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"dunkfish", add a little fun and attitude into the experience of brewing a hot drink.
Created by

Grant Bell

240 backers pledged $14,605 to help bring this project to life.

New pledge offer for the final 3 days!

We have just added a new pledge catagory for the last three days. Anyone who has already pledged $25 or $35 may adjust their pledge. Pledge $48 and you will receive two Dunkfish tea infusers with one additional coffee infuser basket.


    1. Creator Stacey on January 25, 2012

      Help! $443 to make it by 9:19 PM tonight! I want my dunkfish! Come on people, let's get the word OUT!!!

    2. Creator Derek Kolakowski on January 25, 2012

      Just upped my pledge again, wish I could go higher! (Not sure what I would do with 20 Dunkfish though)

      7 hours for for $750... 210 backers raising their pledge by at least $5.00 would cover that.

    3. Creator Derek Kolakowski on January 22, 2012

      I am in as well.

    4. Creator Francisco Molina on January 22, 2012

      You had my support too. Lets make this happen!

    5. Creator Grant Bell on January 22, 2012

      Awesome! Thank you gentlemen.

    6. Creator Dan Gamber on January 22, 2012

      Okay, I took the challenge, Lars! I upped my pledge to $48, who's next?!?

    7. Creator Lars on January 22, 2012

      Let's go. If everyone with the one option will adjust their pledge to have one extra to use as a gift or for the second cup, this project will fund and we will actually get the product!

      I'm adjusting my pledge right now.