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Twenty years after Steve Taylor's last studio album, he's taking a sabbatical from filmmaking to record all new music with a new band.
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Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Posted by Steve Taylor (Creator)

We just wrapped opening night of our tour with Peter Furler Band in Charlotte at the Neighborhood Theater — thank you, Queen City  — and tonight it's Washington DC and Jammin Java! But first...

If you weren't there at Friday night's Secret Show in Nashville, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. It's just that the afterglow burns so bright that I must post this update before I explode. 

Where to start? Maybe these sign spinners greeting people at the door?

Then a truly transcendent set from Fleming & John, who have somehow managed to plant an even higher flag atop their Greatness Peak. (Please join me in pestering them to bring us new music.)

Then an introduction by a beloved icon who went a bit off script (Executive Privilege?), but later redeemed himself with a dramatic reading of an apparently timeless lyric.

Note: Anybody showing up sporting a well-appointed Mr. Lincoln outfit can introduce a show on our current tour. I'm serious. We'll even allow for fake beards. But you have to stay on script.

And an 18 song set that included songs both new and beloved...

...including a stirring rendition of "Gloria" by the legendary Dave Perkins.

Then there was the after party. Where did the time go? So much love. So many poorly lit photos. So many delicious Fourth Meal offerings from our friends at Baja Burrito. And how about that 5-year-old rapper who was four hours past his bedtime? And how about this decades-spanning collection of ST-shirts?

Before we knew it, 1:30am beckoned with a Walking Tour of Lower Broadway led by the incomparable Don Chaffer of Waterdeep, who entertained us with Tales of the City and led glorious sing-alongs while we marveled at the legions of tourists suffering from, apparently, vertigo-inducing inner ear infections.

Was milk and cookies atop the Shelby Street Bridge at 2:30am enough to call it a night? 

Apparently not, as 50 of you followed me to the Hermitage Cafe, where we were treated to variations on grits, gravy, and a jukebox full o' Poison (who still reign atop my least favorite band list). And kudos to our merry mob — the manager/head waitress told me you were the nicest late night group she's had in years.

At 4:05, I would like to claim the Last Man Standing award — okay, there were two young Secret Show stragglers still working the jukebox, but there's no way they're over 21 — as I ushered the remnants of our party out the door and into the pre-dawn glow of Music City, then took a blurry-eyed shot of my Honda Civic's dashboard as proof.

  It was, simply put, one of our favorite nights ever. Thanks.

  Steve, Peter, Jimmy & John

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    1. Steve Taylor 3-time creator on

      Hey Joe/Mr. Lincoln: Big shoes to fill, but if you've got the suit, stovepipe hat and beard (fake beards allowed), I think we can make it work. Can you send a photo via "contact me" on the Kickstarter home page.

    2. Joe Jenkins on

      I'm willing to be your Dallas Lincoln here in a couple of weeks. You got any problems with a more-Libertarian-than-Republican-but-still-mostly-from-Kentucky blonde Lincoln without Marfan's syndrome?

    3. Joel Becker on

      My dear wife of almost 15 years of marriage informed me the other day that she went to Vanderbilt Divinity School with the legendary Dave Perkins. She was there WHILE WE WERE MARRIED! She knows that I've been a big fan of Chagall Guevara and Mr. Steve for a long time. Considering leaving her for not introducing me to Sir Perkins... sigh

    4. Missing avatar

      Michelle Gonzalez on

      Wish I could have been there!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Sorosiak on

      WOW!! What a fantastic night! Thanks to Steve Taylor and company for one of the best times ever! I too was very suspicious of Mr. Lincoln, I thought He would have to have an excellent make-up artist to pull that off, or he really got old trying to keep up with Peter's drumming.

      Steve Taylor's music has meant a lot to me over the years, from his own stuff to his collaboration with the Newsboys, Peter Furler, etc. It's so refreshing to listen to fantastically tight music with blow your mind lyrics that make you think. I personally think that "Squint" is the best Christian Music Album of all time. I'm going to try and make another concert on this tour and take someone with me! Great job boys (and girl)

    6. Mark Buckman on

      Best Concert Experience EVER. I don't even know where to begin. This whole experience of helping Steve and the Guys fund an album was the best.

      We hope more of our favorite artists (not Poison) do the same in the near future.

      You took the time to thank us that night Steve (and dudes), but thank you for giving us the chance to be apart of the project and for creating the most insane concert experience I've ever been apart of.

      We to thought for a bit Steve was Abe, Flemming and John (please give us more music) - Jimmy A - Mark here - Hey. Peter can't wait to slow down and listen to the new album.

      The tacos rocked, A swag bag with our own golden ticket (my kids are trying to make off with it) the walking tour was insane. - We have picutres of ST directing traffic to get the clones across the streets. Cookies, THE RACE to the top of the bridge.... and I have to admit, that without the personal recommendation of the Taylor - I'm not sure we would have ever braved the Hermitage. ahhhhh.

      I'm ruined for other concert experiences.

      Blessings on your tour gentlemen

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack Groot on

      The concert was excellent, thanks. As was the venue and the food and the gifts. It made it worth the drive for sure. Wish we could have stayed later, but I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

      Thank you not only for a great concert, but for using the gifts that God has given you in the way that you do. It is said that each of us has a piece of someone else's puzzle. Well, I think you have a bag full of pieces. Thanks for sharing them.

      I forgot to get the pound of coffee I had for you, so I gave it to a mutual Nashville friend at Creative Trust (she was glad I forgot). If you let me know your favorite, I'll send a pound to her to get to you ;^)

    8. Missing avatar

      Elias Coblentz on

      Hey! I can see myself three times in these photos! That's pretty sweet! The sixth photo down is of my brothers, my lady and myself rockin' our vintage ST shirts!

      I got to sing a line of "Am I in Sync," Dave Perkins greeted me by name when he first came out on stage, and now THIS?! My little girl dreams have all come true!

      Also, thanks to the many of you that asked for photos of us, the story behind our interest in Steve, etc. for making us feel like we are much cooler than we really are!

    9. Claire Tanner on

      Fantastic night. Truly incredible. I'm pleased to say that the best $2 I've ever spent was starting the trend of playing Newsboys and Sixpence songs. Might even put it in my gravestone.

    10. Missing avatar

      GryfaliasAerie on

      We warned the nice waitress that about 50 people would be coming after us, but I'm not 100% sure she believed us..;-) Fleming & John were simply amazing, for the longest time we thought YOU were Lincoln, because while he didn't quite look like you (a bit old) we figured that's exactly the kind of gag you would do, everything after the show was also amazing. But the set itself was the amazingest!

    11. JD DOMBROWSKI on

      What a great experience. Please thank your lovely wife for the delicious cookies. Much love, and please come see us in Michigan this fall.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark John Puczek on

      I'll take credit for putting the Newsboys on the jukebox including Boycott Hell with Steve's outstanding rap lyrics. I had to at least make up for Poison being played on the jukebox. If anyone has full video of Don sing Paula Abdul's straight Up in front of the Johnny Cash museum please post it somewhere.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark John Puczek on

      I'll take credit for putting the Newsboys on the jukebox including Boycott Hell with Steve's outstanding rap lyrics. I had to at least make up for Poison being played on the jukebox. If anyone has full video of Don sing Paula Abdul's straight Up in front of the Johnny Cash museum please post it somewhere.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark John Puczek on

      I'll take credit for putting the Newsboys on the jukebox including Boycott Hell with Steve's outstanding rap lyrics. I had to at least make up for Poison being played on the jukebox. If anyone has full video of Don sing Paula Abdul's straight Up in front of the Johnny Cash museum please post it somewhere.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nate Jones on

      I'm still basking in the afterglow as well. What an amazing night. Mentally replaying the memories the next day made the 15 hour drive home pass by like it was hardly more than 14. :) And I, too, will be bragging (have been already) that I beat Steve Taylor in a race to the top of Shelby Bridge. Then I'll feel ashamed when I remember that he's about 17 years my senior.... and I just barely beat him.

    16. Dennis Maione on

      Mr Taylor, sir. As I anxiously await the arrival of your new CD in my ever-empty mail box I take a break from the book writing required to fulfill my own Kickstarter campaign to ask you to take a look at it and, of course, love it. As a long time fan (I fondly remember "Clone" arriving at my local Christian book store a century ago) who has bought copies of everything you ever made, including all your albums, Chagall Guevera, Blue Like Jazz, SixPence and a macaroni art that the seller claimed you made when you were 7, I feel, although incorrectly, that you owe me. So, as my son so aptly puts it, I am inviting you to my "beggin site" so that you can be wowed (touched, nay moved) to purchase my book, "What I Learned From Cancer." Just in case you have actually read this far, I submit the following for your perusal: 1) Excerpts from my book (which are really really good):; 2) My Kickstarter:…; and 3) A plea that, if you actually check it out and like it, that you tell all your loyal fans (and those who are not but still are within earshot of your voice) to check it out as well.

      Kind Regards and WHERE'S MY CD?

      Dennis Maione, fan

    17. Missing avatar

      Elliot Snodrass on

      But, yes, I freakin' loved every minute I was there. I'll probably be bragging to my grandchildren that I "just barely beat Steve Taylor in a race across the footbridge in Nashville," so rest assured that you will never, ever be forgotten.
      See ya in Texas!

    18. Danny Greene

      Wish I could have been there. But the Charlotte stop off was fantastic . Look for my pictures..

    19. Missing avatar

      Elliot Snodrass on

      You're quite right, Steve - I won't be 21 for another two weeks.
      (And why didn't you *tell* me it was a jukebox when I was under the delusion that it was a radio station playing nothing but Newsboys and Sixpence?)

    20. Stephanie McVay on

      It was epic. Words do not do it justice! Thanks so much!!