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The greatest story ever told, to the greatest music ever written.


SPEARS is now FULLY FUNDED! AND IT'S THANKS TO YOU, SPEARSLEADRS. We sincerely appreciate all of your generosity, no matter how large or small your contribution, and we promise to make your gifts worthwhile. On behalf of everyone on the SPEARS team, our hearts and souls are going into this project, and we dedicate it to you! Thank you for making Pat's dream and everyone's passion into a reality! 

BUT FUNDING'S NOT OVER YET! Any extra contributions will go into making our extravaganza that much more spectacular, that much better promoted, that much more SPEARStastic, so there's still a chance to get in on the ground floor of this groundbreaking new musical. Tell your friends, but mostly, look out for the greatest story ever told to the greatest music ever written. It's coming your way.


SPEARS - the concept is simple. The story of the Gospel. The music of Britney Spears. One dazzling and heart rending musical production. 

SPEARS is a groundbreaking new musical that tells the story of Jesus Christ using only Britney Spears's music, uniquely arranged to tell the familiar story of the Gospel in a contemporary and accessible way. Heralded for its tasteful style and strikingly meaningful tactics by Columbia students and professors, SPEARS is sure to excite. The production was conceived of and will be directed by Pat Blute, with musical arrangements by Max Druz and Benjamin Grossman.

This team includes also our Producer Katie Brinn, Creative Director Katey Howitt, and Choreographer Sara Miller, each boasting a long resume from work on projects at Columbia's graduate and undergraduate schools and on the professional scene in New York City. This creative team is presenting the show under NOMADS, an umbrella organization within Columbia's Performing Arts League that brings student projects to fruition. This project combines our love of musical theater and performance with our ultimate desire of engaging audiences in a new conversion about pop music, religion, and Broadway.

We are extremely excited to present SPEARS April 27-28 in the Glicker-Milstein Theater as a preview performance. Without giving anything away, there are some very important audience members to match the very talented performers on stage. Our cast is made up of a wide variety of professional college-aged actors and actresses who will truly invigorate you.

To live up to the profound text of the Gospel and the magic that is Britney Spears, we need YOUR HELP. Though we hate to have to ask for money from our dear friends, fans, and supporters, we promise your generous donation will bring this show to life. 


Your generous donation will allow you to: 


Money raised from our Kickstarter campaign will pay the fee for our lighting and special effects crew as well as dazzling costumes that merge the atmosphere of the Biblical narrative with the contemporary fierceness that is Britney


Funds will help pay for sound equipment and people to operate it. 


A small percentage of funds raised will help us to spread the message and spectacle of SPEARS as far and wide as your gifts will allow!

Thank you for your donation and your moral support. We look forward to presenting SPEARS: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BRITNEY.


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    “BREAK THE ICE” - A “sponsor” credit in the program - you’ve given our show its start!

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    “I’VE JUST BEGUN (HAVING MY FUN)” - A “sponsor” credit and emailed “behind-the-scenes” SPEARS journal, courtesy of our show anthropologist Josh Maslin

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