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"dunkfish", add a little fun and attitude into the experience of brewing a hot drink.
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Dunkfish final tool samples

Posted by Grant Bell (Creator)

Ladies and gents here they are, the final Dunkfish samples from the last tool test.

I have had these samples for a couple of days and have been drinking as much tea as humanly possible.  The test “subject” has held up swimmingly.  There were some minor leaks in the first sample (T1) test (around the hinge) but that has been taken care of in this sample (T2). The rubber is also a little stiffer making it easier to open and close.

The following pictures are of Dunkfish with the “Tritan” tea mesh basket, which it is stronger than I had originally anticipated.  The coffee mesh stamp is being adjusted as there is some crimping, but given how nicely the tea mesh has been shaped I have no doubt the coffee mesh will be just as good. 

A silicone specialist is in the process of mixing the 4 specified colors, this is quite an art as he has to match silicone colors to pantone chips.  There is a national holiday in China this week so I will not see the color samples for approval until at least mid to end of next week. Which is also when I look forward to seeing the final coffee mesh basket. I will be sending out an email request for shipping details, this will also ask you for your color preference. If you ordered a set of four you will receive one of each color but I would appreciate it if you still let me know your favorite color in order of preference. This will help me determine first production quantities.

We have also completed the dye lines for the packaging and I will be applying artwork this week.  

So with all that being said full production of the first 3000 Dunkfish will begin in the next 2-4 weeks, all thanks to you. I will let you all know once a production schedule has been set, this will determine the final ship date.

Thank you all so much for the continued support.



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