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From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
810 backers pledged $25,146 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Idan Rooze 2 days ago

      Still nothing in Israel.

    2. Creator Joe Norris on November 22

      Nothing here in Ohio.

    3. Creator Lawrence "Saker" Collins on November 16

      Not here in Florida.

    4. Creator Bastian Ochmann on November 16

      nothing here in germany

    5. Creator Henri Rantanen on November 12

      What? Some people are really receiving their rewards? I haven't received mine (I am in Finland), and I think I never will... are other people still receiving theirs?

    6. Creator Jonas "Drakurius" Runkel on November 9

      Nothing in germany

    7. Creator Philip DaCosta on October 24

      I might have a change in address from when this campaign was on. How do I check? If they email everyone asking addresses that would be easiest

    8. Creator Nick Farnworth on October 22

      Received mine :-)

    9. Creator The Card Connoisseur on October 19

      Finally got my decks today, was so surprised to receive them! Also got chips and dice that I don't remember ordering.

    10. Creator Lawrence "Saker" Collins on October 16

      Oh, nice. I'm curious to know if I need to get the prosecution ball rolling in Florida. We'll see.

    11. Creator Alexandre Valois on October 15

      Two decks and dealer button turned up at my doorstep this morning.

    12. Creator Jo on October 12

      Got my cards from the relaunch of asylum over the weekend. Still nothing from this one though...

    13. Creator Dan Ormond on October 12

      UK backer here. My two decks turned up today. Thanks very much, they really are awesome :)

    14. Creator Nick Farnworth on October 11

      Nothing in UK yet

    15. Creator Justin barber on October 8

      Hello fellow kickstarters here is a link to compare this deck to the new one that launched this year. The deck on the Right is this set and the one on the Left is the new deck from this years campaign.

    16. Creator Justin barber on October 7

      Ok just received my brick of cards and they are as promised.... Thanks Ed for coming through even if it was forced and late.

    17. Creator Alexandre Valois on October 3

      @Card Connoisseur, at this point I feel like getting attorneys involved is useless. The $54,000 lawsuit already got him scared enough that he's been shipping the rewards for the past few weeks. Therefore as long as he is fulfilling on his promise, there is no basis on which to sue.

      As further confirmation of this, I just received a PM from Ed just 10 minutes ago asking to confirm my address as he is (apparently) about to ship my rewards.

    18. Creator The Card Connoisseur on October 3

      So is anyone else going to get their state attorney's to sue this guy? Seems like he hasn't lost enough money yet or learned his lesson yet.

    19. Creator Alexandre Valois on September 26

      Just found out about the case update, popped in here and saw some people got their decks...

      Sadly, nothing for me here in Canada yet.

      I wonder why Mr. Nash wouldn't bother come here and give us an update :P

    20. Creator Justin barber on September 21

      Haven't received anything yet and I'm in MA, maybe only those that had ties to WA??

    21. Creator Knockman on September 18

      UK, and apart from one e-mail, nothing received and nothing else heard of.

    22. Creator Magnus Widqvist on September 15

      ... and still nothing in Sweden.

    23. Creator Dan Ormond on September 15

      Nothing so far in England, but I'm pleased for the backers who've received their pledges :)

    24. Creator Idan Rooze on September 13

      Nothing in Israel..

    25. Creator scott childress on September 12

      Nothing so far in Indiana...

    26. Creator Joe Kontor on September 12

      So things worked out for people in Washington. Meanwhile in Nebraska...

    27. Creator Evan Parker on September 11

      Still no deck. In WA, but I moved in 2013.

    28. Creator Jesse Fowler on September 10

      I have not received my 1 deck, and I live in California. The order in which these are being mailed out is mysterious.

    29. Creator The Card Connoisseur on September 9

      Seems like no one outside the US is getting these.

    30. Creator Alice Graham on September 9

      So some of these have actually been sent out? I am astonished, and waiting an anticipation for mine. Victoria, Australia.

    31. Creator Lauren Buxton on September 1

      Still haven't seen mine come in. Anything recent?

    32. Creator The Card Connoisseur on September 1

      Anyone else getting anything?

    33. Creator The Card Connoisseur on August 31

      So anyone in Canada or outside the US?

    34. Creator Amber Dawn Bushnell on August 24

      Mine arrived today.

    35. Creator kickstartmyheart on August 23

      Mine arrived yesterday!

    36. Creator The Card Connoisseur on August 21

      Nothing yet

    37. Creator LittleCobalt on August 20

      A bona fide miracle! The cards and dealer button arrived today! Even after the move (original from WA, maybe that makes a difference?!?),

    38. Creator Court Campion on August 12

      Holy cow, just got my 1 deck in California. Here's hoping everyone gets whats promised to them.

    39. Creator lk on August 12

      I haven't received my deck yet (in the US). Am I going to have to file a complaint with my state AG? Because I will.....

    40. Creator Tim Wyatt on August 12

      Against all expectations, received my 2 decks in Australia today. Am convinced shipping only resumed thanks to those backers who made official complaints to the relevant DA. I had no luck doing this as an international backer, so thanks to those who made the effort!

      And I hope everyone else gets their outstanding rewards soon too.

    41. Creator Magnus Widqvist on August 5

      Still waiting in Sweden ...

    42. Creator The Card Connoisseur on August 5

      Still waiting for mine in Canada

    43. Creator EvilLego on August 3

      Anybody outside of WA state get theirs? I just moved into a new house last month :/ Guessing I won't be seeing them.

    44. Creator Jon Melcher on July 31

      I got my e-mail last week and I got the deck today. Also, it was sent to an address I lived at 2 years ago. It's ... ok.

    45. Creator Jay Jones on July 31

      Anyone in England got theirs yet, ive got my fingers crossed

    46. Creator Dustin Harley Davidson on July 28

      I got mine today... at an address I lived at years ago... Luckily a friend was still living there.

    47. Creator Nullstarter on July 27

      I'm shocked.. but my 2 decks came today.

    48. Creator Chad on July 27

      Surprisingly, a deck showed up today.

    49. Creator Scott Kochenower on July 27

      I got my 1 deck.

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