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Mayim, Kinneret and I: a Documentary's video poster

4 Elements, 4 Holy Cities. The Kinneret and its water are a wellspring of knowledge & spirituality awaiting discovery though the filmic perspective. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 18, 2011.

4 Elements, 4 Holy Cities. The Kinneret and its water are a wellspring of knowledge & spirituality awaiting discovery though the filmic perspective.

About this project

B"H This Film has been partially funded by:

The Bertha Anolic Fine Arts Travel Award, and The Drisha Arts Fellowship AND NEEDS MORE FUNDING! Read on...

"For this thing is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it." --Devarim, 30:14, (expounded upon in Tanya/Sefer Shel Beinonim).

The spiritual connection amongst the land of Israel, our bodies and God is endlessly multi-faceted. I have chosen just one body of water, in one city, in the land of Israel through which to research, understand and communicate these connections. This film will aim to be a tool in opening up a world of discovery for many people.

Sefer Yetzirah, one of the main works on Kabalah, talks about the four holy cities in Israel; Chevron, Tzfat, Jerusalem and Tiberias and their corresponding elements; ground, air, fire and water, Mayim Kinneret and I (Waters, the Kinneret and I) will be an observational, experimental, and exploratory venture to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the city of Tiberias. In it, I the filmmkaer, will settle in and explore the holy significance of this place both textually and experientially. I will also attempt to discover why I have always felt such a connection to it, looking into family history, recent geographical history, ancient history and the sheer energy of this special place, and most significantly, its water, in order to create a synthesis of deeper understanding.


I will be schlepping my 1-woman crew to Tiberias, Israel to make a personal yet universal documentary about the holy Kinneret Lake and its connection to the spiritually significant element of water. With Hashem's help I have been awarded the above listed grant and fellowship to be able to cover airfare and some minor expenses for this project. The money raised on Kickstarter is needed for basic video + sound equipment, a new hard drive for editing the footage, and additional expenses such as transportation within Israel, lodging, basic provisions, DVD and eco-packaging for distribution, music licensing and festival submission fees. The more money is donated, the longer I can stay in Israel (e.g. 1 month instead of 1 week, etc.) to keep exploring, shooting and editing, and the more festivals it can be entered into (thus the more people can see it). I will be bringing my own editing equipment with me so I can edit as I shoot.

Thank you and may Hashem bless you with peace and everything else you need!

Interested in checking out some of my work? Click on my vimeo page and/or my blog at the bottom, right of this page.

Music used in above video: Ratatat

Poster design by Sara Levi


  • Mayim, Kinneret and I is currently in post production. This phase of the filmmaking process is where the great many pieces of wonder and discovery in the raw form of video and audio are carefully reviewed, selected, assembled and manipulated into what will eventually constitute the film. This is commonly known as "editing". This is a very special time when I as a filmmaker get to re-live the experience of being in Tiberias while I piece together the story I'm trying to tell.

    Please be patient as this stage of the artistry continues. I greatly appreciate all of your support and look forward to sharing some special footage with you soon.

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