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A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
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    1. Missing avatar

      GIUSEPPE just now

      Great Project. I wish you all the best

    2. Missing avatar

      James Taylor about 10 hours ago

      +1 Mac OS
      +1 Open source software

    3. Marc Carpaij about 12 hours ago

      I wish you all the best in the implementation of this great project!

    4. Franky Laseure about 13 hours ago

      Hoping the best for the project and all of us.
      It seems that I just have spent a lot of money.

    5. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      about 14 hours ago



      I´m proud to be part of it :-)

      Can´t wait to work the first project with Goliath ;-)

    6. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      about 14 hours ago


    7. TundraLTD about 14 hours ago

      I don't know if this has been asked but, will end user be able to easily perform firmware updates for continual improvements?

    8. Springa Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Agus Kuatsjah
      - you will be able to specify which collet you need. if you need more than one, you can buy different one later.
      - we are currently in contact with different agencies to find the best supplier for the spindle. So at the moment we aren't able to provide so specific information about the spindle
      - yes, it will be replaceable, but it will not be compatible with common spindles for different reasons. One of these is that the power cable of the spindle will cause many problems due to its length.
      - the bit can be changed as the same as any other spindle, with a lock button and a wrench
      - Our goal is to have a spindle that allows the machine to activate it and control the speed of the rotation. So that Goliath will be fully automated.
      - At the moment no, we will evaluate if it is an interesting thing
      - for sure we are taking this option into account

    9. Springa Creator about 19 hours ago

      @Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      we still aren't able to provide this information, we are working to make this happen: ship to European from Europe

    10. Springa Creator about 19 hours ago

      our CAM software will be able to open different CAD files made with other software. Our software will be free to all our bakers.

    11. Springa Creator about 19 hours ago

      we organizing a BETA program, that you can join and help us to find the best solution that fits your need

    12. Missing avatar

      Agus Kuatsjah about 21 hours ago

      do we get the 1/8"(3,175 mm) Collet? except standard 6 mm Collet
      may i know more detail spec about the Spindle Motor :
      - how many bearing inside the Spindle? as Good Spindle mostly have 3 or 4 quality bearing inside
      - is it replaceable? is compatible with common brand : eg, makita, dewalt, Festool etc ?
      - is it easy to replace the bit? and the origin, if in the work need using few bit, instead 1 bit
      - how to control the speed of spindle motor - could do it, both by software or manual on router for fine adjustment of speed of spindle motor
      - is it any option to have bigger power router?
      - the oscilating/reciprocating knife system, have a great result for cutting corrugated board/ foam board/ reboard as no chip on cut, hopely your team will consider this option is applicable for future addon of Goliath in building this amazing CNC.

    13. Missing avatar

      Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      about 22 hours ago

      Does it ship from Europe for European backers? Otherwise there will be very high import taxes.

    14. TundraLTD 1 day ago

      Is your CAM compatible with other software? I really don't want to spend $1500/yr on software that you "rent"

    15. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      @Springa What is the situation for us who would like to remain on an open operating system, would you be willing to share specifications, protocols or other data that would be necessary for us to make that happen?

    16. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      @Michael Owen
      We are still evaluating if developing a script that calculates the machine's path inside Fusion 360. Anyway you can use Fusion 360 to model your project and then load it in what will be our CAM software

    17. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      we still aren't able to provide this information.

    18. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      @Mohammed Almubarak
      the resolution of the Z axis is less than 0,001 mm (0,00004 in.)

    19. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      @Franky Laseure
      there are a lot of aspects of the software that we still need to think about. First, we have to gather info on what all our backers need and desire. In the survey, we will ask you if you want to participate in the BETA Program, where we will select the backers that want to contribute to the development of Goliath.

    20. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      we will guarantee that all our bakers will receive a perfectly working Goliath and we will take extra care of all our backer. We will give you more precise information on any service before shipping the units.

    21. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      we will be using Kickstarter survey and Google Form only to acquire information from our backers

    22. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      @Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      we are sorry, but we still aren't able to provide this information.
      Inside Goliath, there is an encoder that measures the angle the first sensor relative to Goliath itself, this measure permits to know which is correct position of the center of Goliath and how it is oriented relative to the coordinate system of the panel.

    23. Springa Creator 2 days ago

      ​@Agus Kuatsjah
      At the moment we are concentrating on the milling router. The tools you mentioned can be installed in the spindle and used with some caution in machine path

    24. White Fox
      2 days ago

      @Lars : thank you for your helpful note!

    25. Missing avatar

      Boks 2 days ago

      Great product guys! Supported

    26. Michael Owen
      2 days ago

      Can I use Fusion 360 with Goliath?

    27. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Will the software be proprietary or open source?

    28. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Almubarak
      5 days ago

      What is the step resolution for your 2.5D? i.e. the vertical resolution?

    29. Springa Creator 5 days ago

      @Kevin Steenbergen
      Goliath is designed to cut soft material without any use of coolant, so it cannot cut steel. Goliath can mill woods, plastics and soft metals like aluminum, copper and brass.
      The millable thickness of the material depends on each material and the bit used.
      The coolant cannot be used because it will compromise the traction of the wheels on the material.

    30. Springa Creator 5 days ago

      @Patrick Fritsch
      That is exactly our intention, thank you support!

    31. Springa Creator 5 days ago

      @White Fox
      All the perks have the same content, but different delivery date

    32. Springa Creator 5 days ago

      @Dave Nielsen
      the maximum thickness of aluminum we have tested is 1mm of Anticorodal aluminum 6082 with a depth of pass of 0.5mm, to avoid breaking the bit. For sure to cut thicker aluminum you must do multiple passes. The spindle as an integrated fan that blows air around the bit.

    33. Franky Laseure 5 days ago

      thank you for all the answers Springa.
      I will have to "plunge in the dark" and show a leap of faith if I keep my pledge.

      I understand that you want to protect ownership of your hardware,
      and perhaps together with that the firmware, although that is already open for debate if you ask me.

      What will you do with the software ?
      Does your software use 3rd party (open source) software for slicing ?
      Goliath needs to follow a strict logic, but that is the same as we saw in… , provided by Abada Capoeira Graduado Panga.
      So the logic is already out there, and will for certain also be available as open source.

      My recommendation of working with us backers who are capable and willing to contribute to the software still stands, I hope to get a reaction to this specific question.
      Again, I don't want to get into another "CEL robox" story where we got a really great tool, in some aways ahead of competition, fall behind a few years later because the software team can't keep up.
      And that is certainly no blame on your software team, they can do only so much
      in an open source world where the world is working together to let things improve and evolve.

    34. TundraLTD 5 days ago

      Seeing as the unit will not be user/field repairable do you have plans for a warranty/service period? One year from arrival for example. I know you can't make it user serviceable because you don't know the skill level of individual backers. Though some of us are likely highly skilled and work in the industry as I do

    35. anneCwind
      6 days ago

      Are you planning on using the Kickstarter reward surveys to collect information? As a Superbacker I have been disturbed by the practice of Creators using external surveys that then ask for an additional payment for the Backer reward because of the Creator's unexpected expenses. These same surveys also offer "add-ons" and other products. Kickstarter is not a retail space. I don't appreciate Backers that treat it as one. Since I have yet to come across this practice with a Creator that uses the reward survey system provided by Kickstarter, I've recently decided to only back Creators that plan on using it. Therefore, please let me know your plans for Backer reward surveys. Thank you.

    36. Springa Creator 6 days ago

      @Rainer Thiele
      in future the time of the pauses, in the corners, will be optimized but the cutting speed will be the same

    37. Springa Creator 6 days ago

      We are sorry, but we are not able to publish any other video before the end of the campaign

    38. Springa Creator 6 days ago

      @Franky Laseure
      - you got the point, hardware can do it, we need to work on the control firmware to make it happen. It will be implemented as soon as possible.
      - We are preparing a survey where we will collect all our backer requirements and comment in order to find the best the best solution for most of you
      - The electronics is not field replaceable, as the product is not meant to be repaired by the user.
      - Thank you for sharing with us your experience and your advice. The purpose of the survey is to ear what the backers say
      - We have used double sided tape, the copper plate has a thickness of 1mm we removed it by applying a lever bellow it, we had no problem
      - We will keep in mind your request if when we will make the next video
      - Yes, when milling metals, that is an issue which the dust collector would solve.

    39. Missing avatar

      Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      6 days ago

      @creator: As asked at the beginning of the campaign: Will European packers have to pay customs or will Goliath be shipped from Europe?

      MacOS support would be very appreciated.

      To be able to use the function with a pen, it would be necessary to be able to deactivate drill-rotation in the software. Please keep that in mind.

      I still have one question, that I can´t solve in my head... With two positioning sensors, there are just two possible positions where goliath might be. As long as goliath is not exactly between the two sensors this should word fine.
      What I do not understand is how Goliath measures its C-Axis-Rotation. The drill is not centered, so Goliath knows the position of its center, but not the position of the drill.
      Maybe you could help me to get this clear. Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Agus Kuatsjah 6 days ago

      Great Tool.
      Any plan or option for installing : Reciprocating Knife or Drag Knife/Pen instead Router Only?
      Thank You

    41. Frederic Detienne on November 11

      @creator thanks for your answer.

      I understand the gcode constraints. As a matter of fact, I would really welcome proprietary extensions, in gcode and in telemetry to reflect the uniqueness of Goliath. Just not a black box.

      Please do not get me wrong. We all wish you the best but that is near 2k Euro which I would love to preserve.

      I also strongly believe you should consider users self-service.

    42. Springa Creator on November 11

      @ Frederic Detienne
      There are some constrain that have to be followed in order to let Goliath work properly at its full potential, so we could give you the possibility to upload your own gcode but it must be programmed with the right parameters. In addition, unless you have an expensive CAM software, the gcode will not have the parameter of the rotation on the C axis, so you won’t be able to cut all the panel surface, you will need place other wood panels of the same thickness around the one you want to cut to prevent that Goliath will fall from the wood panel.

      So, if is interesting for you, we could give you the possibility to upload your own gcode but you will surely need more time and effort to set up the work. In these case Springa will not assume any responsibility for any damage may happen to Goliath.

      Our goal is to develop the most automated workflow. Goliath will not create the machine’s path on its own, it will need an external software to do it. As show in the “How it work” video, the user can upload every CAD, so you can use the software you prefer, drag the drawings in the desired place and then the software will calculate the machine’s path and transfer it on Goliath, without any particular user effort.

      Goliath is not meant to be repaired by the user, if anything doesn’t work properly Springa will take care of the reparation.

    43. Franky Laseure on November 11

      In danger that the really important questions, naming "linux" and "complex engraving", are going back to the background,
      about the last videos:
      How did you fixate the copper plate on the surface below ?
      And how easy was it to remove afterwards ?

      This is really interesting for me, I'm working with copper prints in graphic art.
      But again I would love to see a fine drawing made with a V-bit, just as a demonstration how fine goliath can cut.
      This is for once not a request for 3D, just for 1 pass over a copper plate doing a very thin engraving (0.1 mm or 0.2 mm would be enough) of a drawing, preferably one with hatching or cross-hatching that fills a part of the surface.

      When I see goliath eat through the copper, I can now see a very good reason for dust/particle collection:
      those copper fractions laying all around will
      - scratch the surface of the copper place, which will damage the end result, certainly when used for printing
      - will be forced in the wheel material and become embedded in those wheels because of the weight of Goliath, and as a result start to scratch any surface they will drive over.

    44. Missing avatar

      Phil Gordon on November 11

      +1 for MAC OSX

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen on November 10

      Can the unit cut stainless? What materials and what max thickness for materials will there be? Is there a possibility of hooking up a coolant pump/hose to Goliath for metal cutting purposes. Would save a lot of tooling.

    46. Missing avatar

      Lars on November 10

      @White Fox, scrolling down the campaign main page, there's a section named "What's in the box" I assume that all releases will have the same content in the box.

    47. Missing avatar

      Patrick Fritsch on November 10

      Brilliant dust collection solution if I understand your sketches correctly, you are aiming to aspirate the dust and have it contained in a reservoir on the unit. This additional weight would in turn give Goliath more traction!
      If this is so, let’s make sure there is a full sensor in the reservoir that pauses the cutting process to empty and then resumes.
      Great idea, surely better than dragging an extraction hose that risks getting snagged and displacing units precision.

    48. White Fox
      on November 10

      @creator thanks for reply but that doesn’t answer the question.

      Please see my question again:

      The October release for $1850 has a lot more items listed in the kit than the $1820 one does. Was this just a typographical oversight, or does it actually reflect what will be included in the two kits?

      So in short: does the $1850 pledge have more items included in it? Because the list of inclusions is longer than that of the $1820 pledge.
      Or do they all come with the same amount of inclusions, but they just haven’t been listed out for the other pledge level?


    49. Dave Nielsen on November 8

      what is considered the thickest aluminium tested with the Goliath and grade was used? I am looking to work with 3/32 6160 sheets. If I have to make multi able runs is fine.

      what do you do to keep the head cool / or bits from getting to hot and warping / breaking as it working?

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