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Armed with dirty jokes and a single hot plate, Hand to Mouth teaches you how to cook cheap, delicious meals on a budget.




*** UPDATE!!!***

We've raised almost $10,000 with a little less than a week left!  WE LOVE YOU INTERNET!  To celebrate we're holding LIVE EVENTS all week!  Come hang out with us!  Schedule is below.

We can't wait to get started on the new and improved Hand to Mouth!  With your help we can hit some really exciting stretch goals and reward ALL of our backers! 

***End Update****

Two years ago, Marque Franklin-Williams started a cooking show with a bag of rice, a James Ashby, and a single hotplate. The idea was simple - to show that no matter what your income level, you CAN cook for yourself. 

Also, to take any opportunity to make a dirty joke.

Since then, Hand to Mouth has taught broke college kids everywhere smart, healthy ways (and the occasional indulgence...) to prepare a wide variety of meals, including lentil soup, fried rice and some kinda... Chinese-y pasta thing. And now it's time to do more.

The brand new season of Hand to Mouth will feature even more delicious recipes, from cheesy chicken to roasted brussel sprouts to the ever-classy tilapia filet, all couched in the show's usual brand of irreverent comedy. Funds will go directly to the production, providing film equipment, cooking supplies, ingredients AND pay for the skilled and talented crew working behind the scenes to make this the best season of Hand to Mouth EVER.

With the help of the Kickstarter community, Hand to Mouth will be able to show viewers that eating healthy and cooking for yourself isn't difficult or intimidating. If two idiots with a hot plate can do it, anyone can.


Hand to Mouth has been selected as one of the first productions for Youtube Space LA's new production space.  AND WE GET TO  SHOOT THREE CAMERA!  This means two things: 


2) We need your help more than ever!

We're so, SO excited to shoot Hand to Mouth in the space, but it ALSO means we need your help more than ever!  Youtube Space LA provides us with real sound stages, multicam setups, professional audio gear, professional level cameras, and tons of other equipment. This is a HUGE opportunity.  But it doesn't provide a crew or sets/props/costumes/insurance/crafty to help us make the show a reality.  We need your help to assemble a crew worthy of the opportunity, and worthy of you!


Over the course of this Kickstarter we'll be releasing 4 brand-new, never before seen episodes of Hand to Mouth at

This holiday season we'll teach you the art of eggs, meat, sandwiches, and smoothies.  These episodes represent the very best we can do with no financing. With your help we can make our new season of Hand to Mouth so much better!


We have a number of stretch goals in mind.  If we raise $7000 we'll be able to produce our longest season ever: 8 brand new, higher production value episodes of Hand to Mouth - while respecting the time and talents of our crew. If we make it past that we have a number of stretch goals to improve every episode, unlock new rewards for everyone, and help as many folks as possible with cheap, easy to make recipes that can be made on the tightest budgets. 


1) Why would a show about being broke need money?

A: Alas, youtube videos are not real life. Even the simplest production requires a DP, Director, Sound Tech, Prop Master, Art Director, Editor, Color Correctors, and more. This time we'll be shooting 3 camera, with three times the complexity. We also have to purchase all props and materials, build a set, acquire insurance, and account for wear and tear on equipment. It all adds up pretty quickly.

2) How will the show evolve thanks to the new production resources / Kickstarter?

A: Don't worry, the DNA of the show will be the same - we're still two broke jerks - but we're hoping to evolve in a number of ways! For the new season we're focusing more on specific recipees, polishing and refocusing the humor, and shooting in a much more professional style. We're very, very excited to share a polished version of this project. Also - special guests! 

3) Hand to Mouth is going to be on The Theater youtube page. Is this an SMBC Theater production?

A: No. "SMBC Theater" refers only to projects written and produced by James Ashby and Zach Weiner.  Hand to Mouth is written by Marque Franklin-Williams. However, James and Zach are very excited by the idea of the show and will contribute to it creatively.

4) If the show is for broke college kids, why the higher level donations?

A: We really love the idea of this show and we think some other folks might too.  We know a good portion of the Hand to Mouth audience can't afford much - that's why we're planning on having stretch goals that reward everyone who has donated, not just those with the most money. (Dear people with the most money, we also love you.)


Here's three classics! Thanks to Youtube Space LA and your support the next season of Hand to Mouth will be much, much more polished with a real set, professional audio, and professional-level cameras.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With any video project there are constant risks. James or Marque could be injured, delaying production. Equipment failures and hard drive crashes always lurk around the corner. Added to that, while we've had some training we've never shot a three camera show professionally - luckily we know solid people. There will be many, many challenges during this shoot. All shoots require constant attention and problem solving.

However, we have four years of low budget production experience, an established track record of performance, and - thanks to the support of our audience - we've greatly increased the depth of our talent pool over the last year and a half. Between consultants and hired crew we are very confident in our ability to execute this show.


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