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"dunkfish", add a little fun and attitude into the experience of brewing a hot drink.
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Update 14

Posted by Grant Bell (Creator)

Hi All,

Good news!  We have completed the re-engineering of the Dunkfish “ribcage” and have been working closely with the engineers from Eastman Chemicals to make sure the tooling matches the requirements for working with Tritan.

Because of the over molding process used on the ribcage and the thickness variations in the tea and coffee mesh we will be cutting two separate tools.

The cutting of the ribcage tools, as well as the tool for the silicone upper portion has already begun and we expect to be done with what is referred to as the T1 tooling in 4 weeks. T1 or Test 1 is the first test of the tool for production. Any corrections, alterations or final details are done in subsequent test and usually finalized by T2 or T3 which is a process of a week or two. After this we will be ready for full production!!

I have had a fair amount of feedback on the Tritan colors for the ribcage and we will more than likely use a clear, lightly frosted Tritan combined with the each of the color silicone bodies. This is also going to make a huge difference in managing the 4 different colored Dunkfish.

I will post pictures of the tooling when we have made significant process. We are getting there!



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