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Need money to pay illustrator to complete children's picture book.

This is a children's picture book about a 10-year-old boy named Charlie who is having a Halloween party at home with his parents. But his folks have to run to the store to buy some extra goodies at the last minute, leaving Charlie at home alone. While his parents are away, a host of classic MONSTERS come knocking at the door and Charlie, thinking they're the guests in costume, lets them in! Before long the house is filled with imaginable kind of creepy, silly ghoul when the parents return!

A fun-filled, zany, and colorful picture book that's as fun to read as it is to look at for the whole family!

I am $750 shy of completing this book (illustrator's fees) and I'm looking to YOU, the Kickstarter reader to help me realize my dream of getting this wonderful book in every home so it can be enjoyed by children as well as their parents. Thank you in advance for donating what you can!


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