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From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
810 backers pledged $25,146 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      gryffynn on April 16

      Nevermind, I did recive mine and just had misplaced the package!

    2. Missing avatar

      gryffynn on April 15

      I haven't received my deck yet. I wonder if they are still being shipped out?

    3. Sergey Chernyshev on March 29

      Got a call from some layers (twice) asking if I received my pledge, told them I did.

    4. Iván de Neymet on March 29

      Decks received in Mexico.

    5. BERARDINO SAVELLI on March 17


    6. Shane Charleson on March 16

      I'm glad you were able to fulfill these.

    7. Choa Yong Pin on March 7

      Finally got my 1 brick today, good luck to others.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daryl Jones on March 1

      Deck arrived UK. Nice but what a wait.

    9. Daniel Charleston on February 29

      Decks arrived on island today!! WOW, better late than never I would say.

    10. Missing avatar

      noface2 on February 29

      Still nothing in Romania... but any real pleasure from eventually receiving these will be minimized, knowing what this guy did to the backers, but most important, to the artist.

    11. GeeBee on February 26

      Got mine today in Italy... No comment about Mr. Ed Nash, for me 4 year of delay is simply unacceptable.

    12. Bastian Jorgensen on February 24

      Got my three decks today, finally!

    13. David Parker on February 23

      Decks and Dealer Button pledge level received in Australia. Good to see that Mr Nash is living up to his responsibility in regards to the project.
      It's just a shame that
      a) It took so long, &
      b) It had to involve court proceedings to get him to meet those responsibilities.

      There is definitely a lesson here for both creators and supporters.

    14. Julien St-Laurent on February 22

      My decks arrived today in Canada. I guess patience truly is a virtue.

    15. Richard on February 22

      I was very surprised to receive a package and inside were the Asylum cards from this project. The certificate of insanity was in pretty bad shape, but everything else looked really good.

    16. Thisfox on February 22

      Pledge fulfilled in Australia today, very impressed. Well done, I had long ago given up hope of this one. Happiness. :)

    17. John Idlor on February 19

      Received my cards today.

    18. Alexander "Xan" Kashev on February 18

      Amazingly, this Kickstarter fulfilled my pledge.

    19. Darko Zelić on February 18

      To my surprise, decks were in my mail today. (Amsterdam)
      Better late than never, I guess.

    20. Alvaro on February 17

      Deck, dice and dealer button received in Spain.
      Well, this is a certainly surprising outcome.

    21. Missing avatar

      R~ on February 16

      WoW...thought this day would never come...the deck...the extra decks...and the signed poster...a nice Valentien's present for sure...thanks for restoring my faith �

    22. Jonas "Drakurius" Runkel on February 16

      Deck received in Germany wow never thought that this will happen.

    23. Bastian Ochmann on February 12

      *rubbing my eyes* a envelope....from Ed Nash?!?! Is it already christmas? YEAH MAN! My decks have come in. took 1 week to arrive in germany!
      The only downside on the cards are the borders....they are very thick so you can completly forget about fanning the deck. You will see what i mean when you get yours.

    24. Candice McIntyre on February 11

      So happy to be surprised with my decks today. Thanks so much!

    25. Ross Jenkins on February 11

      I'm in Australia and wating on my cards.... and wondering if I will be receiving the original art I'm meant to be getting (or maybe just some extra decks or some sort of compensation).

    26. Mark Bisignano on February 10

      OMFG! I just received my deck and dice! I had completely written this project off as a loss and expected to never hear about this again. The artwork on the deck is beautiful. I also backed the artist's other campaign and received it very quickly

    27. Kim Persinger on February 10

      Wow .... am weeks behind checking my email so was shocked to find everything I'd pledged for in my mailbox tonight. Woo-hoo. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Collett on February 10

      I got mine yesterday. Thank you!

    29. Tieg Zaharia on February 10

      Got mine today, thanks!

    30. Jenn C. on February 10

      Got mine in the mail yesterday. Such a surprise as I wasn't expecting anything.

    31. Christian on February 9

      Very surprised to actually see my pledge delivered in its entirety yesterday. ( deck, dice, chips).

    32. Alarian DarkWind on February 9

      Just received my 2 decks and dealers token about an hour ago in central Minnesota.

    33. Jay Jones on February 9

      just to confirm I ordered 2 decks and an uncut, just reminding so I dont have to go through hassle if only 1 deck and an uncut arrives ;)

    34. Evil Jim on February 9

      Received my two decks in Wisconsin, February 7th. Am I going insane? Has this Kickstarter finally pulled through? The deck looks fantastic. Thank you for finally making this happen.

    35. Erin Anderson on February 8

      Received in Indiana

    36. Mark Tietsort on February 8

      HOLY!! I was like what is this... You have got to be kidding me... Finally after 4 years... Asylum Playing cards, I thought I had gone insane when I aw them, but apparently not.

      Wow, they came through. Excellent.

      now for my original sketch art....

    37. Joe Norris on February 8

      Received my 3 deck of cards today (2-8-2016) in the mail. What a pleasant surprise! In my case I ignored the recent survey/message to update delivery address as mine did not change.

    38. Jennifer Brown on February 8

      While I almost missed the address deadline, I got mine updated (Independence, Missouri) and received my deck and dice today. Everything looks good!

    39. Tim Moore on February 8

      Wow, I finally got mine here in Orlando just before leaving for work.

    40. Tcrew on February 7

      should be ok if i missed the survey? my address hasn't changed

    41. Missing avatar

      Roopotletwolzle on February 2

      Got nothing in the UK

    42. Neal on February 1

      Got nothing coming up here in Canada eh?

    43. Megan on February 1

      AND WHAT ABOUT THE ARTIST.???!! This is what he said August last year..............
      I'm happy to hear that someone received the decks from Nash, although I probably won't have any benefits from it. Nash didn't even informed me about printing. Nor he answered my email. I realized the deck is printed after I saw the comments in original campaign comments section. To be honest, I'm not sure how he succeed it. I didn't gave him permit to publish my art, so I suppose that USPCC gave him access to their archives. Which is quite unprofessional from such a big firm. Nash was pressured from the court of Washington state, I suppose he is trying to stop lawsuits from other states, that's why he printed decks. Not sure would the backers outside of USA, will receive their rewards, too...

    44. Megan on February 1

      I ended up backing the new project the artist was involved in. Delivered in time. No bullshit. My address hasn't changed anyway but I'm bloody sure I won't see a thing from this shifty bugger. Why do you think that anyone is going to believe you now Ed Nash?

    45. Marcos Hidalgo on February 1

      Well, Address Form at KS is long expired, so, address changes will have no effect on anything. As far as I know, the artist delivered just all what you see on the Campaign Page and didn't seen a single dime for his job. So I really doubt the decks are done at all. So, why "Altius Management" has sent that message to the backers? I bet it's becouse he have to, to fullfill some legal stuff prior facing a demand. But, coming out of nowhere with just a "hey! I'm going to send all the stuff" without explanations, pre-print samples, or what happens with the add ons and so... I can say that all seems like another little drop in the big pile of s**t.

    46. Casey McKenzie on February 1

      Wow, a year and a half of silence and now he wants us to update addresses within 48 hours. That's gutsy.

    47. Tyler Thompson on February 1

      IF this is really going to happen, what is going to happen about the add ons?
      There was no where on the survey to put what the add ons were.

    48. Tim Moore on January 29

      Cool Lawrence, I'm in Orlando as well. Gives me a bit of hope that I will get mine too.

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