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From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
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    1. Altius Management Creator on

      Of course, Jason, I sent you PM.

    2. Jason Wayne Keesey on

      I don't know if I missed this somewhere, but is there a way to get the dealer button as an add-on? I am at the $25 pledge level but I wanted to upgrade to the $93 level and get a brick, but I still want the dealer button. Possible?

    3. Altius Management Creator on

      Hey Cybrasty,

      These costume jackets are very basic, yet still excellent quality. They are made for the people who want to dress up in straitjacket costume, or use straitjacket on stage. So, they are made from the highest quality fabric, but without additional amount of stitching or reinforcing. These are the best costume straitjackets on the market for the price, not some cheap disposable replicas.

      We are willing to meet your needs and add some straps for additional restraining power, just contact us. But still, this is the best possible deal for high quality straitjacket costumes on the market.

    4. Fred Bednarski on

      I was hoping they get a good bulk discount - The problem is that the costume jackets are usually very poor quality and look very fake.

    5. Joseph Le May

      It *does* say "costume straitjacket," so don't get your hopes up. Also, a real straitjacket costs more than $99.

    6. Fred Bednarski on

      Do You know the quality of the jacket? I could use a good quality straight jacket (not costume quality that is)