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Twenty years after Steve Taylor's last studio album, he's taking a sabbatical from filmmaking to record all new music with a new band.
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Tour Dates posted, with more to come...

Posted by Steve Taylor (Creator)

What's that term where you're afraid to post anything to social media because you might do it wrong? Cybernoia?

So if I post these early dates, you won't assume that's all there is, right? Because new dates are being added daily, and just because your city isn't yet on the list doesn't mean we've forgotten you. (Although if you live in northern Wyoming, it probably does mean that.)

Here's a link to the dates we've got so far:

And since they're listed on Facebook... I'll assume I just did something wrong that will offend non-Facebook users. 

Because I suffer from cybernoia.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sameual V Horner on

      Just to clarify, I can afford tickets, but the website & app that your post redirects to does not give me the option to purchase tickets. Can I buy tickets ahead of time? Is it to late to buy the laminated passes? Can I buy tickets at the door? What is the average air speed of an unladen swallow? I've got lots of questions.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sameual V Horner on

      HELP! my Kickstarter account is not connected to my facebook account. I cannot purchase tickets. And I would very much like to see you when you're in Columbia Maryland. Again HELP!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Cook on

      Thanks! Glad to see at least one in range already (and on a Saturday night no less!). Not to be a party pooper but how do we now collectively reconcile those beautiful print your own passes we pledged for with the people on the other end of the "Buy tickets" link/s on the list o' dates... so they don't have hundreds of unexpected guests... looking for the front row...

    4. Tyinsar on

      Thank you Wheat Williams!

      (Though none of the concerts are anywhere near my part of the globe.)

    5. Wheat Williams on

      30-Apr Akron, OH
      1-May Columbus, OH
      2-May Blakely, PA
      3-May Columbia, MD
      4-May Manheim, PA
      5-May Ocean City, NJ
      16-May Dallas, TX
      18-May San Antonio, TX
      19-May Tulsa, OK
      5-Jul Urbana, IL
      9-Aug Gilford, NH

    6. Wheat Williams on

      By posting the list on Facebook, the way you did, you required people who got your Kickstarter email to use Facebook to see it, and furthermore, it was not visible on Facebook on an iPhone or smart phone. Too many hoops to jump through. I had to go home and look it up on my desktop computer just to see any dates at all.

      Next time please just list the tour dates in the body of the email that you send out through Kickstarter.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Drake on

      Ok...the link takes me to your FB, but I don't see a list of tour dates...did I do something wrong?

    8. Medemia on

      I see it now. Need a bigger phone!

    9. Medemia on

      I don't see it there... AHHHH!!! The suspense!

    10. Ka Riley on

      Some of us live on FB and are delighted ;-)