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CA$ 4,400 pledged of CA$ 90,000 goal
By Vince Hemingson
CA$ 4,400 pledged of CA$ 90,000 goal

Thank you for joining us on this journey to the heart of “who we are.”


Hi everyone,

Thank you all for being visionaries and for joining us on this crazy ride!

As we’ve been working on the campaign this week I’ve been thinking more about the series of ideas and events that set the wheels in motion and ignited our passion to tell this story. Many years ago I was quoted as saying “Beauty is skin deep, but a tattoo goes all the way to the bone.” The Tattoo Project was born from my desire to demonstrate that apocryphal quote is true. Experimental photo shoot, gallery exhibition, coffee table book—so far The Tattoo Project has made waves in the photo and tattoo worlds. But where’s the documentary film? It’s one Kickstarter campaign away, and thanks to your pledges we are edging ever closer.

The film is our one chance to make sense of The Tattoo Project. To go beneath the skin and behind the eye to explore the zone where tattoo art meets portrait art. It’s a journey to the heart of “who we are.” In other words, the film is our big chance to give our audience—you—your money’s worth.

I have always been struck by the extraordinary power that tattoos have to reveal a person's inner self. What we wear on our skin is an outward reflection of who we are on the inside. So the symbols people choose to decorate their bodies with, they're proclaiming to the rest of the world, “This is who I am.”

Can photography capture both the external self and the inner self? That's the big question, and the heart and the soul of The Tattoo Project. If the body is a temple, then our tattoos are its stained-glass windows. Tattoos tell stories. Our film reveals those stories to you.

Thanks to each of you, we’re on our way but we still need your help. Please help spread the word of this project and the great rewards we have available. And remember, it’s only 198 days until Christmas and copies of The Tattoo Project Book, art prints, personal portrait sessions and even tattoo sessions make great stocking stuffers.

The Tattoo Project Book featuring over 240 stunning images.
The Tattoo Project Book featuring over 240 stunning images.
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