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An Urban Farm in the middle of a Strip Mall Parking Lot.
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146 backers pledged $16,440 to help bring this project to life.

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We've accomplished our goal.

Posted by Michele (Creator)

With the generous donations that we received this summer we have now be able to complete what we set forth to do.

Irrigation System - Our system was completed and a timing box added to it.

Market Stand -  We built the stand and sold produce that we had grown. 

Washing Station -  With it's construction complete we are now set for cleaning and prepping the produce on site.

Coolers - Instead of purchasing coolers we built a CoolBot. This turns almost any brand of off-the-shelf, window-type air conditioning unit into a turbo-charged cooling machine. It transforms an insulated room into a walk-in cooler to keep vegetables fresh and thermostatically controlled. The CoolBot will not only save us on installation and repair costs, it will also save electricity, reducing our operating costs when combined with our Energy Star air conditioning unit. Also the SIP panels used to construct the CoolBot were donated by the SIP corporation to Eighth Day Farm. We are very grateful.

Soil - Lastly we have been able to purchase the needed elements to enrich and add to our compost for such a large area.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Eighth Day Farm

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Market Stand - Up and Running!

Posted by Michele (Creator)

Eighth Day Farm has been working very hard since our kickstarter project was funded. We want all of you to see what we have been up to. We have our Market Stand built and open and have been having a lot of fun seeing our vision materialize. Thank you again for all of your support. We will send more photos of other things we are working on (ie. our washing station and cooler)

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We've reached our goal!

Posted by Michele (Creator)

"Thank you" cannot begin to say how we feel about this. We are overjoyed. 

Reaching this goal will allow us to continue with our dream of bringing whole foods grown organically to our community. 

Bless all of you for your support of us.
Eighth Day Farm

$15,465 backed and 4 days to go.

Posted by Michele (Creator)

So close. 

One more shout out to spread the word so that we can make this happen. We can't tell you how overwhelmed we are with the support we have gotten thus far. Thank you, thank you.

Within striking distance!

Posted by Michele (Creator)

We started off the week wondering how we would get to our goal of $16,000. We were at just over 5k in backers. But then on Monday the amount pledged jumped to just over 10k. To say that we were elated doesn't begin to describe the emotions here at Eighth Day Farm. 

We are now looking at an amount pledged that is a little over $11,000 and we have 7 days to go. Great things are happening, we had a rain storm last night and we are going to take that as a sign that more great things will rain down! Thanks to all of you from Eighth Day Farm.