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$3,987 pledged of $8,000 goal
$3,987 pledged of $8,000 goal

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Van Brunt Holster Lives!

Howdy gang!

It's been a while, but I am happy to announce that a limited hand-made run of Van Brunt Holster is now available to buy on Etsy. The iPhone 5 model will be up soon.

Thanks for all the amazing support!

Van Brunt Holster

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Van Brunt Captain's Log

Howdy Fine Folks,

Well, things here at the Van Brunt camp are winding down, and we couldn’t be more pumped. I just cracked a can of Sixpoint and a big ole smile! Yeah, maybe we didn’t hit the big goal–we did respectfully meet it half way–but this thing is about way more than hitting a monetary goal. It is about getting out there and saying hi to the world, it is about making friends with people like you, it is about getting something started.

This isn’t the end of the road for Van Brunt Holster, it is really just the start, and although it didn’t get the full-on KICKstart, it certainly got a really great JUMPstart! I’m gonna dig out the ‘ol 201 and fire it up and we are going to keep cranking holsters out by hand, handmade is better anyway right! You will still be able to purchase holsters at, they will be available in a few weeks. Send me your email to get on the mailing list and follow Van Brunt on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Thanks a million for all the support!

See ya soon,

Van Brunt Holster

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...di di do do di di do do do (to the tune of Europe's classic hit circa 1986)

Van Brunteers, you have fought the good fight, you have sided with the little guy, you have given your loyal support, you have stood strong even through these annoying updates, and most importantly, you have never backed down! For this, I can never show you enough gratitude!

We have one final push ahead of us, and we need to come out swinging these next 7 days! The way I see it, we're up 3,069%, but that's just the beginning. Van Brunteers, I need your undying support to win this battle and I know you are up to the challenge!

So go out there and tell the world! Tell your friends-again, tell your family-again, tell your co-workers one more time that they still have 7 days left to liberate their pockets from their dreaded telelectromobile tools! 7 days left to start a technosocial revolution! 7 days left to fund the coolest hip-purse this side of the Mississippi! 7 days left to slide their smoking hot new iPhone 5 back to rest in it's holster on their side so they can saddle up and ride!

I can't thank you enough. You rule!



Van Brunt Holster

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Van Brunt Holster – iPhone 5

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Van Bruntastic!

Fantastic first couple of days! Spread the word to your friends–big things are happening this week at Van Brunt! Extra huge thanks to all of the early backers, you are our heros!

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