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A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
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    1. Missing avatar

      M on

      @Springa ... please contact me regarding a refund, I already wrote you a private message. A refund option for those who do not/cannot wait that long would be fair, after announcing the new timeline. Waiting should be voluntary not compulsory.

    2. Terence Lam on

      @Springa ... please contact us to discuss refund options. We can not afford to wait another year. Thank you.

    3. Franky Laseure on

      Just throwing up an idea from someone with no experience in manufacturing:
      Can you make a production run with the original Goliath CNC (without the vacuum) for those in a hurry,
      and a second production run with the final product, with the vacuum ?

      I realize this is MUCH easier said then done, but if the extra work is not enormous,
      it would satisfy all better.

      I would still stick to the vacuum version and wait out a year.
      With the first production run you would get feedback from those backers faster,
      which would give you input to improve for the next production run and give you a lot more exposure to the world.

    4. Bakersfield Drive-In Theater on

      I've sent two private messages. Waiting on a reply, Thanks

    5. Bakersfield Drive-In Theater on

      I too would like a refund. The new timeline is not what was discussed in the kickstarter campaign. please contact me with refund options

    6. Marcus Ditsch on

      I too would like a refund
      I can’t wait an additional year and have been burned too many times this year by KS pledges.

    7. Springa Creator on

      Dear @Chris and @Mohammed, we'll get in touch with you through a private message this week. Best!

    8. Chris Burley and Ei Ei Khin on

      @Springa ... please contact us to discuss refund options. We can not afford to wait another year. Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Almubarak


      I have sent you a private message. Would you please check and reply accordingly?


    10. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      @Springa, thanks for the update and keep up the good work!

      The R&D isn't done during a coffee break.

      Great to hear about your collaboration with experts in different fields, hopefully exceeding our expectations for Goliath :-)

    11. Springa Creator on

      Dear @flexfloo
      we made fundraising on Kickstarter to develop our prototype into a real product, which is one of the main goals of crowdfunding platforms. Secondly, for people like us, Kickstarter has been a great tool to discover the interest in the market for their project idea. You, as a backer, probably know that you're helping to create something new and not ordering something that already exists.
      I’m sorry to contradict you, but we never said that the money raised was just for SW development, among the challenges we talked about: manufacturing (which is also redesigning and improving a prototype), partnerships, software and grow the team.
      Regarding the new call for funds and the pre-orders coming soon, it’s a choice that comes from an incredible number of demands from people who missed the KS campaign, and their manufacturing will come after the KS units.
      We’re also not happy having backers unhappy! You can bet that we started this adventure to develop and make real an innovative and exciting tool, for sure not to defraud you.

    12. Springa Creator on

      @Franky @guillet @Ciprian
      thanks for being understanding. We are establishing collaborations with experts for the different tasks, beyond giving confidence to the product as you guessed, they help us have a realistic and experienced view of the development roadmap

    13. Missing avatar

      flexfloo on

      the last update does not reassure me. I do not understand the delay of one year. why have you already made your call for funds in advance if the product was in development? Why not write the reality of the project during your fundraising? having all this information, I would never have participated in the financing of your project. you put me in the shit because I relied on this robot to develop my business. this is my last funding on the platform kickstarter, approximation given during the campaign, non-respect given dates, pre-order accessible while the product is not even in manufacturing. I can understand the difficulty of doing a project like this, but a year of lag is far too much knowing that there is still much to do. I recall that in the campaign, you announced that the money requested was for the development of the software and that the suppliers would be chosen. an approximation of more. Regarding the delivery for September 2019, I do not believe either. I felt that we would not have until 2019. knowing the reality of the spots to perform, I think the product will not be available until early 2020. provided that the company does not close before. I hope I have not fallen into a scam. I am very disappointed and angry by your company and the kickstarter platform. a funder not happy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ciprian Furtuna on

      Excuse me, but 1 YEAR of delay?! This is uncomprehensible. I can only hope the project won't be cancelled for some showstopper situations... Stick it to the plan, guys :)

    15. Franky Laseure on

      Indeed, for some odd reason I got may 2019 in my head, but it's sept 2019

    16. guillet on

      Franky, i think it’s 12 months delay at least...
      I was expecting a few months top, I don’t know exactly what you’ve been doing for the past year. I hope it’s worth it !
      Keep working guys!

    17. Franky Laseure on

      Thank you for that update, that's a clear view of what to expect.
      It's great to see you collaborate with experienced engineers in different fields of expertise,
      that gives a lot of confidence the product will live up to it's potential.
      Like I said before, I saw the robox from CEL go wrong because they all want to do things in-house (with a chronic shortage of experienced staff),
      it looks great from a distance, but it's a disaster once you have it.

      Bit of a bummer it will be delivered 6 months later then expected,
      but if that is the price for having a great product, happy to wait.

    18. Franky Laseure on

      Hi Springa

      I hope you didn't forget about our update.
      The vibe is still very good her for this project and we understand what is going on with the project, although we would love to see some more updates.

      I backed also D2K Insight around the same time I backed Goliath CNC,
      the atmosphere on that project turned from good to something below freezing point now.
      The reason is also delays, for totally other reasons, but with total radio silence since may 4,
      things start to look ugly.

    19. Springa Creator on

      Dear backers, we apologize for not being very responsive to your comments in the last months.
      Just a brief feedback about the main topics many of you asked for in the comments:
      Project timeline: this will be the central point of the next update (coming in a few days, as always around the half of the month). We apologize to have not said a detailed word about it, we wanted to understand and plan at best all the tasks needed emerged in these months.
      Dust collector: the decision to make this stretch goal was first to make a more efficient product. Design it autonomous rather than to a fixed vacuum is to serve anybody and maintain autonomy. Moreover, the connection to an external vacuum would be hard to manage for the hose moving on the surface.
      We'll be back to you soon, thanks again for your support!

    20. Missing avatar

      flexfloo on

      I do not agree with the delay. approximations were given in the campaign. the sensors are still developing. no new time line. the creator makes new calls for funds on his site while the product is not even in production. based on old Time Line: mobile development ? no info , untested firmware, untested software, untested preproduction. we are very far from a shipment. I am not happy with the direction taken by the project.

    21. guillet on

      We could all agree on a delay (sounds like everyone agree that it’s for good reasons) if you give us a proper and reasonable timetable for the production. Maybe the comments on the schedule will drive you in the best way to deliver a great product for early 2019. It would be nice to feel that we actually have a word on this!

    22. Franky Laseure on

      I disagree James Taylor.
      I plan to work on metal parts. This metalic debris will damage the soft wheels very fast when these are pushed and stick in there, which in turn will scratch each (metal) part I want to CNC later.
      And debris will in any case make the movement of the CNC in general less optimal.

      I have seen "good enough to market" on another kickstarter in 2014: ROBOX.
      They worked out their design flaws later and in stead of being thankful to their backers and give us the needed upgraded parts,
      we were faced with an endless series of mallfunctions and a very hefty price just to get the machine to an acceptable state.

      A few months extra waiting to avoid all that trouble is really worth it.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Taylor on

      (Continued) I can always sweep/vacuum the shop (or use it outside) while waiting for V2.0, but I can’t do anything at all if you never give me Goliath V1.0.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Taylor on

      I agree with a number of other comments already made: get a working Goliath first, and then make the perfected vacuum system be on Goliath V2.0. After WWII the Japanese crushed US manufacturing in many areas because, among other reasons, they understood how to freeze the design process and get a product to market and then work on the next improvement (or continue design work concurrently - but nonetheless get the first product to market to help pay for the development and manufacturing of the second product). In the Marines (USMC), we felt the 90% solution now was almost always better than the 100% solution too late. If you have a vacuum system that works well enough, go with it for now. Obviously the accuracy of the sensors needs to be good enough to really be able to use the tool as intended, but get something out and then worry about making a better vacuum system. If you have a strong suspicion on where your next vacuum solution is going, design the current one to allow for an upgrade later - I would appreciate not having to buy a second Goliath to get the V2.0! - but please don’t leave me hanging until you get V1.0 out. If you wait too long, someone else will beat you to the market and then you will have nothing. Quality *is* important, but so is speed....

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick Fritsch on

      Precision is good! Wheels, sensors, dust capture, cam software...There sure are a lot of difficult parts to this compact little dream guy. I’m confident you will deliver a good first product version.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kupries on

      please let us see a timetable and tell us when we will get our Goliath CNC.

    27. Franky Laseure on

      thank you for that last update, although I was surprised there was still work on the sensors.
      Perhaps I forgot a few details of this project.
      Still, it's encouraging to see what is done.

      Could you, for convenience, give us an extra update with a timetable with all tasks that need to be done including delivery, so we can understand better how the development is going along ?

      I'm not that much concerned about delays and that the delivery date of sept. is not met,
      as long there is enough transparency.

    28. Missing avatar

      George Soong on

      Seems like the project is behind schedule. Are there updates on things other than the dust collector?

    29. Missing avatar

      DJ Rozwick on

      I would love more production news. Like parts are ordered, parts are here, parts are being put together is sub assemblies, sub assemblies are being put in assemblies, assemblies being put in packaging, etc. I like the suction idea but would like to use the product.

    30. Missing avatar

      (mo) on

      I agree with flexfloo. Please focus on the production of Goliath CNC!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      flexfloo on

      why focus on a suction system, we wish to have a more efficient machine and not a suction system. you are talking about 3D cutting, for the moment this machine is impeccable to perform this task and we have no guarantee that this is possible. the funding has been for software development, you are not going down the road to succeed in this project. this project will be far behind like all the projects on this platform. production is still not launched. I hope to have my machine before 2019. I will lose my money considering the direction of your project. I am very disappointed .

    32. Franky Laseure on

      I agree for the autonomous extraction system, I simply don't have a workshop or any installation.

      Springa, I would like to repeat my prevous question:
      can you also make the same test with representative metal parts from a mill ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      For those without a shop/fixed extraction system I think the onboard extraction will maintain/reinforce the autonomous concept. Thanks for the update. Keep up to good work you are doing.

    34. Missing avatar

      mondo on

      Just my thoughts but all i was hoping for for dust extraction was a extraction port/shroud that could be attached to my shop dust system. I personally think the fully integrated vacuum system is overkill and possibly a distraction from the main game.

    35. Missing avatar

      George Soong on

      I would think the software part would be critical as well as how the device holds its position in routing. Additionally, having a 3D capability would really be nice as well. Seem there is no feedback in these areas. I recall the wheels are being redesigned?

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Thanks for the update.
      So the dust collector is the critical part you need to focus on? All other parts are on plan or do you face also issues with other parts of Goliath?

      Are you on track with the other parts and software or is the dust collector developement also delaying your other work?

    37. Franky Laseure on

      Thanks for the update and showing the progress made.
      About that test: can you also make the same test with representative metal parts from a mill ?

    38. Missing avatar


      Update and Est delivery time please

    39. Franky Laseure on

      What Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin said.

    40. Missing avatar

      Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin

      In your last Update you wrote about a delay of a few months. As we have all put quite a lot of money in this project, i do really ask you to be a little more concrete.
      When is the expected new delivery date?
      What are the big steps to be fulfilled until delivery and when do you plan to finish each step?
      A timeline with these updated steps would be a professional way of communication. Please do not forget that we are your investors and that an open & good communication with your investors is very important.
      This also includes the monthly update without waiting 6 weeks and getting 2 reminders every time.

      This is a great project and I literally can’t wait to get in my hands. I know that the process takes some time and I do absolutely agree in waiting a bit longer to get a better product - but I would really feel much better if you would provide some more details about the upcoming steps and their deadlines.

    41. Missing avatar

      mike arreguin on

      I have sent 2 messages asking for a refund for personal reasons. Can someone please send me a message on the process of getting a refund?

    42. Missing avatar

      Black Forest Creations on

      When you update, it would be extremely nice to hear what progress you are making on manufacturing units for delivery in the USA, as well as providing an update on expected shipping time frames! Thanks!

    43. Springa Creator on

      Dear @chau huh and @Thomas,
      the update of March is coming this week.
      Stay tuned!

    44. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Monthly update reminder

    45. Missing avatar

      chau huh on

      It has been more than a month. Is it possible to get an update?

      Thank you.

    46. Springa Creator on

      the workflow you suggested means that you have to define again the work area to position the machine on the panel, and we are pretty sure that this cannot be done without any interface. If an offline interface is needed for this workflow, means developing a part of the client (offline) software, which is - as already said - an effort that we cannot afford today.
      The future is the client based version of the software!

    47. Springa Creator on

      @Franky Laseure
      yes Franky, you are right!

    48. Springa Creator on

      our storytelling of Goliath CNC as an autonomous machine has been based from the beginning on the mode of operation rather than the connection: we always meant that it works on its own, not guided with hand by the user.
      We remember you that the connection is needed only in the setup phase and that we are committed to developing the client based version in the future.

    49. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      @Springa, would it be possible to use an 80 mm cnc spindle instead of a wood router? I consider that comercial routers have some shortcomings regarding duty cycle, cooling effectiveness and noise level compared to a spindle.
      I understand that it will not happen now but maybe you could consider it as a future upgrade kit for V1 or for the Goliath V2. :-)

    50. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I support the question from Frank.
      I would also like to have this one time transfere. Why not compile the CAD offsite with server connection and then upload to the Robot. This would mean I can prepare wherever I do have internet connection and then afterwards we do have freedome.
      Im not a friend of this whike cloud based solutions:
      What happens if the server is down
      Who has access to my data
      What happens in future
      What benefits do you have besides you can work platform free.

      Would be nice if this could be a topic in your next update. Update reminder ;)

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