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A young man is confronted by a businessman on a normal day and is offered to pay him $10,000 or to take his mother's life

I know I hit my minimum goal of $300, but any additional help is crucial! Please help me if you're able to! A camera rental alone is $200! Also, Hit play above ^^ if you want to see me talk about it!


I'm asking for money to help make this film. It's something that I've really wanted to do and I've been planning for a while. What does it go into?

1. Permits. Sucks, I know.

2. Food for the actors (2) and my crew (6). They're working for free, so I need good food. Everyone want's good food, right?

3. A payment/gift to the owner of the apartment I'm shooting at. Everyone likes a nice gift, right?

4. A bounce board. I won't have lights so it's the only light control I'll have.

^ Something simple like that. Yeah, simple still costs money.


What happens if it goes over?

Better food, better gift, a little more gear for the film. Win all around!


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    Personal thanks from me, and a link to the film the second it's completed with your name in the credits

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    The above and a line below to advertise anything you want.

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    The above as a "special thanks" outside of the credits. Your name and line below individually after the film. I'll also mail you a DVD copy.

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    Yeah, thank you so much! Just let me know what you want in the credits. I'll make it happen. You get ultimate special thanks. Aaaaand a copy of the film on DVD with a thank you message from me! SUPER EXCLUSIVE!

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    You get all the above but instead of just a special thanks, you get listed as an Executive Producer and your company is listed as a special thanks! Also, you'll get a bunch of random things with the DVD. Maybe stickers or a really cool business card.

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