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From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
From the dark and twisted mind of a Serbian artist: a retro-horror themed playing card deck printed by Bicycle and only available here!
810 backers pledged $25,146 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Jon Melcher 2 days ago

      I got my e-mail last week and I got the deck today. Also, it was sent to an address I lived at 2 years ago. It's ... ok.

    2. Creator Jay Jones 2 days ago

      Anyone in England got theirs yet, ive got my fingers crossed

    3. Creator Dustin Harley Davidson 5 days ago

      I got mine today... at an address I lived at years ago... Luckily a friend was still living there.

    4. Creator Nullstarter 6 days ago

      I'm shocked.. but my 2 decks came today.

    5. Creator Chad 6 days ago

      Surprisingly, a deck showed up today.

    6. Creator Scott Kochenower 6 days ago

      I got my 1 deck.

    7. Creator Pierre R 6 days ago

      Got my decks today

    8. Creator Dan Schlissel on July 26

      Hey! My deck arrived and without all the hubbub of harassing someone over a $9 investment. Glad I had it the cash to spare and the patience to hold on. Thanks for coming through, Ed!

    9. Creator The Card Connoisseur on July 26

      So is this just for Americans because of the legal thing, or is it for everyone? An update sure would have been nice.

    10. Creator Casey McKenzie on July 25

      Well, my package has also arrived. Shocked by the development. Another kickstarter to mark fulfilled.

    11. Creator Allan Rousselle on July 25

      Much to my surprise (like Michael, below), I found a notice from the post office yesterday that they had a package for me from Ed Nash that required my signature. I picked it up from the post office today. Sure enough, my rewards, in their entirety. These decks are, indeed, USPCC decks (so, these are not just the recent Noir Arts printed decks being sent as fulfillment.)

      While I did not back the Noir Arts project because the world of playing card design has advanced so much in the passing years, I have to say that now that I have the actual cards in my hands, there's still a lot to like about the design here.

      I'll be giving my information to the Washington State AG's office, but I'll also let them know that I received these decks.

      "What a long, strange trip it's been."

    12. Creator Michael Jones on July 25

      I also got a package today with my reward. Milan: the cards look great. I know you had nothing whatsoever to do with the absolute cluster that "Altius Management" (or whatever it's called now) and/or Ed Nash/Polchopek (or whatever he's calling himself now) turned this project into. My package requested a signature and after my initial shock died down, I chuckled imagining how expensive this must all have become for him. If only he had been honest, informative and (I'll say it again) HONEST from the beginning he may not have ran into the problems he did. I hope everyone else gets their rewards soon as well!

    13. Creator Adam Green on July 24

      Weird I just received a package from Ed Nash containing my reward, not that I care anymore. Wonder what prompted that?

    14. Creator Derek Meier on July 18

      I too received an email from the DA requesting my information and contribution amount.

    15. Creator Michael Robinson on July 15


      So I got an email from the DA handling this case asking for information about my contribution to this campaign.

      Hopefully more info will be coming soon...

    16. Creator Adam Green on June 22

      News everyone. Polchlopek looks to not have shown to defend himself and lost by default. Not a lawyer mind you, just interpreting what I see here and the short summary available (this doesn't resolve anything yet though):…

    17. Creator Casey McKenzie on May 6

      I'm in for the new KS for this deck. The art is so great and if nothing else I want to support the artist, as he was partially responsible for the charges getting filed in this case. I may be a fool, but I feel like it's the right thing to do for me to get closure on this. I have a lot of good KS experiences and this is one of the few rotten apples.

    18. Creator Thisfox on May 5

      Having carefully read the article, I personally feel that pledging again is a mistake. Pity, I'd have liked a deck. But buyer beware on Kickstarter!

    19. Creator @marcss on May 4

      I wonder if a couple hundred impatient backers retweeting this would get someone's attention:

    20. Creator Perry on May 1

      Roman Kotiv (the artist originally working on the project and scammed too), just put online a new Asylum Deck campaign with a special pledge level for the original backers. If you're interested:

    21. Creator Knockman on April 24

      So 6 weeks or thereabouts to go now? I'd be interested to see more if someone can put up progress reports on that here please? I'd also be willing to provide a statement/comment to anyone involved too.

    22. Creator Adam Green on April 16

      In 7 weeks, plus or minus a few days, Ed Nash gets to go to court for this Kickstarter. Here is hoping that he loses that case or decides to not take it seriously and does not even show up.

      Nash is an incredible disappointment to date. He probably wouldn't be so vilified had he just kept talking to people to let them know he was doing something, but then again he decided to go with plan A: Ignore it and hope it goes away. What a jerk.

    23. Creator Knockman on April 8

      I have a few outstanding projects and one solitary new game title I trust in, and then I'm done with KS. Ed Nash is still on Facebook and Twitter - check out @Ed_Nash

    24. Creator Wyle Fox on April 1

      Bored and checking on the status of this thief's project.
      Still nothing...
      Yey KS and their total lack of responsibility...

    25. Creator James Mastrocovo on March 10

      Bummer about these cards. Ed Nash can eat a dick.

    26. Creator The Card Connoisseur on March 6

      Same old responses from Kickstarter. You would think with over $1.5 billion they could afford to reimburse victims!

    27. Creator Knockman on February 5

      And if you think about it, KS Admin told us to wait, to see if the creator would eventually deliver. Surely by doing so, they are party to this loss? Because we waited, as they suggested, we then exceeded the 105-day post-transaction period Amazon work too, for payment refunds.

      Therefore, KS Admin are as much to blame as Nash.

    28. Creator Knockman on February 5

      @ kickstartmyheart - no, nothing heard from KS Admin in addition to the replies I got for my complaints. Reaching out? I don't think so. Their complete disinterest and lack of real effort has proven to me that they run a shyte ship & I will use other crowdfunding platforms.

      As for that stain Nash, don't forget he's on Twitter still: @Ed_Nash

    29. Creator Tyler Thompson on January 24, 2015

      Received the following email from Roman Kotiv, the person bringing Asylum back.

      Roman Kotiv says:

      Hi Tyler
      Thank you very much for your question regarding Asylum project. There were a lot of backers, interested in that deck but it was never printed and delivered. Because of that we, together with original project designer, come up with idea to bring new, improved Asylum to life.
      Since basically it’s a new project, and we and are not affiliated in any way with previous publisher - Altius Management, the question “what to offer suffered backers” is still open. We would appreciate every thoughts and ideas about that. How do you see it?

    30. Creator Tyler Thompson on January 24, 2015
      Notice the very bottom of this update I just received.

      How do we feel about this?
      And How is this going to turn out for all of us?

    31. Creator kickstartmyheart on January 22, 2015

      He's not replying no matter how polite you are. Kickstarter is not doing anything to help. This is the reply I got from KS in response to my recent quiry.

      Me: It's been 2 years, I still have not heard a response from kickstarter the last time I contacted them in regards to this project. I'm pretty sure I'm no the only one who has reached out to the creator and heard nothing back. He said the cards were complete. he even asked for our addresses so he could ship them. That was mid 2013. He even admitted in an update that a colleague spent the money for this project on a different project, (fraud and embezzlement)? How does that not violate your policy? Patience is one thing but this is absurd. What is going on with this? Thank you.

      Kickstarter: Thank you for following up with us about the status of the Asylum project. I don't see any other previous emails from this email address, so I apologize if you wrote to Support in the past without a response.

      I’m sorry to hear that the creator has not done a better job of communicating. We've reached out to them with a reminder of their obligations to their backer community, in addition to having forwarded along your concerns and those of your fellow backers. While we're disheartened that they have not yet updated you and other backers on the status of their project, we're unable to force them to do so. It's the creator's responsibility to communicate and complete their project as promised. In this case, it doesn't look like the project will ever be completed.

      We expect all members of the Kickstarter community to act with honesty and openness. When we find that people are abusing the system or the trust of others, we do not hesitate to suspend their account or restrict certain account privileges, like launching another project. We have a dedicated Integrity Team that monitors our system and reviews reports that we receive from our community. While we can’t speak to the nature of specific projects that have been approved or declined, we’re constantly working on improving our vetting process for creators and we are grateful for the feedback that people like you provide.

      Backing a project on Kickstarter is an expression of trust. Backers pledge in hopes of helping a creator bring their idea to life. This interaction can lead to the creation of new and exciting things, but it’s also important to remember that sometimes complications might arise that prevent a project from unfolding as planned, or even from happening at all. This isn’t ideal for creators or backers, but we hope that both parties will try to communicate with each other through these developments. We’re sorry that this hasn’t been the case with this project, but hope that you’ll continue to back projects that you’re excited about.

      Did KS reach out to you other backers with my concerns as they said they would in regards to this project?

    32. Creator Bastian Jorgensen on January 7, 2015

      I'm really hoping to see the lawsuit come through and make it clear that Kickstarter is NOT a place for scammers like Ed Nash or others.

      I'm also hoping to see Ed Nash being accountable for this scam

    33. Creator Nullstarter on January 1, 2015

      I reported this scam project a year ago, kickstarted did nothing.

    34. Creator kickstartmyheart on December 27, 2014

      @knockman, is he actually refunding? It's only $25.00 but there are several local charities that could use that more than I could.

    35. Creator Knockman on December 14, 2014

      Reported this several times now. KS Admin do sweet FA about it and have no interest in getting involved. KS is a shambolic set-up an there are far better crowd-funding sites out there now who do take an interest in proper conduct and good service. You won't get any joy from them.

      Instead, see Ed Nash's Twitter below - pop him a quick reply asking him for your money back.

    36. Creator kickstartmyheart on November 10, 2014

      Everyone at least go click on the "report this project to kickstarter" button on the bottom of the main page and then post-funding issues. It has been over a year and in my last post from sept 19, I list his violations. Might want to do it once a week, after a month move it up to every day.

    37. Creator The Card Connoisseur on November 9, 2014

      You tell em Joseph!

    38. Creator The Card Connoisseur on November 9, 2014

      HAHAHAHA Good luck with that SJ, this project is dead and our money is long gone, we were all suckers and too many times now!

    39. Creator DR & JH Photography on November 8, 2014

      Does anyone have any idea as to the status of this project and if it will not be fufilled how we go about getting a refund? Thanks.

    40. Creator JamesTesla on October 9, 2014

      It appears Ed's twitter is no longer private! You might want to go say hi.

    41. Creator Joseph Le May on September 30, 2014

      Just dropping by to tell Ed Nash to go fuck himself.

    42. Creator Ropya on September 25, 2014

      Id be willing to wager, nothing.
      And Amazon only gets 5%, KS gets the other 5.
      Past that, they were paid for a service.
      Hosting the project, and moving the funds.
      So id bet they have no legal obligation at all.

    43. Creator Daniel Charleston on September 24, 2014

      Any legal types here? What is Amazon's liability when they have received 10% from each of us for over $2500 that they have kept and seem fine with not helping here. Also does the credit card company used have any recourse?

      Just thinking a loud.

    44. Creator kickstartmyheart on September 19, 2014

      I've politely requested an update from Nash and still nothing. according to the new updated ToU, he has failed in every category.

      •they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;
      •they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;
      •they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;
      •they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and
      •they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

      He has not even attempted to communicate what is going on and a year ago he requested all of our information so he could send us the decks at least in "good faith". A year ago! He even said the money was spent on another project by a colleague. So how do we take legal action?

    45. Creator Adam Green on September 19, 2014

      As far as updates, it looks like the court case isn't being presented until 06-22-2015 Seattle Time. I could be wrong but that is just doing some searching at Washington Courts website here (…).

      My response:…

    46. Creator Yin Yin Leong on September 12, 2014

      I agree. I really liked the cards. Would it be possible to contact the artist?

    47. Creator Knockman on September 9, 2014

      If you see him on FaceBook, he's out playing golf. And no - never got anything back of any substance from KS Admin, just the usual whiney 'we-can't-do-anything' nonsense. Piss poor all round and once the other KS projects I have come to fruition, I shall depart from this.

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