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Chantry is releasing a 5-song EP. Help cover the costs of recording and promoting his debut musical release as a solo artist!

2012 was the most earth-shattering, metamorphic, mind-blowing year of my life.  It was full of heart-break, depression, success, change, rejection, failure, and triumph.  Fortunately, music has been there to help me keep my head through the dramatic ups and downs of the past year.  As The Cab takes a short break from touring, I have finally found the time to do what I've been needing to do for a long time: put out an official debut EP as a solo artist.

While I am still 100% a part of The Cab, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to create something that is completely my own... I wrote every bit of these songs. I produced these songs. I mixed and mastered these songs. And It feels good to finally put out a piece of work that is completely ME. 

If I were to describe the music briefly, I would call it a creative, heartfelt, and satirical pop record with a diverse range of organic sample-based sounds. (I like to think of it as the love-child of Bruno Mars and Imogen Heap.)

I am so thankful for the things I have been able to experience over the past year.  I appreciate every fan that comes to The Cab shows SO much.  I greatly appreciate those of you who have supported me as Chantry fans as well.  And I especially appreciate those of you who have stood by me through thick and thin, through failure and success, and through my darkest and happiest times of my life. Thank You.

I am asking you now to help support my dream of releasing a Chantry EP, as it has taken a lot of time and work to create. Though I recorded and produced this EP entirely on my own, there are still many expenses that come with releasing an EP.  I had to go into some debt in order to purchase the necessary software required to make the songs sound as good as they do.  Putting the songs on iTunes costs money.  So do pictures, music videos, and playing shows. My hope is that this kickstarter will allow me to do this thing right... to present a product to the world that can inspire people, make them happy, and give them hope.  

Please support this project by donating to this kickstarter page, or even just passing this page along to the people around you. I have had to take many risks to make this EP possible and I am hoping that through your support, I can continue to make and perform the music that is dearest to my heart.

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The success of this project relies on the reception of the music by the public. Check out the video at the top of this page to get a better idea of the music you are supporting. I hope it will make you a believer!


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