOU LIKE CRAZY, listen to any life stories you might feel like sharing + ABOVE

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    My Beautiful, special, Copperphone Mic, that I loooove and will be using to record the EP (plus candid pictures of me using it) PLUS ABOVE :))

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