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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 16 2013 6:59 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $18,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 16 2013 6:59 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Bryan Behl

      Any word on a relaunch?

    2. Bryan Behl

      Ok. Now I can say that the art looks amazing!

    3. Bryan Behl

      Just saw that bit about the art being unofficial. Too bad, but I'm sure you'll continue to bring great art when the time comes.

      Also, I was wondering what you thought about a 3 player variant in the form of a triangle. I could actually see it two ways: 1. Three castles with three roads, one leading to each opponent's castle, i.e. there would be two paths coming from each player's castle. 2. Three roads leading to a central point, i.e. there would only be one path from each castle, but once troops got to the central point their controller could choose which fork, and thereby which opponent, to try and attack. This could get crazy as units from all three armies could be present. I think that is really cool.

      Of course both of these would require an extra castle and more terrain (which hopefully wouldn't be an issue assuming the special terrain packs are still stretch goals...or add ons maybe?), but it would allow for three players and bring a whole new slew of tactical decisions. Just a thought.

    4. Bryan Behl

      What a great update! The art is great. Glad to see this relaunched.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Dixon on

      I just started creating a digital prototype in Unity. Should be done relatively quickly and this should help people see how the game plays and try it out without having to use the Print and Play. This should greatly help in getting people to support the game and get beta test feedback before we re-launch the funding effort. If you guys are not already doing so, bookmark our website www.gigaloth.com so that you will know when the digital one goes live! Thank you all! --Mark@gigaloth

    6. Roger Hicks

      Love the new tagline Chris - much more descriptive of the game. I know you asked me about a name change back when we got together to demo the game and I've thought about it since then and tend to agree that you might be able to better capture the feel of the game with a new name. I like Kingdom Blitz.

    7. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      Thank you for the comments and input everyone. I've updated the tagline and title at least for the last few days here, so let's see what we're able to pull in.

      I really appreciate everyone's input so far! We're continuing to work on ideas to make the project more appealing.

    8. Bryan Behl

      @Not Dead Yet - Thanks. It is exactly what I imagine the game to be. I hope it is helpful.

    9. Not Dead Yet Games on

      @Bryan- I really like your description text.

    10. Missing avatar

      Keith Jacobi on

      I realize this is late in the game and mostly repeating what others have said, but I agree that the name needs a rework. One of my friends constantly told me to look at this and give to the kickstarter. He would tell me the name and try to describe the game, but all I really got out of it was tug of war with cards. It just didn't sound appealing. Finally, they had be look at the game and it seems like a great game. Moral of the story I like the sound of Kingdom Blitz.

    11. Bryan Behl

      @Chris - Glad you understand. I greatly look forward to this project's success.

      Kingdom Blitz is pretty nice - communicates warring factions plus the tension and urgency of a blitz offensive. That plus the image (or maybe the one on the BGG so people don't immediately recognize it - http://bit.ly/JcC74u) will create a realm fantasy battle feel.

      The description/tagline will be just as important. If the name changes, I'd leave out the tug-o-war mechanic and talk of momentum. I'm a sucker for theme, so take this for what it's worth, but I would try something like:

      Lead a warband of fantastic (fantasy?) creatures infused with the power of the elements in a full on assault against your enemy's castle in this lane defense/MOBA style card game. But be wary, your opponent has marshaled his/her own forces toward that same end. Only the most cunning and adaptable will be triumphant in this easy to learn, difficult to master blitz to rule the kingdom!

      Probably too long, but something like that, in my opinion, could be helpful to draw people in.

    12. Not Dead Yet Games on

      I second "Kingdom Blitz" as being an awesome name.

      I'll confess that I saw mention of this campaign several times before reading the Board Game Quest preview. Initially I was turned off by the name and the use of "Momentum" in the game description. It sounded like the game was about Fantasy Tug of War and that wasn't very appealing to me.

      When I read the BGQ preview and learned what the game was really about I got excited enough to come back the project. I really like the variable player power aspect of the different races and the variability of combining different races with different magic elements. I also really like the lane combat in a board game idea.

      I think reconsidering the name and how the game is presented are both good ideas. The digital demo is also a great idea. I hope this insight has been helpful.

    13. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Don "Kingdom Blitz" is a great one.

    14. Don Riddle

      i'd say too close. how about "Kingdom Blitz"? what are your thoughts on "Mash Champions"?

    15. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Bryan: Oh no, not offensive at all! I saw the comments on BGG. I appreciate any and all comments simply because we are dedicated to making the game, but also constantly improving upon not only the game itself, but the Kickstarter project. If you are in the design business (in any field), you better be able to take constructive criticism. I don't see any "negative" or "critical" comments as insults. For example, I don't see it the same as telling your wife to get on the treadmill because her muffin top is out of control. :)

      @Don "Castle Crushers"? Too close to "Castle Crashers", or just close enough? Hmmm...

    16. Don Riddle

      Smash Epic? Duel Lords? Border Brawl? Joust Jam? Mash Champions?

    17. Bryan Behl

      @Chris - I hope my comments regarding the name did not come off as offensive or harsh. That was never my intention. I was only trying to share my thought process as to why it took me so long to check out the project in the first place. I backed it as soon as I actually looked it over. It is so cool. This game is your creation. I would never presume to tell you what to do with it. I will gladly help however I can. Thanks for putting yourself and your creation out there. I can't wait for this to go right and see all you have in store.

    18. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      What does everyone think about the name "Tug O' Lords"? We've received mixed comments from a number of different people about the name. If you HAD to rename it, what would you call it?

    19. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Not Dead Yet: thanks! Board Game Quest did a great job with the review of the game.

    20. Not Dead Yet Games on

      I just found this on a Board Game Quest preview today and it looks really cool! I'd like to see this take off and hit the funding goal.

    21. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Bryan we definitely are working on getting a new gameplay video up with two-lane combat, and probably even a 2v2 game. Those are some good ideas for BGG. For whatever reason, my image submissions (cards, playtesting photos, concept art, etc.) have been getting denied on BGG lately, so I'll have to keep trying.

    22. Bryan Behl

      You could also post the gameplay video on BGG and/or shoot a new one showing how intense the 2 lane system can be. This project has been mentioned a lot of places, so a good presence on BGG will be helpful when people come looking.

    23. Bryan Behl

      I like the rules adjustment, although I imagine the single lane will still be an option in the rule book since it might be easier for first time players.

      Obviously we need to get the word out on this project more, so I'll try sharing it on facebook, posting on BGG, etc. What also might be helpful to get a little boost is to release some items (terrain, castles, or complete decks) as add ons. This will encourage the 79 of us already on board to pledge more, which should give us some momentum. Just my thoughts.

      Finally, I don't know if this would work, but fantasy frontier released one new image each day on BGG and sent out an update once it was posted asking people to thumb the picture (and comment if they had the time, since that helps a lot too). It got them on the hotness which did help with funding. Not sure if 79 people is enough to make this happen, but it could work. Maybe start with the updated cards indicating passive and active abilities.

    24. Thomas Prentice on

      We need more backers ahhhhhh

    25. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      We were playing Tug O' Lords at Ruby Tuesdays last night. Needless to say, we got a few questions. :)

    26. Thomas Prentice on

      @giles playmats would be nice as a extra price add-on but it would be to expensive I get custom playmats for most of my games they are nice to have

    27. Thomas Prentice on

      I love the wind/knights except most of the time I come having to hold cyclones back instead of using them @giles

    28. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Bryan League of Legends is the most played game in the world, and is a MOBA-influenced game. There's bound to be some popular forums around for LoL to spread the word about Tug O' Lords. Looks like I know what I'm doing the next couple days!

    29. Bryan Behl

      I pretty much don't play video games anymore in favor of board games. As such, I'm out of touch with the MOBA community that might be most interested in a table top version of one of their favorite types of video games. Are there good places to post about this game to alert them to it. They already like this genre; this game simply has a different medium.

    30. Jascha Frei on

      So for everyone that has tried the PnP version of Tug O' Lords, what is your favorite creature-magic combination? What do you like about it and what strategy do you try to employ?
      Fire Knights are a personal favorite of mine because of the control that you have over where your creatures are on the map through the Knight abilities. With the fire deck it's possible to eliminate serious threats through the retreat card or just blowing them up with a fireball. And if that weren't enough, being able to double all of your damage output at a critical moment can really turn the tide. Lots of versatility there...

    31. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Chris: fair point....I'd prefer extra content in the form of extra cards, especially terrain &castles that influence play (rather than a play mat)...although I might consider a mat as an add-on

    32. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Giles It had crossed our mind at one point. I'd like to keep additional content adding directly to the gameplay variety by adding cards (such as new decks, terrain, castles, etc). The mat would be a nice touch, though I'd have to see if enough people are interested.

    33. Both Sides of My Table on

      @chris: any plans for a thematic playmat/series of mats (at least for the single lane gameplay option)?

    34. Bryan Behl

      @Chris - I am totally with you. I was just demonstrating how uncreative I was being by thinking that two lanes = two full lanes without ever stopping to think about one lane that branches. That's why you are the designer - better ideas, for which I am grateful. Also, the branching allows for some sneaky combos with knockback or retreat. You can use them on your own creatures to defend the castle or have your units jump back so they can switch lanes. It just opens up so many possibilities. I can't wait for this game.

    35. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Bryan: two lanes leading directly into the castle would definitely make it harder to defend the castle, and middle control paramount.

      I personally liked the single lane castle entrance simply because it allows you to "goalie" your castle just enough to be strategic, but not enough to be unfair. It also forced creatures with 2 movement to commit to a lane on their first turn of movement from the castle, which is kind of a double-edged sword.

      We'll likely include multiple "map" variants in the optional rules regardless, it's just a matter of determining what should be the standard setup. :)

    36. Bryan Behl

      Oh well, I can't get it to post right, hopefully it is somewhat understandable.

    37. Bryan Behl

      Ok well that map did not work. Let's try again:

      3 6
      / \ / \
      C - 1 4 7 - C
      \ / \ /
      2 5

    38. Bryan Behl

      Just read the update. I was thinking about just having 2 full lanes that led to the castle, but after seeing your design (which makes a ton more sense anyway), I think that is the way to go. I'm even more excited to try it now! I will try different variations with my friends varying the number of terrain cards (one guy suggested two paths that crossed in the middle, which would require a minimum of 7 cards), which is easy enough to do with PnP. His design would look something like:

      / 3 \ / 6 \
      C - 1 4 7 - C
      \ 2 / \ 5 /

      Still has traffic problems, but does create an intense fight for the middle. I'll let you know if we come up with something else.

      I'm currently backing the The King's Armory as well (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwrot/the-kings-armory-the-tower-defense-board-game-0). I may try to use the PnP map tiles from that to establish the lanes and create the space between them. It may help or it may just complicate the whole thing. I'll let you know.

    39. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Bryan Thanks for reigniting the idea! You can see what we tried in the new update. It was absolutely a blast.

    40. Bryan Behl

      Super excited about the updated PnP. Will get some people together to try the multi-lane battle as soon as I can. Thanks for making it a possibility!

    41. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      The link for the new PnP is in update #6

    42. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      Just updated the print and play to include the basic castle and terrain cards. Some notes on the print and play:

      -Why yes, the castles are using the Produce Wars castle. I'm glad you noticed!

      -I included an extra page of terrain cards at the end. Why?

      Because I saw Bryan's comment down there and realized there's no reason why Tug O' Lords couldn't be played on a multi-lane battefield! We actually experimented with this early in the design process, but never went back to the idea. Coincidentally, my brother called me today and said he wanted to test multiple lane combat.

      Right now, the hand limit and deploy limit are optimized for the single lane game, but there's no reason why we couldn't experiment here, especially with 2v2 games. The extra page of terrain cards is so that people can print out those cards and try it out if they'd like (otherwise, don't print that page).

      If you do end up trying this out, please post about it! I'm going to test it sometime in the next day or two hopefully.

    43. Thomas Prentice on

      Can't wait for the castle and terrain I have been using the smash up cards and planeswalkers from mtg for it it would be nice to have the original stuff for Monday

    44. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @Lai 2.5x3.5 inches are the card size

      Thank you for the support everyone! Let's keep making that push towards 100 backers!

      We're going to try and get a new gameplay video done sometime this week, maybe a 2v2 because I personally think the game is REALLY fun with 4 people :)

    45. Thousandone (1001) on

      Hi, what are the card size for this game?

    46. Thomas Prentice on

      Can't wait for Monday so I can show this game off to my board game meet up group

    47. Ryan Erichsen on

      Agreed this game is looking better and better the more i read into it!! We all need to do our part however and spread the word around whether it is to friends and co-workers or simply posting something on facebook. Lets be sure this game gets to its full potential.

    48. Bryan Behl

      This game looks great. The stretch goals look attainable. I'm really excited about unlocking some of those terrain tile so I can try a game with multiple lanes. And of course, unlocking more decks is going to make the game even greater.

    49. Don Riddle

      So glad to see this AWESOME project is back and EVEN BETTER!! woo hoo!!

    50. Chris Dixon 2-time creator on

      @JC Thank you!

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