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A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
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    1. Dennis Aarts on January 1

      Thank you. Im just excided about the project. And thinking what to do with it.
      For my different hobby projects it whould be nice that it comes with adapters for different cutter standards. Like 3.175 mm ( dremel ) for engraving. And 8mm cuters ( like Dewalt)
      Hoping to help you making the Goliath as versatile as posible.

    2. Springa Creator on December 27

      If you want to share more pictures of 3D projects you're interested in, feel free to send us more material at

    3. Dennis Aarts on December 27

      Ive filled in the extra survey about 3d posibilities. But only a picture was possible to point out what kind of 3d i need. Mostly i like if it would be possible to create curvy edges, profiles and rounds in the Z direction. Is that possible? Offcourse i can use curved cutters for small radius. But also making large radius would be nice.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas on December 20

      Thanks Springa
      Communication is essential for success.
      Sadly a lot of projects I backed do forget about that.
      Having an angry community because of lack of communication can have a major impact to business.

    5. Springa Creator on December 18

      you can change the shipping address even after filling the Kickstarter survey

    6. str0 on December 18

      Thank you, it's essential

    7. Springa Creator on December 17

      Dear @Gustaf @Carl @Patrick and @Thomas
      we are preparing an update that will be published in a few days!
      As a general rule, we predict to post one update per month, which could be more than one in case of important news. Stay tuned!

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas on December 17

      Sorry Patrick
      We all spend momey in this project and a quaterly update is not sufficiant.
      I'm fine with the monthly but not less.
      The creators have set milestones and we as backers deserve honest and open regular updates.
      If thete ate just quaterly updates i fear that 1st we will miss the timeframe and 2nd we may hear mothing for longer than a quater.

    9. Missing avatar

      Patrick Fritsch on December 15

      To all interested, this is my first backing of a crowd funded project which I am so anxious to get my hands on like most others here. But I wanted to chime in on updates, I would much more prefer the collected funds to be used for actual product development than a big portion given to an expensive glossy PR media company. My logic is this; the time it takes to develop the product is fixed to a certain extent so Springa can either waste money and time giving multiple micro meaningless updates OR they can take all their funds, time and energy in product development and update us backers only when they determine milestones worth reporting are reached. We’re all anxious, but I’m going to go skiing while we wait instead of obsessively hitting refresh on this webpage. Just my opinion shared with you all.

    10. Missing avatar

      Carl Madson on December 15

      Any word on that update you mentioned a couple weeks ago?

    11. Missing avatar

      Gustaf Horwitz on December 12

      Congratulations on Your spectacular success, If You're able to fulfil all backers orders on or before time You are fantastic. Now would be a great time to start on Your progress report, I'm sure more backers than me are dying to see some progress. So please tell us what is going on.

    12. moni on November 29

      Can we change the shipping address later on?

      If not, I will wait a few months before filling your form as I don't know in which country I will be living in 1 year from now.

      On top of that you haven't said where it's sent from and I will definitely not get it sent to a EU country if it's not sent from EU.

    13. Springa Creator on November 28

      @Neil Forsyth
      Q1. Now, thanks to the great number of Goliath CNC ordered, we had the possibility to discuss with bigger companies to establish the production of the robot. In addition, as you know, thanks to the funding we are currently working on the dust collector and trying to understand how to add this feature to Goliath. About how to organize the delivery, now that the campaign is over we have a better view of all the backers' country and we are trying to manage also the shipment topic.

      Q2. We will do our best to keep you updated about our progress on a monthly basis, I am sorry that due to a working holiday we haven't done any new update yet, but next week we will release a new one. Here on the KS page, we would like to answer your questions and comments once a week and still, we will do our best to do it regularly.

    14. Springa Creator on November 28

      @Franky Laseure @guillet
      At the moment we collected more than half of the surveys, when we will receive all the answers, we will process the data and then share the results with you!

    15. Neil Forsyth on November 28

      Congratulations on a very successful campaign!

      Q1. With over 700 backers and over 1000% of your goal raised, can you please comment on how this extra scale has been considered and might affect your plans? How might the additional scale potentially enable greater efficiencies? or what considerations have you given to the logistical challenges of shipping to over 700 people...

      I never saw a response to my earlier comment, so i'll repeat it again here:

      Q2a. Can you commit to giving regular progress updates to your backers? Ideally on a regular schedule, or as key milestones are reached, or soon after setbacks become apparent.

      Q2b. Your responses to comments on here so far have been great to see. What reassurances or guarantees can you give us that you will continue to communicate openly throughout the process over the next year until fulfillment is complete?

      I have backed many Kickstarter projects over the past few years... some successes, some failures. Unfortunately some creators don't seem to appreciate that backers put money down in the hope of getting a result months or years down the track, and to have complete silence for months at a time really doesn't inspire confidence. Goliath is one of the most expensive single-items I've backed on Kickstarter, so I am particularly anxious handing this money over.

      Can you commit to giving regular progress updates to your backers? Ideally on a regular schedule, or as key milestones are reached, or soon after setbacks become apparent.

    16. guillet on November 27

      Yes please, share the survey results when you can !

    17. Franky Laseure on November 27

      I applaud the software open source approach mentioned in the survey !

      Would be great to hear some relevant results from the survey for us like the number of users for each OS, or which extra developments are asked for.

    18. White Fox
      on November 23

      @Łukasz Dunikowski that link is clearly a link to the web site creator's home page.

    19. Łukasz Dunikowski on November 23

      There is a small black link in the top right corner of

      and it looks like it shouldn't be there.

      In the old times I'd say it is an attempt to suck some SEO pagerank or at least some traffic to get higher g-rankings, but it is hard to believe anyone would do it so awkwardly these days.

      BTW do you hire? ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      GIUSEPPE on November 19

      Great Project. I wish you all the best

    21. Missing avatar

      James Taylor on November 18

      +1 Mac OS
      +1 Open source software

    22. Marc Carpaij on November 18

      I wish you all the best in the implementation of this great project!

    23. Franky Laseure on November 18

      Hoping the best for the project and all of us.
      It seems that I just have spent a lot of money.

    24. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on November 18



      I´m proud to be part of it :-)

      Can´t wait to work the first project with Goliath ;-)

    25. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)
      on November 18


    26. TundraLTD on November 18

      I don't know if this has been asked but, will end user be able to easily perform firmware updates for continual improvements?

    27. Springa Creator on November 18

      @Agus Kuatsjah
      - you will be able to specify which collet you need. if you need more than one, you can buy different one later.
      - we are currently in contact with different agencies to find the best supplier for the spindle. So at the moment we aren't able to provide so specific information about the spindle
      - yes, it will be replaceable, but it will not be compatible with common spindles for different reasons. One of these is that the power cable of the spindle will cause many problems due to its length.
      - the bit can be changed as the same as any other spindle, with a lock button and a wrench
      - Our goal is to have a spindle that allows the machine to activate it and control the speed of the rotation. So that Goliath will be fully automated.
      - At the moment no, we will evaluate if it is an interesting thing
      - for sure we are taking this option into account

    28. Springa Creator on November 18

      @Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      we still aren't able to provide this information, we are working to make this happen: ship to European from Europe

    29. Springa Creator on November 18

      our CAM software will be able to open different CAD files made with other software. Our software will be free to all our bakers.

    30. Springa Creator on November 18

      we organizing a BETA program, that you can join and help us to find the best solution that fits your need

    31. Missing avatar

      Agus Kuatsjah on November 18

      do we get the 1/8"(3,175 mm) Collet? except standard 6 mm Collet
      may i know more detail spec about the Spindle Motor :
      - how many bearing inside the Spindle? as Good Spindle mostly have 3 or 4 quality bearing inside
      - is it replaceable? is compatible with common brand : eg, makita, dewalt, Festool etc ?
      - is it easy to replace the bit? and the origin, if in the work need using few bit, instead 1 bit
      - how to control the speed of spindle motor - could do it, both by software or manual on router for fine adjustment of speed of spindle motor
      - is it any option to have bigger power router?
      - the oscilating/reciprocating knife system, have a great result for cutting corrugated board/ foam board/ reboard as no chip on cut, hopely your team will consider this option is applicable for future addon of Goliath in building this amazing CNC.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      on November 18

      Does it ship from Europe for European backers? Otherwise there will be very high import taxes.

    33. TundraLTD on November 17

      Is your CAM compatible with other software? I really don't want to spend $1500/yr on software that you "rent"

    34. Missing avatar

      on November 17

      @Springa What is the situation for us who would like to remain on an open operating system, would you be willing to share specifications, protocols or other data that would be necessary for us to make that happen?

    35. Springa Creator on November 17

      @Michael Owen
      We are still evaluating if developing a script that calculates the machine's path inside Fusion 360. Anyway you can use Fusion 360 to model your project and then load it in what will be our CAM software

    36. Springa Creator on November 17

      we still aren't able to provide this information.

    37. Springa Creator on November 17

      @Mohammed Almubarak
      the resolution of the Z axis is less than 0,001 mm (0,00004 in.)

    38. Springa Creator on November 17

      @Franky Laseure
      there are a lot of aspects of the software that we still need to think about. First, we have to gather info on what all our backers need and desire. In the survey, we will ask you if you want to participate in the BETA Program, where we will select the backers that want to contribute to the development of Goliath.

    39. Springa Creator on November 17

      we will guarantee that all our bakers will receive a perfectly working Goliath and we will take extra care of all our backer. We will give you more precise information on any service before shipping the units.

    40. Springa Creator on November 17

      we will be using Kickstarter survey and Google Form only to acquire information from our backers

    41. Springa Creator on November 17

      @Wittek-Saltzberg Constantin
      we are sorry, but we still aren't able to provide this information.
      Inside Goliath, there is an encoder that measures the angle the first sensor relative to Goliath itself, this measure permits to know which is correct position of the center of Goliath and how it is oriented relative to the coordinate system of the panel.

    42. Springa Creator on November 17

      ​@Agus Kuatsjah
      At the moment we are concentrating on the milling router. The tools you mentioned can be installed in the spindle and used with some caution in machine path

    43. White Fox
      on November 17

      @Lars : thank you for your helpful note!

    44. Missing avatar

      Boks on November 17

      Great product guys! Supported

    45. Michael Owen
      on November 16

      Can I use Fusion 360 with Goliath?

    46. Missing avatar

      on November 16

      Will the software be proprietary or open source?

    47. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Almubarak
      on November 14

      What is the step resolution for your 2.5D? i.e. the vertical resolution?

    48. Springa Creator on November 14

      @Kevin Steenbergen
      Goliath is designed to cut soft material without any use of coolant, so it cannot cut steel. Goliath can mill woods, plastics and soft metals like aluminum, copper and brass.
      The millable thickness of the material depends on each material and the bit used.
      The coolant cannot be used because it will compromise the traction of the wheels on the material.

    49. Springa Creator on November 14

      @Patrick Fritsch
      That is exactly our intention, thank you support!

    50. Springa Creator on November 14

      @White Fox
      All the perks have the same content, but different delivery date

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