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Performance Down-filled Hammock System | World's Lightest Hammock. 100% Made in USA. Designed Ultra-Light for you to explore everywhere
Performance Down-filled Hammock System | World's Lightest Hammock. 100% Made in USA. Designed Ultra-Light for you to explore everywhere
Performance Down-filled Hammock System | World's Lightest Hammock. 100% Made in USA. Designed Ultra-Light for you to explore everywhere
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chief Bad Axe 1 day ago

      Can you update status June 1 has come and gone, thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Mary Rogers on June 10

      Have the hammocks been shipped? We are heading out to the SHT this weekend and hoped to have it then.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sharon G Petway on June 3

      Good evening, Danny.
      Just wondering if you did get the hammocks shipped as you'd hoped on Friday.
      Sorry to pester, but not that much communication going on and I'm going camping again next weekend. Was hoping part of the new set up may make it in time, or if I should plan to pack my old trusty.

    4. Danny Warnock Creator on May 23

      Yes Bugnets will be going out with every hammock!

    5. Missing avatar

      Evan Miles Halden on May 23

      Thank you Danny, I appreciate the update and am still looking forward to testing out your product and being able to say you've got the best hammock system. I do have one question. When I pledged I did the ultimate pledge and I thought the bugnet was included but in looking at it now it doesn't list the bugnet so basically do I get one of those or not?

    6. Danny Warnock Creator on May 21

      Hey guys, I apologize that we haven't been more communicative. There are so many moving parts are here from designing, to sourcing, to production and more.. But I recognize that should have have been much better. But here's the scoop on delivery. We will start shipping hammocks by the end of this month. The goal is to get every Hammock shipped by June 1st so that you can use them on your summer adventures. We are still working on the blankets and tarps. But we wanted everyone to at least get their hammock. we apologize that things have taken this long. And especially apologize that we aren't yet ready to deliver the blankets and tarps. Thanks so much for supporting us and we truly believe that we are designing the best, simplest, coziest hammock gear available!

    7. Missing avatar

      Evan Miles Halden on May 21

      Please give us the expected date of shipping. I don't care if it's next week or in two months, but I really would like to get an actual firm answer at this point. I'm patient but the lack of communication from you as to the status of our product is wearing it very thin. thank you much

    8. Joe Moffatt
      on May 19

      Same can you firm delivery

    9. Missing avatar

      Sharon G Petway on May 19

      Just checking in again on progress.
      You posted in early April that you'd start shipping in a couple of weeks to the early backers. I was number 14, but still no word and we're practically halfway through May, when the original release was scheduled for March. Any word on shipping time frame?
      Or a status update on the project?

    10. Danny Warnock Creator on April 8

      Hey Backers! I apologize that the updates haven't been more frequent. But myself and the team have been working day and night to get these hammocks made. I have a couple updates I'll be posting in the next couple days. Lots of exciting stuff going on. And we will be shipping out the first batch of Superior Hammocks in just a couple weeks!

    11. Danny Warnock Creator on April 8

      On color selection, yes it was intended to reply to the email. Although, there's one more question we'll need to ask, so we'll probably set up a survey page for that instead.

    12. Joe Moffatt
      on April 6

      Still on delivery targets?

    13. Kevin A. Gutierrez on April 2

      On the color selection, were we supposed to respond to that email? or will there be a survey send later? Also what is your estimate time of delivery. I am going on a camping trip around middle of may and would like to carry this instead of my full heavy set I currently have lol
      Thank you!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Caroline on April 1

      Hey Superior Hammock Team! Hope all is going good! I havent heard anything lately and hope everything is still on track. So excited to try your product out!

    15. Missing avatar

      Sharon G Petway on March 20

      I responded to your last email about color preferences for my package. There hasn't been a confirmation email, nor any further updates about production and shipping estimates. I'm not sure if we weren't supposed to answer that email, as in you plan on sending out a survey, or what.
      Please advise.

    16. Frank Jensen on March 20

      Hey Danny, just wondering how the Superior Hammock is progressing?

    17. Danny Warnock Creator on February 25

      The rating will be 400 pounds, thanks in part to the 3-layer design, allowing the middle layer to serve two roles: supporting weight and holding in the down. This optimization is yet another advantage of our insulated hammock over an Underquilt system. Also, this design actually leads to a very open and spacious feeling hammock- not to mention the warmth of course. Thanks for the excitement! Can't wait to get these in your hands!!

    18. Kevin A. Gutierrez on February 25

      Question, how much weight can the superior hammock can support?
      I know the lite version is about 300lb.

      Looking forward to further updates, so excited to camp with this amazing product.

      Thank you!!

    19. Danny Warnock Creator on February 23

      Love seeing the enthusiasm! We will post an update very shortly. Lots of exciting things happening. Production is well underway. An email will be going out this weekend to our backers to give the color options. Stay tuned!

    20. Missing avatar

      Sharon G Petway on February 15

      I was also wondering when we'd get a more thorough update. We do seem to be left in the dark.
      For example:
      A better idea on shipping time frame?
      Color options?
      Even a sneak peek into production. I've backed other new projects and loved getting random little updates with images. It keeps the excitement going

    21. Missing avatar

      Karl Tedcastle on January 18

      Not been an update for a while! in fact not heard anything here or on Facebook.
      How is production going still looking like you will start shipping in March?

    22. Kevin A. Gutierrez on November 26, 2017

      An update would be nice. How are things going?

    23. Missing avatar

      Edward Vredenburgh on November 17, 2017

      Is there a phone number for customer service?

    24. Danny Warnock Creator on November 8, 2017

      Actually, The Superior Package comes with a bug net. All the reward tiers include a bugnet except the 'Minimalist' Packages, stand-alone Blanket and the DayLite hammock. The bug net is an open-bottom style that allows for very quick entry/exit while still effectively keeping out bugs. No Zippers to fuss with or snag!

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew Skaggs on November 8, 2017

      Any plans to release a version with attached bug net?

    26. Danny Warnock Creator on November 2, 2017

      Suspension for the DayLite, including 10 foot straps and buckles weighs just 3 ounces.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan on November 1, 2017

      How much do the suspension straps for the DayLite hammock weigh?

    28. Danny Warnock Creator on October 12, 2017

      The hammock itself weighs 36 ounces, just over 2 pounds. And the entire setup weighs just under 6 pounds! So we're talking about an extremely light/compact camping setup, and still incredible comfort.

    29. Missing avatar

      Edward Vredenburgh on October 12, 2017

      What is the total weight of the superior hammock?

    30. Danny Warnock Creator on October 10, 2017

      Yes the simplicity and speed of this hammock setup is definitely a big differentiator. No need to mess with adjusting underquilts which I was never a fan of. But also, comfort is another thing that makes the Superior stand out. Because of our 3 layer design, 2 layers are structurally supporting, leading to a stronger, more durable hammock. And the comfort, flatness and 'openness' is also greatly enhanced. Add in the 800 fill down with no cold spots or cold drafts, and the comfort in several aspects really is incredible.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ballpark on October 10, 2017

      I am a bit confused. You can get all of the components from a cottage vendor for around $550 with a weight around 81 ounces for a 20 degree setup. Are we paying for convenience?

    32. Danny Warnock Creator on October 10, 2017

      Hi Ballpark, Yes it's designed for an excellent diagonal lay!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ballpark on October 10, 2017

      Can you lay diagonally? Most of your video images show the person laying inline with the suspension? What is the width of the hammock material, and does the under quilt allow for a diagonal lay?