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A composer that can't read music. A lead singer with stage fright, and a drummer without a lesson. Our first album is almost done!

A composer that can't read music. A lead singer with stage fright, and a drummer without a lesson. Our first album is almost done! Read More
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We are Savage Gypsy! We're a small indie band in Dallas Texas. We started from nothing, and are still with nothing but we actually have fans at least now. We've put out several singles, check em out at the link on ReverbNation. And have even done a couple music videos all in house. But we're really now at a point where we have to get our album finished, and do a full release, with two 'new' music videos, and a real press push. 

As anyone knows advertising is expensive, and shooting a music video that looks high quality is also pricey. We don't 'want' a label, we want to be able to get songs from us directly to the fans, and have that 'close' kind of relationship. We do edgy stuff, darker stuff, indie kind of things.. and well we're very eclectic. Check us out at  We want to do a music video for two songs, one of them being "Use You", and the other from "fade away" which isnt even finished yet, but we know those will be our two strongest. 

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenges we have on this project is first of all getting videos done. Nowadays you cant have a good album release without videos and advertising. Crew folks are expensive, and then food, and makeup, and all that stuff. Then once you do that, you have to pay for some advertising. All those 'click' ads get really expensive, and ultimately we can't do a big huge push without the budget to really try to 'blast' ourselves out there to the public. As far as the 'studio', we built our own. Yep, and built our own sound booth, and will do some story about how we did that, and how well it works. (just listen to the songs yourself). But we also need to get a new instrument mic, and flesh out the sound proofing in the audio booth to improve the vocals.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Digital High Five.- Many thanks to you awesome person, and we'll make sure to get your name on the facebook site with a special thank you from the band. Also your name will be on the new SG website (once we get it done, after we get some funds to do so) :D

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Digital Download - You get the whole album on a digital download mp3 in return for your awesome support. Once the album is finished. And your name on the new SG website, that we still need some of these funds to help get finished. :)

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    A digital download and a custom Savage Gypsy Tshirt with the new album cover on it. yes, its cool. The Tshirts will be coming from the zazzle store, but not available for public purchase. You'll get to see three different designs and choose a style of shirt and which design you want, and we'll ship it right to you straight form the store. Only those putting in 50 or more will be eligible for this, or to see the 'private' designs.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    All you see above, AND.. a custom burned CD of the whole album that's signed by the band! We're not doing CD burns on this album, so the number of CD's that are actually 'burned' from us SAVAGE GYPSY are going to be few and far between. But they'll be signed.. :)

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