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"dunkfish", add a little fun and attitude into the experience of brewing a hot drink.
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Dunkfish Update 17

Posted by Grant Bell (Creator)

We have completed the design and graphics of the new package and have been working with a packaging supplier to get the dyelines completed. After four packaging revisions a final sample was sent this past Thursday. We are now good to get started on the packaging production. I am told the timeline is about 6 days but expect a confirmation late tonight, depending on how the holiday affects production.

I have received a short run of Dunkfish which look great (below are some images of the final body and ribcage colors).  The raw material for the base (Tritan) took a little longer to formulate than originally anticipated, given the four color options and having to match the transparent color across the board. The factory now has the material and formula established and is in full production, which should be complete this week.

That being said, the production of the Dunkfish and the packaging should be complete around the same time, ready for assembly and shipping from China.

I am going to be sending out a few samples to people who have requested they get them by Christmas; these will be in hand cut packaging. Unfortunately I only have a very limited number of these units to send out. It was my hope to get all of the Dunkfish delivered before holiday season, but I am sad to say that is not going to happen. If there is anyone else who had planned to give them as Christmas presents I was given an Idea by another backer. I have created a printable Dunkfish gift card, so to speak, for Christmas day.

On a side note we have had the opportunity to show Dunkfish to a major US home ware retailer who loves them. We are discussing possible future distribution, it’s all very exciting and all thanks to all the Dunkfish backers.  I will keep you all posted.

Thank you,


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