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From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
810 backers pledged $25,146 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jo on

      yes! snagged one of the court card sketches! this is going to be a christmas present, and i'm sure he'll be thrilled to have this hanging up at home!

    2. Matt Shelton on

      I am a huge fan of this deck, mostly due to the fact I work at a state-run maximum security mental hospital. I have even gotten a few of my coworkers to back this project. I do have one complaint though, the tuck box. I don't feel it truly represents the essence of the rest of the deck. The "Maiden" looks too peaceful and calm, while the deck has more of a macabra and hysteria feel to it. Additionally, the brown color also seems wrong, as this is the only place it appears on the deck, (the cards are black/white/red.)

    3. Altius Management Creator on

      HAHAhaha, Jason, I hear ya... That poster is made from more than one sketch, so it would be really a bundle of sketches. I would think about that as a reward... :)
      Sergey, sketches are picked randomly. But believe me, each of them is unique and intriguing on its own way...

    4. Jason Lee Miller on

      @Sergey .. actually that isn't a "court card" drawing and I am certain that those of us who had already pledged for the Maiden poster would want first crack at getting that one (*hint*hint* Altius).

    5. Sergey Chernyshev

      Awesome, I rised my pledge level to cover that. How are you going to pick which one to send? I'd love to have the box design sketch if it's available! ;)

    6. Altius Management Creator on

      Hey Frankie,

      Since you pledged for one additional deck in initial "$25 reward", so it's $33 now, maybe the best solution would be to lower that pledge for $8 and purchase "$35 reward" separately, because you get one deck along with the sketch, also. So, basically that's the same like you added some money to your initial pledge, but would be less confusing for us, in shipping stage. Thanks.


    7. Frankie Ramirez on

      I'm interested in this but would I have to change my current pledge lot or can I add to my total amount