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"dunkfish", add a little fun and attitude into the experience of brewing a hot drink.
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We're just about there!

Posted by Grant Bell (Creator)

Hello everyone. I am excited to let you know we are finally on the home stretch!

The tooling for the main body is 95% complete, and we have done the first tool test (T1). This is to make sure it functions properly. Once this step is done, any necessary adjustments are made and final texturing is applied to the tool. We have tested 2 different degrees of silicone material (This refers to how flexible it is). We’ve done a 45° and 55° and will also test a 60° and 65°. If it is too soft, the main body will collapse, too hard and it won’t function properly, so we want to get it just right.

The “Ribcage" tool is close to being complete and a first run test has been done with PP (Poly Propylene). The initial test went well and we will be doing a test with Tritan on Monday. Tritan requires a specialized drying process prior to using and we only have a small test batch for the initial testing.

The tool for shaping the mesh has also been completed. The mesh is stamped and cut into the ovoid shape, then placed into the “Rib cage” tool. This is then over molded with Tritan. Once these tests are all complete and final adjustments are made we will be ready to go into production.

We are also currently finalizing the dyelines for the packaging. Here are some pictures showing the first article test samples.

Without your help none of his would have been possible and I can’t wait to start sending out your Dunkfish!

Thanks - Grant

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    1. Grant Bell 2-time creator on

      I am sure we will make it for X-mass Suzanna.

    2. Suzanna Geens on

      Any chance for X-mas ?

    3. JANene on

      any has been so long over-due!

    4. Jim Young on

      That's great news Grant. I know how hard it is pushing through the design issues and managing costs to realize your dream. These will sell well, just keep the quality high and the rewards will come. Stay strong!

    5. For Good Measure on

      Thanks for keeping us posted! If the Dunkfish possesses a tight seal, it will really set it apart for other infusers.