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"PB&J" : an epic short film!'s video poster

A manic & work starved PB&J sandwich factory owner hastily accepts an order for one million sandwiches to be delivered the same day! MADNESS ensues. Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on October 17, 2010.

A manic & work starved PB&J sandwich factory owner hastily accepts an order for one million sandwiches to be delivered the same day! MADNESS ensues.

New York, NY Shorts
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Fury Young
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Fury Young

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Petey Boyle, work-starved owner and founder of "PB&J Inc.", has grown sick of slow business, high taxes, and lazy employees. While venting in his office one afternoon he receives a call from a local lemonade stand requesting one million triangular treats ready to serve later that day! Boyle hastily accepts and kicks his factory into high gear as the tall order goes through the works. Our sandwich tycoon cranks the million out successfully and delivers... only, did our manic hero overlook a certain detail?

We are BUILDING a MINIATURE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY FACTORY at a 1/12 to life scale. We will be shooting this CARTOONISH COMEDY with live action actors on a green screen and compositing them within the miniature

WHY "PB&J"?!
Writer/Director Brian Goodwin is an artist and an artisan looking to learn a new technique. By trade an Art Director and carpenter, BG is pushing himself by experimenting with live action actors composited into fabricated miniatures. We hope to benefit the arts in this sense, by taking the age old concept of miniature building (dating back to the earliest films like "A Trip to the Moon", family classics; "The Wizard of Oz", to the dark cities of Tim Burton's "Batman"), and giving it new life and energy in the modern day world of excessive CGI animated films.

"PB&J", being a cartoonish comedy, appeals to the child in us all drinking milk and cookies on a weekend morning glued to Looney Tunes, while expanding to the creative adult viewer. Fans of Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, the early Disney films down to the new Pixars, will find themselves digested into the world of "Pb&J".

Writer/director: Brian Goodwin - imdb: personal:
Collaboration of Sets & Effects LLC. The fabricators of large corporate events (Heineken, Microsoft, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Old Navy, Hennessey, Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival) will donate their waste material MDF (medium-density fiberboard, engineered wood product) in order to build the miniature materials. In addition, they have allowed us use of materials and space in their 3,000 square foot wood shop located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Director of Photography: Union electrician Chris Heikel imdb:
A crew of talented film industry professionals who are donating their time to make this film happen.

Along with running "PB&J" through the festival circuit, producer Fury Young has created a distribution strategy to deliver the film to the masses. This plan includes using vital industry contacts to approach organizations such as IFC and PBS. Young's latest film "Pridgen", which he directed and produced, was picked up as part of a compilation DVD for FOUND magazine, set to be released this fall in conjunction with the publication's "Film Givers" project in association with This American Life. Utilizing the hype from currently successful Do-It-Yourself distribution trends, Fury will also implement a series unique intimate screenings of "Pb&J" throughout North America.

For more information:

Thank you! Grazie! Danke! Kiitos! Obrigado! Gracias! Merci!
Fury Young
producer "PB&J"


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