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Twenty years after Steve Taylor's last studio album, he's taking a sabbatical from filmmaking to record all new music with a new band.
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    1. Robbie Canavan on

      Any updates on city's??

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Stewart on

      Given it looks like sadly the international leg of the tour is not going to happen can I please put in a big request for a live recording to be made from the tour. I live in Melbourne Australia and I bought a ticket to see Steve when he was due to play in Melbourne as part of the I Predict 1990 tour. Sadly not enough Melbournians thought like me and the gig was cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales. I was devastated and have yet to fulfil my lifetime ambition of seeing Steve live in concert. An official live release looks like as close as I am going to get. PS Steve - your good Melbourne friend Derryn Hinch sends his regards. Also is there any update on the rumoured Chagall kickstarter?

    3. Dan Beck on

      I think I'm going to be verklempt at this revelation! This tour just keeps getting better and better.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michelle Gonzalez on

      Yeah!! Peter Furler and Steve Taylor!!
      Awesome news!!
      I had wondered if Peter was going to be playing his new songs!! I'm sooo happy!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Nowicki on

      Does anyone know how to get tickets to the April 25 release party? I am driving up from Orlando to be there.

    6. Paul Buethe on

      The news keeps getting better! I don't know how you can top this, but I'd sure like to see you try!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Mercer on

      Come on those discos used to be cute cathedrals.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anthony Leerhoff on

      This is the best news I've heard since a certain artist who's name rhymes with Steve Taylor announced his return. ;) Now if you will only come within 150 miles of Waterloo Iowa, I will be a very happy man!!

    9. Robert Bright on

      Columbus, Ohio or thereabouts, PLEASE. Thanks!

    10. Paul Etheridge on

      Why do I have the feeling that I've been snookered?

    11. Colette Ernst on

      I've got an even better idea...Why not call up Lynn and Dave and Mike and Wade and have not one, not two, but THREE Headliners! I mean, there is that whole live album thing in the works, and you know if you get more $$$ for that than you want, you're going to be setting up a reunion tour with them, too....

    12. sean tompkins on

      Excellent news - now bring Fleming along for a Fleming & John opener... and I'm fine if Jimmy plays a few original songs too!!

      Can't wait - pinged my local concert promoters already.

    13. Missing avatar

      susan scherer on

      I will be looking into venue for Northwest NJ .

    14. Larry Scrivens on

      I'm nervous about the So Cal date, because I will be out of town from 4/20 - 5/2

    15. Megan Rock on

      Well, bummer! I guess this means I have to see Peter in March at Van Andel and then again on this tour with Steve. ;-)

    16. Joe Peterson on

      forget 60% , my MVI just went up 200%! This is the Dream Team! All I gotta say is Los Angeles (better yet Santa Monica) is where you need to play. I know you may not prefer sanctuaries, but Bel Air Pres would be pretty cool!!!

    17. Dennis Winkley on

      "Do we take an opening act?" I think the answer is yes.. and it should be Fleming and John.. :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Elias Coblentz on

      I have to say that this is kind of disappointing to me. I mean, I can't really complain about Steve Taylor touring again, but I was really hoping for a Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil ONLY tour. It makes sense, obviously, since PF is in TPF, and it ensures there will be no disappointing crowd sizes on tour. But, honestly, I have never been much of a Newsboys/Peter Furler fan, or really a fan of any Christian artist besides Steve Taylor, so this getting lumped together is a bit deflating.

    19. Mark Buckman on

      I can't believe I just typed "whit" - that's what I get for typing without coffee...

    20. Mark Buckman on

      Sooo No Peter Furler Band for the April 25th gig in Nashville?.... tear tear, sniff, sniff..... (ok whit that said - Can't wait for that album either)

    21. Michael Pixley on

      I was just gonna say that adding Chagall Guevara would make this a PERFECT tour.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gary Bishop on

      Now all we need is a new Chagall Guevara album and join the tour.

    23. Erik Arneson on

      I agree (Lancaster, PA) with the previous poster (Lancaster, PA) and look forward to the announcement of whatever cities (Lancaster, PA) you decide to visit (Lancaster, PA).

    24. Brian Layman on

      oooooo That IS a great idea. You and Peter make a great team. My wife and I both have the Golden Tickets so you know we'll be there! Also she sang Banner-Man yesterday morning in church before "the big game". My son ran around the sanctuary in a Banner-Man costume holding up the big John 3:16 sign for all to see!

    25. Missing avatar

      Lori Cox on

      So excited about this!! Knoxville, TN---The Square Room or Bijou would be perfect venues.

    26. Greg Mills on

      Can we get a new "Stretch Goal" to fund a spinning drum kit for this tour?

    27. Missing avatar

      jason brewer on

      Talk about dream come true.... Saw Steve in concert 3 times... Newsboys 3 times.. this is perfect !! Praying to see in the LA area ... Thanks guys !!!

    28. Blake Hill on

      Blueberry Hill or the Pageant in St. Louis may be good venues. Just saying.

    29. Matt Morley

      Thanks for the update (Lancaster, PA). I like the plans you have laid out (Lancaster, PA). I might have a suggestion or two for tour stops (Lancaster, PA), if you are so inclined to need help selecting (Lancaster, PA). Have a good day!

      (Lancaster, PA)

    30. Chuck on

      When will we have a list of cities? *fingers crossed*