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Megan to the Joy here. I made the top ten of American Idol season 8. I wrote 23 neat songs. I need a little $ to finish my album :)
Megan to the Joy here. I made the top ten of American Idol season 8. I wrote 23 neat songs. I need a little $ to finish my album :)
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Alright guys. Heres whats happened...... I have been told by countless amounts of people (in Hollywood) That my songs are too inconsistent to be together on an album. This was told to me over and over again after I finished about 15 songs and met with almost every major label around (about a year and a half ago) So I got stuck in that thought..... although I have NEVER agreed with it. Why do artists need to pick a genre and stay in it? Why in the world would people want an album where every song sounds the same? I dont get it. My recent management was also fearful of my EP having to broad a range of songs. Thats why I was so convinced that I needed to re-record my songs with the same 4 musicians to make it consistent. So I spent over $3,000.00 of the $17,000.00 (after fee's were taken out) to go to LA for a week and try re-recording 3 of my songs. There were super cool things about it and not so cool things. One thing was the nightmare of trying to coordinate schedules with 5 people, and find a reasonable cost for their contributions. Once we were in the studio I was beyond happy to just be working again and that was great but it was hard to get the musicians to connect with the tones and themes of the songs. They are pretty emotional songs :) everyone was talented and I loved being around amazing people but I didnt know quite how I felt about it all. until TWO WEEKS later when I finally got the songs back (that felt like a real long time to wait for a rough mix) Two of the songs turned out beautiful and I was happy about them but they were my two songs that needed to be re-built regardless of the EPs direction. The 3rd song was a major fail..... Sweet Love. Take a listen on Youtube if you havent...... That song is NOT getting any better. I am so proud of the original, its beautiful and touching and I poured my heart and soul into the first version and i think it shows. After stewing over this for weeks and going in circles with everyone around me I have come to believe that the rest of my songs are not going to get any better either. some of them need a tweak here and there but mainly I love them. As is. SO Im down to the wire. I have a little over $9,000.00 left of your incredibly generous pledge moneys (after the over $3,000.00 spent on re-recording, the $5,000.00 that will be spent fulfilling your pledges and the close-to $1,000.00 of fees) If I were to continue re-recording I would end up in debt with no money left to officially release the EP and Im willing to bet I would be disappointed with the new versions. SO I have finally decided to spend the remaining money working closely with a mixing engineer. For a week we will go through all the songs one by one and tweak what needs tweaking then mix and master all of them!!! After coming to this final idea I also decided to add 2 more songs to the project!!! WOOOOOO!!! So you will now get a 9 song EP!!!! Why force my songs into a box? I am who I am. Hopefully people are a fan of my voice and personality....... I will always make lots of different music but me and my voice will never change :) Things you can count on forever. I have the week of Nov14th scheduled to start working with my brilliant mixer. If all goes well we will finish completely this month!! AND WE WILL. The goal is set and Im going to conquer it. Then I will get all the merch you guys ordered made, and everything else I promised. My second goal is to have all your pledge items and songs sent to you by x-mas (minus the EP itself, I will FOR SURE release it first of January and you guys will get it first thing!!!)  I CANT WAIT!!!! Everything feels on the right track and Im happy again :)

Recap of schedule:

*Work on songs in two weeks

*Work on Album art and have it decided on by Dec

*Finish Songs by Dec

*Have all pledge items completed and sent by xmas

*Have the EP finished and packaged by end of Dec

*Release the EP early early January!!!!!!

The reason I dont release the EP in Dec is kind of complicated but basically if you plan on releasing an album around christmas you need to be prepared and have places and promotion reserved in itunes and other sources months in advance. 

Thanks SO MUCH for your continued patience and encouragement. All of your messages keep me going and keep my face smiling. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... FINALLY!!!!! 2012 you are my friend, I just know it :) HAPPY NOVEMBER EVERYONE!!! xoxooxoxox 

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    1. Craig Solomon on

      Hello, been about a month since your last post, any updates?

    2. Missing avatar

      LeJ on

      I'm so happy that you gave us some info about the EP. It's so cool that you want to keep us informed :)
      I'll wait as long as it takes to have your EP. About the jerks in LA, forget about them, you make music, you are a true artist, and great things will hapen to you, cause you deserve it. Your voice and music can reach places where a major label can't: people's heart. And I'm a huge fan and I'm in Brazil, so i bet you have fans ho support you all around the world.


    3. Missing avatar

      Corkey B (Glambert3672) on

      Megan: Thank you for keeping us informed. Don't worry about what they said in LA. Stay true to yourself and your project. We patiently wait for the final product because we know it's going to be great. I'm really looking forward to the EP. Rock on, girl.

    4. Gary Rogers on


      My master once left me a little wisdom. You should live life (exhausted). This is how you know that the path chosen is the one you should be on. Stay true to what brought you to this point and as always the result will be astronomical.

    5. Amanda Kelly on

      I think you're so right to go with your gut! Why do a recording independently just to follow someone elses rules??? I love your voice & am really looking forward to hearing whatever you put together.

    6. Nancy Mattice on

      Hey, I TOTALLY AGREE! There is way too much input from everyone in the music business, and the artist gets overshadowed. Songs come out sounding over-produced and lack any real feeling. As for having a consistent sound- well,some albums are like a story- they have a theme . But others are like buffet table with all kinds of yummy stuff, and you want to eat it all. I'm excited to here what comes from YOUR heart and mind. : )

    7. Deborah Huss on

      I agree, go with your gut, trust your instincts, and then don't worry about it.

    8. Beth Bowers on

      Studio execs are idiots. Said the same thing about Adam Lambert's album and it sold plenty. Trust your instincts - we like variety!!!!! (Never thought much of you on AI but your stuff since has impressed me so much I donated.)

    9. h0mezfoo on

      i'll wait as long as it takes. :) I REALLY like what you've released, so I can't wait to hear what else you've got. :)

    10. Mark Cento on

      Yeah... I pledged because I believe in YOU and YOUR talent and range, not the ability of some engineer to make pop music out of something profound. Sure, there is probably a "method" to making a hit cd that advertises to the sheeple who wouldn't know good music if it hit them in the ears... but I feel like doing what makes you happy is more important to the project. It is YOUR project after all. I personally prefer to hear a wide variety of music on the same cd, and have a tremendous amount of respect for artists who can actually accomplish this. I'm looking forward to hearing this album in the way you intended it to sound.

    11. Samantha on

      I'm glad you're sticking to your guns and going with your music, your way. Sweet Love is indeed perfect as is... can't wait to hear what else you've done! Good luck! :)

    12. Craig Wiper on

      Wonderful! Thanks for the update.
      I'm glad you're following your heart and producing what YOU want, not necessarily what someone else thinks you should do!! Take all the time you need. And, most of all, ENJOY what you're doing. I'm just thrilled to be able to help you make 'your' music, Megan. Good luck!! ;>}

    13. LeelaST on

      Thought of what Adam L. said about having a CD of identical songs - boring! As long as it's you singing I'll listen to anything! Love your voice, your songs, you! Can't wait for January - it will be amazing!