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AU$ 146 pledged of AU$ 25,000 goal
By Chris
AU$ 146 pledged of AU$ 25,000 goal


What do you get?

Apart from joining one of the fastest growing movements in the world, for your investment you will receive one of our most popular shirts, The Rustic. This high quality shirt will come in your choice of colour (Black/Navy/Charcoal) and comes gift wrapped with a card inside. 

The Rustic
The Rustic


What is Old Man Strength about?

We all get older and when we do, things change around us. Our kids get older, our friends get older, and we feel different pressures on us. Some things never change though. The drive for strength and power that makes us men never changes. That deep seated urge to continue to strive for the top and to beat ourselves and our limitations doesn’t change. If anything that fires burns a little brighter, a little more richly, requires a little less kindling to get going.

Years of training and experience have brought you to where you are today, that strong old bull still mixing it with the best, never giving an inch, replacing youthful enthusiasm with a desire to stay where you need to in order to get on top and stay on top. Strength is not an option when you get older – it is a prescription for survival.

We understand why this is important. Its why our team at Old Man Strength have designed a range of apparel which represents who you are and who you need to be. A team that is familiar with what it takes to keep coming back time and time again, beyond pain, beyond injury, beyond life’s limitations and beyond what people think is possible.

Anyone can be fit. Be old man strong.

Why Kickstarter?

We have delivered a range of apparel in our first 12 months of operations and in the process have developed a growing community of like minded individuals who subscribe to the values we have outlined. Our apparel is currently worn all over the world however we want to grow the community and let the Old Man Strength movement be known.

What are the funds for?

We have established supply contracts with our textiles supplier which has been in place since we commenced operations. We underwent a rigorous quality and testing phase with a number of suppliers to ensure quality and value was achieved as this underpins everything we do. The funds will be used to place a higher volume order but more importantly providing us with the ability to continue to communicate our message and grow the community.

Risks and challenges

We understand there is always a risk in investing in a start up however our case is slightly unique.

Our supply chain is streamlined with supply contracts with our textiles supplier and logistics provider to ship Internationally already in place. This ensures there is almost zero risk to an investor in our project. Should we reach, or exceed, our goal we will place the order with our suppliers and expedite these to our investors as soon as they are available.

We have 12 months of track record in ordering and delivering quality products to our customers and we want you to join the community and become part of the movement.

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    Old Man Strength Rustic shirt

    Limited edition Old Man Strength rustic shirt shown in the photo. This is a great shirt which reflects membership of our community and can be worn with pride

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