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The popular western webcomic, PLUME comes to an end! Get the completed series in this exclusive omnibus edition.
The popular western webcomic, PLUME comes to an end! Get the completed series in this exclusive omnibus edition.
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1000+ rewards - almost all packed and ready to go! Enamel pin sneak peek!

Posted by K.lynn (Creator)

Dear Plumers,

Hello, to all of you waiting on your Plume rewards to arrive! This is an update from Team V&C at Devil’s Due central.

We want to thank all of you who are still waiting for your patience as we undertake this, our biggest Kickstarter campaign yet. We’re writing to let you know that we are in the process of packing your books & rewards (about 1000+ packages), and everything should be out the door within a couple of weeks if not sooner. A small group of straggling items are being signed this weekend by K Lynn Smith when she visits us in Chicago for ACE Comic Con. The last items on our list, the enamel pins, have arrived, and boy do they look snazzy!

Wait until you get ahold of these 500 page monsters!*

- Team V&C

*We do not accept any responsibility for bookshelves crumbling under the weight of the Plume Omnibus.

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    1. K.lynn 7-time creator on

      Hi all! There is still a batch of international rewards that need to go out.

      If anyone would prefer their package to ship after the holiday or if you know you'll be moving and need to update your address, please DM us as soon as possible!

    2. Claus Hemmingsen on

      Still Missing mine too?

    3. Mónica N. Galván on

      I'm still waiting my copy =( any info about it or it got lost?

    4. Angus Ladyman-Palmer

      I'm new to Plume and keen to see how the story unfolds.

      I was just wondering if there is any new information about how the shipping is going?


    5. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      @klynn thank you for responding! Sorry it took me a while, my app decided not to notify me you responded. This is probably going to sound very stupid but I can't find how to send a DM (I knew I was bad with technology, but honestly this is a new low for me). How do I do that?

    6. Mimi on

      Nevermind I found it! Sorry!

    7. Mimi on

      Hi there, sorry if this is a really obvious or stupid question but were the links for the digital downloads already sent out?

    8. K.lynn 7-time creator on

      @Katherine - Send us a DM and we'll be able to update your address for you there! Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      Hi, I'm super excited about the omnibus, but I've had some rather sudden life changes. Who do I need to contact if I need to do a very late change in address?