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Finally, a wallet that easily keeps your driver's license, money, and cards secure—plus an amazing built-in bottle opener!

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TrendHunter: "The Brew Clip is a multi-faceted wallet that caters to the more masculine needs of men..."

Muted: "... can hold your money, cards, open your beer, and fit in your front pocket. What else can you ask for?"

GearMoose: "It cleverly features a built-in bottle opener, which is not only awesome, but also a necessary piece of gear that no self-respecting man should be without."

Thrillist: " offers a stainless steel bottle opener that slides out of a thin casing"

3Ders: "This is a pretty practical idea for storing your cards and money and can be a perfect gift for yourself and friends."

LaptopMemo: "... opener can be slid in or out to avoid becoming a danger, and the entire wallet has a strong, rigid frame..."


Introducing our first stretch goal! This is one that we're super excited about. It's our newest design, featuring stainless steel and all-natural wood grain. We've spoken with a few guys and have been given the chance to get the material at a bargain, allowing us to offer this affordable and unique deal, for you Kickstarter backers only.


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“You spend two-thirds of your life carrying a wallet; spend the next three minutes reading why it pays off for you to buy the best.”

Listen, are you tired of having bulky pockets or a burned-out lower back from sitting on that wallet day after day? It's true, the average wallet just isn’t practical anymore.


Most wallets are either too small, too bulky, too ugly, or simply don't do enough for you. If you’re anything like me (and, from what I understand a lot of people are)—you figure that you might as well stuff a big wad of cash in your pocket — as you’re just ALWAYS in a rush too often.

As for bottle openers? Don’t even get me started.

Those goofy key chains never worked for me either. And we all know how embarrassing it is not being able to open a brew, when you’re out drinking with the boys.

Our new solution to these problems is a product we’ve called “Brew Clip”

If you want to be smart, you have to carry smart
If you want to be smart, you have to carry smart

The Brew Clip cleverly helps you simplify your pocket needsand comes with a one of a kind, built-in bottle opener so you won’t (ever again) be without one.

It’s kinda like the “Swiss Army Knife” of wallets. Why? Because its stainless steel is more versatile than a money clip, lighter than a wallet, and more convenient than a bottle opener...


The idea behind this sleek, slim and minimalistic device is simple:

To provide a wallet, and bottle opener, all-in-one . . .

Living well is only enjoyable if it takes minimal effort
Living well is only enjoyable if it takes minimal effort


Well, look no further -- the Brew Clip eliminates the need for unnecessary and unflattering bulk in your pocket. Its smart design makes it a snap to carry up to 5 credit cards and 30 bills or receipts in your front or back pocket.

PLUS, use the ingeniously built-in bottle opener to crack open your favorite craft beer, right on the spot, without lugging around a clunky keychain opener.

For the distinguished beer drinker
For the distinguished beer drinker

It magically transforms into a bottle-opening wizard during your corporate picnics, tailgate parties, barbecues and outdoor gatherings.

It’s so handy you’ll even start reaching for it indoors!

Now, our industrial design team has poured all of their collective know-how into a Manhattan Project of pocket-sized proportions . . .

It’s designed with precision, and, constructed with a single piece of high-tech looking stainless steel, with nylon for the black exterior. Its tiny yet sturdy measurements are 3.25” x 2.0”

You likely don’t give a hoot about the measurements though, so I’ll give you the real scoop on what you’re looking for: YES, IT LOOKS GOOD.

Its thin shape reduces pocket bulk by 25 percent
Its thin shape reduces pocket bulk by 25 percent

Even better, our new money clip wallet is super comfortable. It’s so thin you hardly feel it tucked in your pocket. No more FAT, uncomfortable leather wallets that crack and fade fast with age.

Your all-new, stainless steel Brew Clip, delivers many advantages:

  •  simplifies your pocket . . . and your life . . .
  •  is DURABLE and WEARABLE, anywhere, anytime . . .
  •  has a slim, sleek profile that will easily fit  . . .
  •  allows QUICKER access to your money . . .
  •  secures all types of cards (so that you never risk losing anything) . . .
  •  opens bottles in the most UNIQUE way possible . . .
  •  is fun, exciting and great for conversations . . .

...and much, more!

In fact, you'll impress your friends with it every time.

Another benefit you ask?

Well, it also eliminates the cause of many health problems.

Brew Clip’s ultra-thin design actually helps prevent bad posture and back alignment problems. You know your sciatic nerve sits just under your wallet, don't you?

Yup, it's true. So, your thin Brew Clip could even save you from years of pain and medical treatments.

Small, compact and lightweight (weighing about 1 oz.), Brew Clip is the most convenient thing to ever handle your cash and pocket essentials.

Imagine, the finely made exterior, holding everything tight
Imagine, the finely made exterior, holding everything tight


You can confidently carry, just about ANYTHING thin, and lightweight in your new Brew Clip, including:

  • Photo IDs
  • Credit cards
  • Reward cards
  • Gift cards
  • Small photographs
  • Receipts & coupons
  • Frequent flyer cards

See, you don’t NEED a bulky wallet to carry any of these items. With Brew Clip, you can carry them TWICE as easily, and at a FRACTION of the weight!

Let me make this clear first (before anything else)

Something’s probably nagging at you against this product if you’re a bachelor—you may be thinking that pulling out a fat wallet at a local outing can be a classy sign of wealth, especially when attempting to impress the woman of your dreams.

There are still a few drawbacks though, like, is your old “leather” wallet TRULY going to be as durable as the Brew Clip?

A new encounter (either friend or lady) will want to see something simple, modern, and easy to access--rather than something clunky and cluttered with pictures of your dog falling out as you try to grab cash to cover their drinks!

It’s a sign of disorganization, baggage, and it’s plain old unfashionable.

Don’t even get me started if you’re any type of businessman or professional—what kinda potential client wants to wait for you to clumsily pull out a business card? Plus, Brew Clip is built to last for years, remember?

It’s a timeless and stylish accessory

As you know, it's PRACTICAL enough to quickly become a necessity within your pants. And if it accidentally gets caught in the washer, after a long lazy night, there'll be no problems! Your cash inside, might have other complaints, however...


I've teamed up with great contributors around the world, blending cutting-edge technology and engineering, to create an attractive design.

The original sketch for how the Brew Clip came to be
The original sketch for how the Brew Clip came to be

We've partnered with metal experts and world-class manufacturers. 

Believe me, I only want to deliver you the highest of quality. And the best part of us working together? Well, we all have a passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and solving real-world problems.

Now here’s the bottom line . . .

If you want lower-back pain, an awkward looking fashion style, and high-priced wallets that wear out in less than a couple months, then our new product may not be the right purchase... BUT, if you mostly want good quality, solid material, and less risk of accidents and injuries, you'll like the "Brew Clip" just fine. 

Especially if you’re looking to replace your wallet with something lightweight, user friendly and portable--that offers something more!


A money clip that carries more than just money, and a bottle opener that’s more than just a bottle opener, Brew Clip makes the perfect gift for yourself, friend or loved one.

What excuse do you make when asked for a bottle opener—and you haven’t got one? If you're okay with a SMARTER and EASIER replacement (that your friends will all be impressed by), then we'll work hard to give you exactly what you need...

Scroll up to the right side of the screen and pledge an amount to get your reward
Scroll up to the right side of the screen and pledge an amount to get your reward

Sleek, healthy and awesome—Brew Clip has you covered on all bases. Why wait? Invest now, before you’ll have to invest in a masseuse. 

ORDER YOURS TODAY! Shipment is free; your new Brew Clip will be delivered straight to your door, ready-to-use...

So, please help us move into production! We’ve assembled the team and developed the prototype. Now we need you, fellow Kickstarters, to bring this product to life. With your support we plan on shipping to backers by September (or earlier).


P.S. Thank you so much for trusting in us. Our creativity and dream will now become a reality all because of you. It means more to us than you'll ever know.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Rest assured, we've found reputable and highly capable suppliers for producing our Brew Clip line. We've done the prep work necessary to deliver. Everything from where we source our material to the final assembly, we've got it taken care of. Our design team will be working directly with the manufacturers in order to get the entire process under control. Precision is key, as you can probably guess, so we'll be making sure every little detail is covered. Development of the Brew Clip includes injection tooling and metal laser cutting. Clips are bended, screw holes are tapped and screws get cut to length and assembled. Every single unit will be created with complete care. We'll personally be involved with the manufacturing process.

Knowing the exact timeline for production from start to finish is never an easy thing to judge. Thanks to the relationships we've built however, we're confident that we can finish all orders within just a few months! In the case that any delays do arise, we will always be transparent and inform our backers of potential hurdles along the way.


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